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Experiencing entertainment has always been more memorable than just sitting and watching. With the advancement in technology and computer sciences, the entertainment industry has come up with its own new modes of providing people with the thrill and joy, much needed in almost everyone's monotonous lives.

To name a few among the top entertainment trends of the current age that have taken people by their hands we could start off with the new age gaming arcades and even the game parlour franchise in India. Nowadays, almost every mall in an Indian city has to have a gaming arcade built into it and often are the main attractions of the mall.

With fun and interactive games like bowling, team or individual racing, shooting and even basketball, children of all ages and even a few adults go crazy for the coupons or tickets they receive as rewards and proceed to redeem goodies with those tickets. Other than typical arcades such as these, there are group activity complex franchises such as ones with escape rooms, paintball and laser tag arenas, go-karting and soapy football and many more that cater to a large group of fun seekers.

Amusement parks, on the other hand, are among the best family entertainment franchise you could invest in. Along with the conventional rides and water games in these places, a few new age rides such as 7D experiences and other rides that use computer-generated graphics and motions are trending greatly. These places offer some of the best ways to spend a short holiday or even a much-needed weekend.

Business perspective:

The entertainment and leisure industry offer a wide scope of business opportunities based on your interests and investment capability. On a large scale, you could invest in an amusement or water park franchise. This would obviously require higher investments, a good amount of usable space, permissions etc. Arcades, on the other hand, are comparatively priced lower, will involve a lower risk factor and even a smaller workforce requirement.

Let's go about a few of our best entertainment business opportunities:

Amusement and theme parks: Investing in an amusement park would require an upfront investment ranging anywhere between 20 lakhs to 2 crores. Space requirements, payback periods and other details will depend on the company you are franchising with and their standards. A constant customer base is something all amusement parks are assured of, with very few days a year with low activities. You will need access to a huge workforce and trained staff for such an operation. This sector is deemed to be worth Rs. 10000 crores in India by 2020. Currently, for a population of 1.15 billion in the country, there are only 120 amusement parks and 45 Family Entertainment Centres. This indicates that the growth potential of Indian amusement and theme park industry is substantial, and hence calls for many more to be opened all over the country!

Go-karting and ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) arenas: Motorsports have always been thrilling, and go-karting comes at the top of motor port-based entertainment. From four-stroke karting held across the country in the early 2000s to a full-blown two-stroke national karting championship, things do appear to have come a long way. It has become a very exciting trend among the youth of India and will only get fuelled up in the future with E-karts coming into play. Karting in India began in 1999 with a few local level events, eventually leading to the launch of the National Championship. The format saw winners and second-placed drivers of the local events competing in a National Championship Finals.

Gaming arcades: One of the most common and most wide spanning sectors of the entertainment industry, the reason these arcades are such a hit is that of the variety of games and rides to choose from under the same roof. Children wouldn't mind spending an entire day in such gaming outlets. With games of every genre- shooting, racing, boxing, sports like basketball, air hockey and many more, not just children but people of all ages are attracted to the flashing lights, sounds and music of these entertainment centres. To join such a franchise, they would expect an upfront investment of just 50 to 70 lakhs for licences and machinery for virtual games, and around 5-7 lakhs for non-virtual games such as pool, table tennis, air hockey etc.

The entertainment and leisure industry might have many sectors of interest under it, but the giants mentioned above are definitely the most profitable ones. With not much of a competition and massive demand, you could start off with your own entertainment business.

To look through the best entertainment business opportunities in the market now, log on to FranchiseBazar and make a living out of entertainment and happiness!

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