COSMO: A pioneering educational franchise opportunity in India

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As per the Head of the British Council “The International English Language Testing System" is the most approachable test in the world, around 2.5 million people globally applied for the test in 2018. As the English language is the most spoken language in the world, the demand for IELTS test; which approves English spoken and writing proficiency of the candidate with an accurate score, is drastically augmenting in various countries including India. Under such circumstances, various coaching centers have taken initiative in providing the training, guidance, and tests to the IELTS candidates. In India, there are many such coaching centers that provide training, guidance, and tests to score the finest marks possible. Today in this blog we will see how COSMO Education and Training centre provides pioneering guidance, training, techniques, methods, and tests to clear the baffling patterns present in the test and how COSMO provides one of the most lucrative opportunities to become its franchise partner in India. 


What is COSMOS?


COSMO is a Trivandrum, Kochi based training and coaching centre which offers mentorship to various IELTS/ PTE/ OET tests candidates including the candidates of nursing exams such as HAAD, MOH, DHA. The COSMO centre performs various researches to keep track of the latest updates on all the tests coaching they offer, they also use distinctive pattern-based as well as market-based techniques to upskill students English proficiency to the highest level. Many IELTS or other test candidates find difficulty in writing the test due to its complex structure, but COSMO provides various innovative writing strategy rules by breaking the complex obstacles and creating the finest pattern. As far as the writing is concerned, the IELTS exam cannot be passed showcasing our spoken English proficiency, for this barrier COSMO renders its students speaking techniques which all are method-based so students can fluently answer several questions with tranquility. Training, guidance, coaching, and tests are only provided by COSMOS best professionals who are training based experts. 


For other tests like OET training, COSMO offers online training and guidance for Nurses who are appearing in the test for migration in foreign countries on work purposes. 


COSMO Franchise Opportunity in India


COSMO is proven to be the best IELTS institution in Kerala, due to its excellent teaching methods and techniques which makes the test a cakewalk, and at present, due to its quick rise in demand, it has opened its door for franchising in India. COSMO; being the unique institution offers a stirring opportunity to passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs looking to grab an educational franchise in India.


Why COSMO Franchise?


  • COSMO’s business pattern delivers accurate arrangements for launching, operating, expanding the business beneficially on a PAN-India basis. 


  • To enhance productivity in the market, COSMO assists its franchise partners to cross the complex marketing labyrinth with ease and make the most of the opportunity. 


  • COSMO provides the finest Return On Investment to build up sustainable growth and successful development.


  • COSMO provides good protection from the stumbling trade-falls through their well-trained and examined business strategies.


  • COSMO Offers potential training support, finalized IT support, marketing support, administrative, and technical support to its franchise partners.


  • COSMO is a low-cost educational franchise, its investment requirement is 10-15 lakhs and the space requirement is 1000-2000 sq ft.


  How can you start a COSMO franchise?


Any entrepreneur who has qualified for a Bachelor's Degree in B.A, B.S, BMS, etc. Can start a COSMO franchise.


COSMO is the best IELTS institution in Kerala. Start its franchise on a PAN-India basis. now. To start the COSMO franchise. Register at

For further help give a call on +91-9844443200




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