Education Franchises Can Aid Holistic Development of India!

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Education Franchises Can Aid Holistic Development of India!

Can education franchises in India improve the overall teaching and learning scenario? Knowledge is power and education offers holistic development for a citizen. Education has become one of the major business segments and there is huge competition in this field with various national and international brands present.

Empowering the students with quality education is very crucial and this can be imparted with motivated and knowledgeable teachers, and the school. Parents are on the lookout for the best education system for their children. Government of India is taking all the initiatives to offer primary, higher and secondary education to each and every child.

With the various options of schools available, parents are confused on choosing the best school for their wards. Many international brands also setting their footprints in India and with the awareness for practical knowledge gaining priority, we also have the K-12 after school programs germinated. Also as per statistics, in India, the private school system takes an upper hand over the government run schools with 29% of students in the age group of 6-14 taking private education.

In India, the need and importance of education increasing rapidly, there is a huge demand for well- established schools with the government also paving way for franchise model of schools. Top private and international schools like Delhi Public School, Mount Litera Zee School, National Public school, Euro School, Srishti International schools and various others have taken the franchise route to grow and to offer quality education.

This is due to the qualitative education offered by these institutions. Lack of professional teachers in the government schools has popularized the private schools, inspite of higher fee structures. Franchise in education field will not only be a profitable venture, but also the person evaluated for taking the school franchise will be in par with the experience and the knowledge they have to run the schools.

Owning an education franchise with knowledgeable partners or franchisors would show excellent results in running the entire show, as the franchise model will include training for faculty in place, the lesson plan structure, the running of the management and other important things which can help in both quantitative and qualitative education for children.

The costs involved in the training of faculty, etc. in schools are massive and franchise in education field being run by experienced people will pass on their expertise minimizing the cost in the approach of learning. Franchise will also help to improve the brand name, expand their reach globally, better recruitment of staff and better financial planning.

The goal of a person for a school franchise should not be only profit oriented, but to offer quality in education making the students of today, the future of tomorrow. Also schools associating with knowledgeable franchises be it an existing or new school, will get a good start.

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