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Who doesn’t love fast food huh? Yes, it isn’t the best source of nutrition, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s taste buds have a stronger will than my conscience. We all like to indulge in some high-calorie fast food now and then, and a major reason is a wide availability, standard quality and trustworthy food sold by the many food franchises. Moreover, with the growing urbanization, globalization, and changing lifestyles, the food industry has set a firm foothold in the market which is worth INR 580 bn and shows vast perspective to grow and prosper in future.

The following are some of the top fast food franchise in India:

Top Burger Franchises:

Burger King:

The American QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) burger chain, famous for its whopper has popularized itself among the youth of this nation. To partake in the burger king franchise, you will need access to real estate at prime locations that will meet their requirements. Additionally, an upfront investment of 1.5Cr to 3Cr is expected to kick off a Brule 20-year franchise agreement with them. Having acquired all this, you can apply to be a part of the burger king family, with over 13000 outlets spread across 100 countries.


A fast food giant that has been dominating the franchise industry since 1955 and has over 35000 outlets in over 100 countries. McDonald's franchise India under Hard Castle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (HRPL) already have a huge presence with about 250 outlets in 32 cities and 10 states in the south and west India. In order to be a part of their franchise, you will need a property that will be judged and approved by them, an investment of 6 to 14 Cr. An additional amount of 5Cr as liquid capital is required too. They also charge a franchise fee of 30 Lakh and a 4% fee on total sales as a service charge. All in all, you will get your capital back after a 2 to 3year return period.


The kings of fried chicken, the Finger Licking Good franchise which was the brainchild of the infamous Colonel Sanders, with their extremely secretive blend of 6 herbs and 5 spices have been franchising since the year 1952 and have already established a whopping 200 outlets in India. With an Investment of about 1Cr, you could become a KFC outlet owner. They also charge a royalty fee of about 4% and agree on a 2 to 3year capital return period. So don't wait and grab a KFC fast food franchise in India.

Best Pizzas Franchises in India:

Pizza Hut:

The American pioneers of the Italian Heart Throb-Pizza Hut are one of the most famous names in the fast food industry. To become a Pizza Hut franchisee, you will need a minimum function-able space of 1000 to 1500 square feet and an investment of 2Cr. They charge a 6.5% royalty on all profits and also charge a franchising fee of 14 lakhs. But you will be looking at a massive profit, keeping in mind that Pizza Hut made a profit of 62.5 billion rupees in the year 2016. That is the kind of profit you will be making selling an Italian favourite for an American franchise in India. Just franchise it!


Franchised by Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd with over 9653 outlets all around the world, Dominos is a top name in the world of Pizzas and currently occupies the largest slice of the pizza market that stands at about 70%. Investing in a franchise such as this would cost you 65 lakhs to 2 Cr for traditional stores and 30 to 50 lakhs for non-traditional outlets. On the contrary, Dominos charges a 5.5% on weekly sales as royalty, 4% as advertising fund and 1.5% as audit expenses. Their franchise agreement lasts for 10 years on non-traditional stores.

Top Indian Restaurant Franchise:


This authentic Indian, and true to its name vegetarian franchise launched in 2005 and has picked up very well with over 50 outlets all over the country. Managed by Vidli Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. they base their franchise on a 3-year agreement and charge a franchise fee of 6-10 lakhs, on an upfront investment of about 30-50 lakhs. A minimum space requirement of about 400 to 2000 square. feet are required and you could join this franchise and expect sales of about 43.45Crores as in 2017.

Moti Mahal:

With about 200 running outlets with various franchise models to choose from such as food truck, kiosk, dine in, tandoor and many more, it would cost you around 50 lakhs to 1 Cr based on what model you chose. You could choose from the offered franchise models according to the space you have at hand, which is expected to be an area of 400 to 500 sq. ft for kiosk model and 2000 to 5000 sq. ft for dine-ins, all preferably on high streets or malls. Moti Mahal has a presence in UK, Dubai, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and is looking to expand across India, Europe, US, UK, Canada and the south-east.

Yellow Chilli:

India's favourite cookery TV show host and renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s very own franchise- Yellow Chili agrees on a 10-year franchise that encloses a 3-year breakeven period. They only require an investment of about 1.5Cr and a space requirement of 2500 to 30000 sq. ft. Having acquired all this, you could shake hands with the legend himself and be a part of his brand, its name and its reputation.


The most famous snacks franchise in India- Haldiram’s is doing great in their first few years as a franchise. With a base investment of only 15 to 30 lakhs and a minimum developable space requirement of 500 square feet, you could run one of the outlets of Haldiram's restaurants in India. They aim at vastly expanding their franchise by the year 2020 and the current market projections justify this aim.

Rolls and Subs:


The health-conscious franchise that runs on “eating healthy” which indulges its customers with a wide selection of bread and an entirely customizable sandwich option. Investing in this franchise would cost you about 20-30 lakhs as a base investment and 3.5% to 8% fee that will be charged on net sales as royalty fees and advertisement. They also charge a 1 lakh operation cost per year and will require a space of at least 170 square feet for food courts and up to 350 square feet for non-food court outlets. Since Subway pioneered the concept of allowing customers to build their own meals, it has become extremely popular and profitable.

Kaati Zone:

These food visionaries transformed rolls into a contemporary meal and have been franchising since the year 2009. They are doing really well considering the fact that everyone likes rolls, be it vegetarian or otherwise. An investment of 5 to 10 lakhs, a suitable property of 90 to 800 square feet could get you a Kaati Zone outlet. As a result of this agreement, you will receive a 45% ROI on a 9year franchise term, with a payback in about 3 years.

Tibbs Frankie:

Will 300 outlets in 15 cities Tibbs is doing a great job, provided their late entry into the industry. Their franchise demands an area requirement of 30-50 square feet, a minimum investment of 1.5 to 3 lakhs and a franchise agreement that would last 5 years. Kaati Zone also boasts about an expected payback in just 10 months.

If you are thinking “which franchise makes the most money in India” or have any other queries about joining franchises such as the ones mentioned above or any other, visit the FranchiseBazar website and find the correct franchise option for you! It’s never too late to invest in food, right?


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