Education Franchise Opportunities in Bhopal

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Best educations franchise in Bhopal

The education industry has experienced a drastic change over the past few years.With new trends in education, new methods of teaching, rise of online access to means of study, instructors, different kinds of educational services, all have seen a boom. As we all know, that educational institutions and resources have always been contributing in the upgradation of individuals, societies and associations, be it in matters of knowledge, employment or skills, education answers all of these! According to reports, India had 37.4 million students enrolled in higher education in the year 2019. And so it is safe to say, that the numbers will transcend in the years to come. This dynamic shift in the education industry has led to growth in various ways, one being the expansion of the education franchise in the country. Education is one of the key tools which accelerates the growth and development of any country's wealth. And so, one shouldn't hesitate to invest in something which will lead to not only the build out of an individual but will also lead to the overall progress of the society as well.

Here are some of the top education franchise opportunities in Bhopal:-

1.Architecture Aptitude 

Segment- coaching franchise, tutorials, competitive exams preparatory.

Space requirement- 500 to 750 sq.ft 

Investment range- Rs

50,000 to 1 lakh

Architecture aptitude is a digital learning platform for architecture exam sources and offers online training and coaching resources for architecture entrance exams and tests like GATE, JEE B.Arch, NATA, CEED, NID, WIFT, KCET, CEPT etc. Along with providing guidance to students regarding preparation for various exams it also provides online classroom coaching and training, sample examination test papers, online mock test and test services, test series and instant download PDF courses and study materia.


Segment- computer software, hardware, networking, IT.

Investment- 5 to 10 lakh

Space- less than 250 sq.ft

AISECT is India's leading IT training and education services network at present, with a reach of over 8,000 franchise centres across 27 states and 3 union territories in the country. The main goal of AISECT is to provide ICT based training and development services to every corner of the country and generate valuable employment for the young generation and form a competitive and advanced society having an entrepreneurial mind and diverse skill set.


Segment- college franchise

Investment- Rs. 1lakh to 2 lakhs

Space- 500-750 sq.ft

Laurus Stem was founded with the main aim of imparting advanced practical training to students. The organisation is committed to promoting a science, technology, engineering and maths education among students, thereby increasing opportunities for young people and meeting the workforce needs.


Segment- Maths, Abacus Franchise

Investment- 50,000 to 1 lakh

Space- 250-500 sq.ft

Cats Abacus classes is a brain development program framed to speed up the calculative abilities of children ranging from 4 to 16 years of age.

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