Food and Beverage Franchises to Satisfy Your Cravings During this Pandemic

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It is famously quoted that a way to a man’s heart is food, which in a way is undoubtedly true. Food and Drink is one of the best ways one could relax, along with nourishing themselves and living a healthy life. Food and Beverage is an extremely exciting concept to Franchise on. The unlimited freedom and creativity one enjoys with this scope of franchise is immense.

Furthermore everyone loves a hearty lunch and a refreshing drink right? From Dinner Dates to Breakfast in Bed, From Corporate Lunches to Dinner Buffets, there are in fact unlimited capabilities and opportunities where food and drink find its way in. But what happens when suddenly, everybody is forced to be indoors for the greater good? When everyone start kitchen experimenting and come out with a few culinary disasters? Lost your appetite yet? Don’t worry as some of the leading and loved top Food and Beverage Franchises are here to save your tummy!

Even though you might find yourself stuck in four quarters, surviving on those maggi packets or ready to cook meals just because you’re too lazy to cook real food or trying out new recipes on a trial and error basis which may not always give you the expected results, or maybe you’re among those people who are gifted with the art of culinary. But deep down, you still miss that juicy steak you might’ve eaten months ago, or you reminisce your time at the bistro with your group of friends having an enjoyable dinner with refreshing drinks, you do don’t you? That’s your human nature and your accustomed desires and needs. However don’t worry, all is not lost, even though you may not get the experience at your desired place, you still get its food! Which in a way is a win-win situation through a series of compromising.

Many Food and Beverage franchises are still functional and are ensuring that their loyal customers and binge eaters get their food delivered at their own homes. Zomato, Swiggy to name a few are such few franchises that are tirelessly working towards providing their customers to get their desired meals, drinks, combos etc, in the comfort of their own homes. While ensuring their high quality standards and the level of satisfaction they provide, such are good measures to furthermore gain goodwill and earn potential customers in their bag.

Food and Beverage franchises are making the most out of this situation, while cautiously executing their operations, implementing certain measures to aid panic and fear out of the few, such as no contact delivery. They have ensured that their services are easily accessible, at the touch of their fingers and a few decisions taken by their mind, effortlessly bringing satisfaction piping hot at their doorstep. Lately, ever since the advent of this annoying virus, Food Franchises in India have witnessed a surge in the number of their users, through their Online Apps.

Generating a decent revenue is enabling them to further up their standards and quality. Many such franchises are also enabling a “take away only” service in which the customer visits the Restaurant/Food establishment, places their order, collects it when prepared and leaves to their respective places. This does sound a bit tiring, but if you have to be among those picky and paranoid people this service is made for you.

A variety of offers and coupons could be easily availed and awarded simultaneously to users who use that specific food app online. By making things fun and exciting which would attract the masses and living up to the name of the brand is again among the basic thing Food and Beverage Franchises have to strive and ensure. 

1. Knight Bite

With its investment ranging from Rs 10Lacs – 15lacs

Being among the pioneers of late night cloud kitchen delivery service, delivering their unique range of products from 8 PM to 4 AM. They have designed and molded their set of operations in a way which would satisfy the dire midnight cravings of many. With more than 10,000+ users on their food app from 2 cities, they have been recognized for their delicious food and quality service. Housing the famous Pizza Burst Burger which has won many nocturnal hearts. The city never sleeps does it? And so does the grumbling from the hungry tummies. So what are you going to do about that? Sign yourself up in this franchise and have an experience that you might just remember for your life!

2. The Tea Cottage

With its investment ranging from Rs 15Lacs – 20lacs

Being among the representatives of Coffee and Tea establishments they have been recognized for their creative tea variations and their rustic approach to satisfy their customers. With their wide range of teas to select from, complimenting your beverage with mouthwatering appetizers. They have been among these pioneers of bringing in a “Tea-volution” in the Beverage sector of India. If you have to be among such enthusiasts who believe in “hospitali-tea” then this venture is for you!

3. Belgian Waffle

With its investment ranging from Rs 5Lacs – 10lacs

The famed Belgian waffle, from the Dessert Franchise, here to satisfy your sweet tooth. Being among the Waffle Specialty Stations offering their freshly baked, hot and crispy waffles with their specially formulated eggless batter for the ones who shy away from eggs. With their rich fillings that would surely fill both your tummy and your temptations. So what are you waiting for? Be the sweet Santa Claus and spread sweet joy all around. Tie up with them as a franchisee now!

4. Subway

With its investment ranging from Rs 75Lacs – 1Cr

The largest restaurant chain in the world and among the Biggest Food Franchises in India! Subway with its popular tagline of “Eat Fresh” is quite popular with the masses. With its unique customization among its products, from a variety of toppings to dressings, to the type of the bun and even its length, one could get their desired meal, with what they actually want, isn’t that win-win situation? As a franchisee for this reputated brand you would be making the most out of the immense potential this brand has to offer, so sign up now and take a leap of faith in this vast global chain of restaurants.

Keeping things aside we all know that no matter come what, we Human beings as a species need food for our necessary survival, over time we have seen this necessity evolve down into a desire and an activity that everyone loves to indulge in. Thanks to our constant evolution as a race and through the gift of technology, Good food and a tasty beverages are quite closer than you think they would be. Identifying the potential and scope this area of interest holds, Franchisors seeking an area of interest to operate on could opt this as its highly profitable and if executed properly, seek high returns and earn a certain level of goodwill that highly depends on the kind of the products they would innovate, the way it would stand out from similar products in the market.

As for now food safety and its health standards have been highly increased, to fight COVID-19 and at the same time to reduce its hazardous spread. Chefs and Food Delivery Executives are checked on a daily basis by their respective Food Establishment Franchises. Food production areas are being daily sanitized and disinfected to prevent any hazards. Delivery Executives are encouraged to use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), to safeguard themselves from the biohazard along with the food they have to deliver.

Concluding with the topic all we could observe is that Food and Beverage Franchises are greatly benefiting from the pandemic and in turn are satisfying their customers alongside. A man could go to extreme extents to satisfy his hunger since the ancient times and that seems to be quite relatable in the present too.

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