Everything You Need to Know About Business Opportunities in Chandigarh

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Definitive Business Guide for Franchise Business in Chandigarh

Written By Anjali Dixit                                                                            December 18 2021

India has evolved as the most diverse and enthusiastically active economic region in the globe. Its enterprises emphasise primarily on the service sector and timely economic advancement that seems to steer India into an economic superpower. India has an incredible corporate geography which can be felt at a regional level, where significant and rapid urbanization has progressed as an approaching result of population expansion and spatial division to the economic hubs and developing cities like Chandigarh.


Here, we'll try to explore the reasons and possibilities behind Chandigarh having the best franchise business. Without further ado, let's hop onto for the ride!

Ideal Demographics & Economy of Chandigarh

Chandigarh has existed as one amongst the "Wealthiest Towns" of India. The Reserve Bank of India has ranked it in the list of deposit centres as the third-largest city and in the list of credit centers as the seventh largest nationwide according to the data of June 2012. 

The per capita income of ₹99,262 has made Chandigarh, one of the prosperous and richest cities in India. The gross state domestic product for the FY 2014–15 is assessed at ₹0.29 trillion (US$4.3 billion) at the prevailing prices. 

According to a 2014 analysis, Chandigarh was ranked 4th amongst the top fifty cities recognized globally as the "emerging outsourcing and IT services destinations" forth of cities like that of Beijing. 

The city has recorded one of the greatest per capita incomes in the nation. The union territory of Chandigarh has one of the outstanding Human Development Index. In the year 2015, a survey conducted by LG Electronics ranked Chandigarh as the happiest city in India on the happiness index.

Accessibility and Basic Infrastructure

Chandigarh is deemed to be one of the best-planned and well organized cities in the country. The great quality of colonial infrastructure, vast green areas and its portable size, renders it as an ideal destination to live and work.

The quality of life in the city of Chandigarh is often compared with some of the other best cities across the world. Chandigarh is also the capital city, besides being a union territory, of two of the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana.

Chandigarh has a well-linked and firmly established international airport, which handles over 4,500 tonnes of load in 2015-16. The renewable energy sources have contributed over 67% to the province’s all-around power prerequisites. The government has suggested setting up a monorail configuration network to assist in  the exponential upgrade in the conveyance and transport necessities of the city. 

The new business opportunities in Chandigarh are plentiful as the state possesses the existence of over 56,000 MSME components and is evolving more in the same. 

Potential for Growth of Franchise Business in Chandigarh in Last Decade

When opening a business, several various factors may cross your mind. It could be exceptionally impossible to predict when it advances and the business standard prospers, it can also occur as very rewarding. That's why mostly entrepreneurs are leading towards developing a franchise model to execute it more remarkably and accomplish the great success of fulfilling their dreams to certainty.

Buying a franchise gives rise to a lot of stress as well as excitement. It needs a proven business model and acceptable work experiences and practices for the investment into a profitable business franchise, particularly in Chandigarh. Chandigarh has a hold of a massive variety of business franchises that could be very beneficial to kickstart your very own business.

Post covid-19 major wave phase, India has seen a rise in the following business franchises:

  • Food & Beverage

  • Healthcare

  • IT & Software

  • Education

  • Fashion

They are said to have an upgrade in their economy expansion rate by a factor of two as noted by trusted resources at numerous platforms. This is where, we, FranchiseBazar come to service. We help you select the best in class business franchise, keeping in mind your provisions, demands and funds. We have a group of experienced franchise consultants who with their expertise and knowledge will help you analyze the choices, also help in document procedures and give you the satisfactory response you were searching for.

Plethora of Franchise Business Opportunities in Chandigarh in Various Business Segments

Here is the list of a few best business franchise opportunities in Chandigarh from amongst various segments:

Clothing Franchise


Sarangi is a Kanjivaram Sari store which gives opportunity to acquire a Sarangi franchise which has hand-picked designer wear silk sarees. Sari is the traditional outfit of an Indian woman and any woman would strive to buy a designer or silk sari for a special occasion, be it a wedding, party or a festival. The main objective of Sarangi is to approach women all over the globe who have a particular taste and liking for silk sarees and it also anticipates to provide women entrepreneurs an opportunity to own a franchise which aids in evolving their career and professional associations with the clients.


Investment: INR 75 lakhs -1 crore

Franchise fee: INR 2-5 lakhs

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft


Food Franchise

Fries N Burgers

It is a food culture company that creates spaces for its customers to dine healthily and make heartfelt memories. They prioritised the customer experience and meticulously crafted every fine detail, such as providing reading and dining areas in our cafes. We make our own burger patties and don't use any preservatives. In addition to burgers, we offer sandwiches, fries, milkshakes, mojitos, appetisers, and coffees.

Founded: 2020

Franchising Since: 2021

Investment: Rs.20-30 Lakhs

Franchising Fee: Rs.2-5 lakhs

Space: 1000-2000


Healthcare Franchise

DR at Doorstep

DrAtDoorstep is one of the innovative and unique healthcare start-ups that delivers services so that it can bring the ‘’Family Doctor Clinic’’ to the doorsteps of patients at a very economical and affordable rate. It is a unique health care delivery system that uses Health Informatics. DrAtDoorstep was launched in February 2017 under NISARG WELLNESS PVT. LTD. in Vadodara. An innovative concept is to provide a high quality of health care services using information and technology at your doorstep.


Investment: INR 10-15 lakhs

Franchise fee: INR 2-5 lakhs

Space: less than 250 sq ft


Dava Discount

Embodied in 2015, Dava Discount a division of Rajnish Wellness Limited has a strong network with their reach on all major E-commerce platforms, as well as presence across many medical stores,supplying all pharmaceutical products throughout the country with its franchisee. The only market leaders offering a discount of up to 20-25% on Branded medicine. Dava Discount franchisee assures the best of services for effective and unique marketing skills in the chosen territory to ensure timely supply of branded medicines at competitive pricing.


Investment: not revealed

Franchise fee: INR 2-5 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft


Find Out the best business to start in chandigarh here.

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