Food and Beverages Franchise Business In India : Growth,Franchise Opportunities And Investments

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Written by Deepak Sah                                                                          August 9, 2021   

At one point in 2020, the national restaurant Association estimated that the restaurant industry had lost $120 billion in sales in March, April and May. Both organized as well as and organised sector suffered a lot in this pandemic. Many restaurants are closed or about to close, also many restaurants are leaving the malls, shops and other properties. The economy is going down, people are losing their jobs which increases unemployment. And in this unemployment large percentage belongs to the food industry.

So, that means it's not an ideal time to purchase a food franchise?

Not exactly.

The irony is this reception triggered by the pandemic is actually an ideal time to buy a food franchise, as vaccination is started all over India and so the Food Industry is going to boom. There is a popular line “Nothing beats a good recession” and every franchise salesperson knows that unemployment will lead to rising in franchise sales. Independent food and beverage operators are struggling and around 85% are facing the rise of a closer but we cannot deny the fact that in this pandemic there are many big and large food and beverage brands handling pandemic well and are well positioned, who are also looking to expand in this pandemic. For example, Domino’s, Burger King, Pizza franchise etc.

Food franchises which have a strong business model, quick service and are delivery focused are ideal for other food franchises currently. We know pandemic has created negative effects on the food industry but it has also opened unique franchise investment opportunities. Many franchises have reduced their royalty rates to encourage franchise sales. Some franchises are looking for exit which also opens opportunities for potential acquisitions at favourable pricing. And the best part is there will be less competition which means you will have enough time to settle and target your audience

Why a food franchise business?

.Many entrepreneurs are opting for this food franchise business because there is a lot which already ready for you, the franchisee gets a business model, system and product which were earlier developed and tested. In any pandemic or crisis, you are not alone, you get support from the expert team and easily availability of resources at a reasonable price due to the franchisor’s contact plays a very important role in your success. Another important benefit you get when you go for a food franchise business is you get the earned reputation of that brand and pre-existing relationships with the customer, which plays a very important role in the success of your food franchise business.

Best profitable food franchise opportunities and Investments

KFC: The kings of fried chicken, the Finger Licking Good franchise which was the brainchild of the infamous Colonel Sanders, with their extremely secretive blend of 6 herbs and 5 spices have been franchising since the year 1952 and have already established a whopping 200 outlets in India.

Investment -1 crore

Outlets - 200+ across India

Subway: It is the largest sub sandwich chain in the world. Today Subway is known for the promotion of a range of healthy food options. They belong to the food and beverages industry. The investment is about 50 Lakh to 90 lakh INR. They have 500+ franchise units.

Moti Mahal: Moti Mahal Delux has been bestowed with the origin of Tandoori Cuisine. Escalating from the artisanal age-old cooking to modern kitchen art It carries the legacy of its eminent taste nearing a century. This unique approach of providing the best quality and maintaining the highest quality of efficiency, makes The Moti Mahal, one of the best prospects for entrepreneurs exploring restaurant franchise opportunities in India.

Investment-30 lakh -40 lakh

Outlets - 100+ across India

 Lassi N cafe: LassinCafe is one of the most prominent Lassi franchises in India that has also started making an impact overseas. It is their wide range of products that are available at such moderate costs compared to other franchises without even compromising in quality.

Industry- Food and beverages

Investment- 10 lakh- 20 lakh

Outlets - 30+ all across India

Wat-a-Burger: Wat-a-Burger is India's biggest home-grown Burger Chain, serving mouth-watering burgers, sandwiches & wraps along with a variety of shakes and sides that are designed keeping Indian taste in mind. Wat-a-Burger is an upmarket joint in Noida, serving mouth-watering wraps and burgers along with a variety of shakes and sides, easy on the pocket too.

Investment-20 lakh - 30 lakh

Outlets-35+ all across India

Chicago Pizza: Chicago Pizza is the largest and only Pizza takeaway brand. It is committed to creating the best pizza possible by using the freshest of all ingredients without any compromise on quality. Pizza is about The Pleasures of Life, Storytelling, Traditions, Secret Recipes, Family and Culture that makes it the ultimate comfort food. They strive to provide the best quality pizzas customized to individual requirements as well as unique single slice pizzas. It has been awarded the Best Pizza Award by Hindustan Times and thus over the years they have built a strong presence across India. Their menu consists of Pizza, Pasta, Garlic bread, Combos and Tropical mocktails. 

Investment-15 lakh - 20 lakh

Outlets-150 + outlets all across the world

Biggies Burger 'N' More: It is a Bangalore based fast food restaurant started in 2011. The brand was conceptualized as a café and fast food retail enterprise and it currently has 30 franchises in the market. The company had started its operations in Bangalore, with a small cafe concept outlet of 50 sq ft, but now the brand has outlets of 1,800 sq ft too. The brainchild of Biraja Prasad Rout, Biggies Burger is the fulfilment of a great Indian dream of having an in-house brand of authentic burgers. The original PIONEER OF GRILLED BURGERS, our commitment to quality ingredients, signature recipes, and affordable prices is what has defined our legacy for the last 10 successful years.

Investment - 20lakh-30 lakh

Outlets - 20-30 outlets

Hunger Monks: Hunger Monks " India’s lowest investment cafe which serves mocktail bar, lassi, Shakes ka swad, Smoothies ka power, desi style mya pizza, burger ka stuffing, waffle ka taste, India ka momos, farmers ka salad, soups ka gaat , and many more under one roof. Hunger Monks has 15+ outlets across India and many other pipelines projects it is one of the most profitable business opportunities which involves low investment and gives a high return on investments.

Investment - 10 lakh-15 lakh

Outlets - 15 + outlets

 Patel’s Chappanbhog Cloud kitchen: Having 30+ years of experience in various fields. Patel’s Chhappanbhog brand-new cloud kitchen offers its customers to order food while sitting on the cosy couch of their home, and the food will be delivered within a short period of 40 minutes only. This cloud kitchen platform was commenced by the company to eliminate dine-in facilities but still continue their services amid the global pandemic so their precious customers won’t miss that appetizing aroma of their cuisine. The company offers its culinary appetizing artwork through its website, where its menu with varieties of foods are listed as per the categories, anyone can choose the category as per their taste buds and enjoy the hot and scrumptious food through fast-forward delivery within 40 minutes only

Investment required : 10 lakh - 15 lakh

 So if you are interested in joining hands with any of these brands or you want to explore more opportunities in the food franchise business you can visit franchiseBazar and can select the brands as per your investment plan and one can also clear doubts from experts.



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