Explore Dealership Business Opportunities in India

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Agents, dealership or distribution franchise mainly comes under retail franchising which, to begin with, is a great start in the franchising business, it is one with the least risk factor containing business model as well requires a lesser capital investment which is great for young entrepreneurs.

What is dealership business you ask? Dealership mainly deals with an agreement to be able to sell a specific product or service. This agreement may or may not be exclusively based on territory. It may include the rights to be an authorized service center for the product, if applicable. While there are exceptions in which an entire business is a dealership, typically a dealer is more independent as to business design, products available and exclusivity, this opens roots to the dealership business opportunities and idea for a franchisee to get into this business as it gives the exclusivity of a franchise but lesser rules and regulation basically giving a bigger playground to work with compared to other franchisee.

One of the exponentially growing segments in dealership and distribution franchise is Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) come under Dealership for food products, beverages, toiletries and other drug stores, all of these are high in demand as they come under basic requirements of daily life. All classes of people need these products in daily life hence targeting a larger crowd of all age group almost make it the gateway to success.

What are the advantages of dealership or distribution franchise? Apart from money (let’s be honest we are trying to meet ends here), it provides great depth of understanding of the market and knowledge of how to go about A dealership provides more flexibility in your business model. You can usually start and operate your business as you wish unless the specific dealership mandates otherwise. While you may have contractual agreements as to signage, product location or product use, you are often allowed to carry other brands or even competition to your dealer's brand adding a lot more to knowledge any franchise can provide dealing with exclusivity with such flexibility is really the boon of this business.

These are certain criteria you need to work on to get a dealership franchise:

  • Determine what you would like to distribute
  • Apply for licenses
  • Lease a food-grade warehouse
  • Contact the relevant companies
  • Begin distribution with local retailers 
  • Own transportation for delivery

The legal issues if any or criteria or to begin with selecting a dealership franchising has its own knack and can be a time bearing and confusing process and one decision in any business can be the reason of business failure so selecting and short-listing is a very crucial process and we can help you make the correct choice for the franchise with the experience of more than 2 decades it’s the best shot to success .

Come to visit us at FranchiseBazar and see your success skyrocket with us.

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