Clothing Franchise Opportunities: Thread to Cloth

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Everyone loves to dress up, don’t they? It could either be for a Formal event, or a Marriage, or a sensual Date or just a good time with your crew (Friends). There might be certain finishes, designs, styles and brands that one would be inclined too, as the dressing sense of an individual varies. Dressing up gives us this sense of liberty and freedom, to freely express oneself through their clothes, and one may also vary their style according to their emotional/mood spectrum. Over the course of time, we certainly have come a long way from using animal hides and leaves to cover oneself, and presently the humble fabric. Clothing Franchises who tirelessly innovate and bring in new trends, while maintaining the satisfactory quality conditions have played a major role in the evolution of clothing, from as a means of necessity to a beacon of luxury. The clothing franchise happens to be among the 3 essential pillars of basic human necessity and undoubtedly its existence is vital. Let us furthermore dwell down the rabbit hole and see the glorious Clothing Franchise Opportunities that you might just grab a hold on.


It certainly wouldn’t come off as a surprise to you that the wonderful Clothing Franchise is furthermore segmented down into its specific primary characteristic. While not being completely limited to Apparels, it has quite a large diversity in its subsidiaries (Accessories, Footwear etc). It could be noticed that the ROI (Returns on Investment) in this blessed franchise is high, which would be suitable for aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs who have a flare for fashion by which they would reap the benefits and in turn contribute to the franchise, which is a win-win situation for both. Without further ado let us get to the main highlight, your Clothing Franchise Opportunities.



With its investment ranging from Rs 75Lacs – 1Cr

Kick starting the list with one of the most recognizable and reputed brands in the WORLD, Levi Strauss Co is among the finest and the most phenomenal brand for high quality denim wear. You may even own a few apparels from their esteemed brand, and might just be a loyal customer to them. An American based brand branching out on a global level, with a colossal fan base has given them the means to constantly strive and innovate to furthermore enhance their products and thus cementing their presence in the global apparel market. Undoubtedly, this is a once a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed out on. Being a franchisee to Levi’s is a big thing, and when you are affiliated to a big presence, you would get big recognition and profits if executed perfectly while exercising caution. You think you have what it takes to handle a brand this grand? If you’re in, then franchise with Levi’s NOW!



With its investment ranging from Rs 5Lacs – 10Lacs

Everything has a story doesn’t it? So here’s a brand that has a story to tell and prolong for itself. With their catchphrase of “Clothes with a Twist”, surely the twist would seemingly hit the fruity areas of your liking. Stori Fashions is the answer to the questions posed by the new fashion-conscious youth and the self-aware individuals of the Nation. When the youth of the nation demand their attire to reflect confidence, Stori delivers it in style. They have since expanded their portfolio by foraying into the world of denim with 'DragerrFly' – a new exclusive exciting concept of Denim wear along with its wide range. With countless stories to be unfolded upon you as, you venture throughout their vast lively range of products, the experience itself wouldn’t fail to entice you. If you happen to be a fashion enthusiast who believes in the innovation and progression in the way we wear and reflect our threads, then this franchise is certainly molded to your liking. Sign up with them NOW as a franchisee.


Ashika Fashion Wear

With its investment ranging from Rs 15Lacs – 20Lacs

Representing the Women Wear Franchise, Ashika Fashion wear has been among such soaring brands in the Ethnic wear sector. They have garnered an impressive number of loyal customers throughout the course of time. At Ashika they have split the light of fashion into three spectrums: Ethnic, Fusion, and Traditional wear, which furthermore broadens their approach and stimulates diversity within. So if you have to be an enthusiast or a person who loves the vibrant lively side of Women wear, Ashika Fashion Wear is the franchise you’ve been looking for. What are you waiting for then? Sign up as a franchisee to their brand NOW!


Numero Uno

With its investment ranging from Rs 15Lacs – 20Lacs

Numero Uno, representing the Denim Franchise surely does live up to its name. It has to be among the first indigenously manufactured denim labels in the Indian subcontinent. With their cutting edge denim wear, which would make you stand out from the urban sheeps. They have the privilege of being one of the few power brands that fuses international trends, innovative fabrics, washes, treatments and accessible pricing. Honing and prioritizing customer’s needs and satisfaction, it surely has bought them a long way ahead in the Denim Franchise. If you have an unparalleled love for the indigo, then give it a go with Numero Uno, as a franchisee to their brand and dwell in in the profitable side of the margin alongside the brand. Sign up with Numero Uno NOW!



Wasn’t that a delightful insight, The Clothing Franchise is an ocean of opportunities, quite surprising to know the power that the humble cloth fiber holds in itself. It is like a collection of fibers from different textiles to form a vast ocean housing different elements of many aspects. Interestingly all these elements fare pretty well as somehow or the other they attract demand. In a way in the present times clothes are like these different mood skins one wears in a reflective tone, either about the current situation they might be in (Work-Formalwear, Home- PJ’s) or just for their own self-satisfaction.

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