DRONE the Technology of Tomorrow

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What are Drones?

Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV) Essentially, a drone is a flying robot. The aircrafts may be remotely controlled or can fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems working in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS. [ Source: IOT Agenda]. These were always initially strictly used for military purposes in order to keep track of the oppositions in terms of their base, strength, etc.

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Drones initially were only used by the military and army officers to have a gist of the opponent’s army in terms of their army strength, locations of their base camps and many more. In the recent times the uses of drones have expanded rapidly where, they are used in a variety of sectors. Francesco’s Pizzeria during 2014 used four-rotor to deliver an order from a Lower Parel (Mumbai) Outlet to Worli (Mumbai) which created a buzz enough to set the understanding of the applications of drones in the country.

One of the most noteworthy use of drones took place, during the recent IPL when Quidich Innovation Labs a Mumbai based company spent over 3 years in running pillar to post in order to get permissions from 17 different agencies to shoot the IPL matches via the help of drones for the reason to differentiate between the 9 venues for the viewers from home.

The drone market is growing in the country; the long wait is over with the approval of Government. They recently issued the guideline of the drone usage. They were used for “DDDR” – Dull, Dirty, Dangerous and Repetitive Task, [Source: ET] for the initial use and now have expanded their bandwidth to newer segments. The other applications that can be explored are: -

  • Can be used during situations of Natural Calamities – in order give out give Relief Packages
  • For surveys
  • Record marriages and other Events
  • Delivery services for food or any related services
  • Surveillance
  • Used for various agricultural activities.

The drone market size in India seeks the entrepreneurs to make a historical footprint in India. The Drone technology in India might be at initial stage, so has unlimited opportunities. You must be now planning to build a drone startup in India. Drone application in India can be explored as mentioned above like – Marriages, Events, Surveillance, Dropping Relief Materials etc.

If you are wondering how to start a drone business in India. FranchiseBazar provides a platform for you as we can help you with all assistance on how to start a UAV business and also help you understand the drone market size in India and provide insights on how lucrative is drone business for you.

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