Ed-Tech Franchise: A Bliss For Indian Investors

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Gone are the days when you had to visit the library to collect a stock of journals, reports, and many other books to complete your single project in school and university. Now you just move your fingers on a white blazing screen of your mobile phone and find more than thousands of educational content within a millisecond. Technology has dynamic strength to innovate our day to day tasks and make our life easier. Such strength is so unbeatable that now the entire business industries have taken technological adaptation as their foremost priority. Even our decades-long traditional teaching system has altered its methods, and knowingly it’s depending on technology for the sustainable flow of education. Now educational platforms are not limited to traditional classrooms and blackboards only. Now, they have become a vital part of the digital world through which education has become more scalable and easily accessible to every student. Today’s digital educational platform accessibility is so wide that geographical, linguistic, and time barriers can be easily overcome. At present, India has more than 300+ ed-tech start-ups that have been coming into the limelight of Tiger Global-backed. With such enormous growth in the ed-tech sector, India has shown robust results along with delightful future predictions on ed-tech growth.

Growth Of The Ed-Tech Sector In India:


The latest Indian Educational Policy 2020 has fueled the growth of the ed-tech sector, at present ed-tech has an emerging worth of nearly $700 million in India. As per the reports and analysis, the ed-tech market is predicted to expand by approximately $3.5 billion by 2022. Along with the 6.3 times increase in the 1-12 class online offering platforms as well. Such exuberant growth is a rapid reaction to scalable investing in ed-tech start-ups. Between the month of January to July 2020 the leading venture capital investment in the ed-tech start-up was $998 million. The boost in virtual based businesses, especially ed-tech was 50-100% in India since the COVID-19 was degrading the traditional market share. Many investors found it an intelligent and lucrative move to invest in ed-tech start-ups, as ed-tech possesses a far lesser risk than other start-ups and franchises amid the pandemic. Apart from Byju, many other ed-tech platforms started blooming in the market. Not only were the ed-tech platforms emerging but the rise in the students’ enrollments was too at its peak. This growth was not limited only to academics learning, but extra circular courses are also rendered by many of the ed-tech platforms to boost the knowledge of people despite their age, many of the courses are available free of cost on the ed-tech platform named Future Learner. In India, amid the lockdown, a woman from Kerela named Arthi Reghunath set a world record of completing 350 online courses within 90 days. The woman does this entire learning with tranquility due to internet-based ed-tech platforms that render her with a wide range of courses.


Why Starting An Ed-Tech Franchise Is Profitable In India? 


With such an optimistic approach, ed-tech has become a gainful business idea for entrepreneurs in India. If you are considering opening an ed-tech franchise business then being an investor, you must consider why investing in the ed-tech franchise is profitable in India?   


End Of Geographical Limits:


Ed-tech businesses entirely function online with the speedy aid of internet connection which makes it easily attainable for people from different geographical locations. With just a stable internet connection it becomes easier for thousands and millions of people to connect online and learn from the wide ranges of courses. So when you invest in such a platform that has a giant reach and the potential to attract many people at once, you as an entrepreneur gain rapid leads and revenue which is higher as compared to the revenue earned by traditional methods of providing education. 


Low-cost Business Idea:


Today the internet and mobile phone has become an essential part of each individual life, so if you are starting an ed-tech franchise business then the only cost you will have to bear is a franchise fee and a little investment for technological equipment. As the entire business operates online, no real estate cost occurred to set up classrooms for the students. The virtual connection is the free space you acquired on your own and make the most lucrative returns. So if you are a little techsavi kind of an entrepreneur looking for a low-cost but lucrative franchise business, then you must explore ed-tech franchise now. 


Adaptation In Online Education:


2020 has brought technology as a savior for many business industries and education is one of them. It is predicted that even post lockdown many students and teachers prefer continuing online education. With a robust rise in technological adaptation and innovative updates in education especially, the ed-tech sector is expected to grow more in the future. 


So what are some of the best Ed-Tech franchise opportunities in India?


Profitable Ed-Tech Franchise Opportunities in India:


UpGrad Ed-tech franchise:


UpGrad is an internet-based educational platform that renders higher education to the students who opt for industry-based courses in India. The company connects with reputed educational industries and fabricate the most unique courses and programs. The company make use of dynamic technology and schedule the courses online for students as per their accessibility due to which their courses are highly time-based. At present, the company has a remarkable image in India and has an emerging presence in the ed-tech sector. 


Investment: 1-2 lakhs

Space: 500-750 sq ft. 


Tinkerly Ed-Tech Franchise: 


Tinkerley is online as well as an offline STEM learning platform that renders skill-based courses and platforms that are required to grab the most lucrative jobs. This online-offline based platform is an initiative taken up by IIT Delhi & XLRI alumni that have been emerging rapidly with its innovative subjects and interesting learning skills. At present, the company has 100k students across the nation and has 20k students that use its online platforms as well where the rating was given is 4.7 on the play store. 

Investment: 1-50,000 

Space: Less than 250 sq ft. 


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