COVID-19 Considerations for Restaurant Franchise Systems

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The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly disrupted major day to day operations and has almost seemingly bought our lives to a halt.  Even though all these series of unfortunate events, we are coping up and looking forward for a hopeful tomorrow. One of the many evolutionary traits of us human beings, adaptability to ones surroundings has to come out at the top, and you may be quite familiar with how we are adapting and carefully functioning in this situation. Let us analyse this situation from a business perspective. Businesses which require a flow of a considerable amount of people to essentially function, such as restaurants and shopping venues. How do you think they might have adapted to this situation and still let their operations run?, let us take an insight to the Restaurant Franchises and see how they are playing their part in this phase.


We all crave for things don’t we? Food is this inevitable element in our lives which is quite vital, both in terms of its nutritional value and taste. There are some foods that we  find ourselves indulging in, maybe not always to satisfy the hunger pangs, but to simply satisfy our palate and our inner desire. Many of us might reminisce the time spent at our favourite food establishment, savouring each and every morsel, washing it down with that lip smacking beverage. Sadly, we are restricted to that experience but not the food, so that definitely is a win - win. Many restaurant franchises have opted a take away or a delivery service from which their loyal customers would relish their favourite meals in the comfort of their own homes. While alongside taking the necessary precautions and health protocols, such franchises are ensuring food safety and are winning hearts and appraises from all.Food delivery executives are being thoroughly inspected and checked, use masks and sanitizers are being encouraged and alongside maintaining high quality standards has been in practise. Let us furthermore look at such phenomenal restaurant Franchise opportunities that you might just fancy.

  •  Knight Bite

With its investment ranging from Rs 10Lacs – 15lacs

Being among the pioneers of late night cloud kitchen delivery service, delivering their unique range of products from 8 PM to 4 AM. They have designed and molded their set of operations in a way which would satisfy the dire midnight cravings of many. With more than 10,000+ users on their food app from 2 cities, they have been recognized for their delicious food and quality service. Housing the famous Pizza Burst Burger which has won many nocturnal hearts. The city never sleeps does it? And so does the grumbling from the hungry tummies. So what are you going to do about that? Sign yourself up in this franchise and have an experience that you might just remember for your life!


  • The French Loaf

With its investment ranging from Rs 

20Lacs - 30Lacs 

Representing the Bakery Franchise, we have The French Loaf!. It was started in 2007 in Chennai to provide the discerning customer with a wide range of mouth-watering cakes, pastries, bread, sandwiches and more. Every product sold at their esteemed establishment  is prepared with care, precision and utmost love which translates to unparalleled quality and taste. Something that has today become a benchmark in the cities that they operate in. To top it off like an icing on a cupcake, they have somewhat become more delivery oriented, which means that customers can still enjoy their celebrated products without any major restrictions. What are you waiting for then? Don’t lose out on an opportunity this magnificent. Sign up with them as a franchisee!


  • Auntie Fung’s

With its investment ranging from Rs 20Lacs - 30 Lacs

Auntie Fung’s blossomed into existence in March 2015 at Bangalore. With its phenomenal vision of bringing the rich flavourful Asian street food to mainstream India in a healthy & hygienic, quick service environment. The curated menu is short but eclectic with the choicest delicacies from Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia and of course China. Many find themselves succumbing to the exotic flavours and the electric vibe of this Franchise. Asian food has always been the pinnacle of our society, and these guys at Auntie Fung’s believe in elevating this experience into greater heights. It could either be the soft and supple momos, or the crispy dragon chicken dressed in a wonderful lip smacking sauce. 

It would undoubtedly give your taste buds one heck of a show! If you too have to be a lover of such delicacies and believe in making such experiences easily accessible, come Franchise with Auntie Fung’s now, and lose yourself in their magical aftertaste!


  • The Yellow Chilli 

With its investment ranging from Rs 75Lacs - 1Cr

The brand name is owned by none other than the legendary Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who happens to be among the most influential celebrity chef in India. The Yellow Chilli provides its guests a feel of traveling across India with all five senses and a plate. A beautiful extension is that the menu undergoes a change every two months with exciting add-ons. Also, whichever region The Yellow Chilli makes its home, there is an adaption of the local cuisine by its menu. First off, how cool would it be to be somehow affiliated to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor? Being a franchisee to this brand certainly means striking your pick axe into an undiscovered oil field of profits and goodwill! So don’t lose out on this opportunity and grab your hands on it now!


Concluding with this wonderful topic, we may notice that food always finds its way into our hearts, and no matter come what nothing would stop us from indulging in our beloved delicacies. Franchises who make this all possible are unsung heroes, it really takes some next level dedication and wits to carefully execute such operations smoothly. Be a part of this phenomenal journey and find the apple of your eye among the many Restaurant franchises mentioned in this blog!

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