Franchise Sectors That Are Most Demanded In Day-To-Day Life

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Written by Deepak Sah                                                                        August 30 , 2021

We know that India is the third-largest consumer of goods and services in the world and this is directly contributing to the growth of franchise business in India.COVID 19 has affected the franchise industry as well and there is no doubt in it. The experts predicted a good growth rate of franchise business in 2019 and 2020. International Franchise Association in Feb 20202 also predicted that there will be decent growth in the franchise business and it will create more job opportunities. But suddenly COVID 19 came and it altered the prediction.

But the good news is that during the pandemic the franchise business was growing and there were many brands who expanded their business when the entire business was under lockdown. COVID 19 has impacted franchise business not only in a negative way but also in a positive way. There are many brands that handled this situation well and expanded themselves in this pandemic.

The franchise business in India is growing at a good pace with a good success rate . Franchise business in India is contributing nearly 2% of the country's GDP and is expected to contribute 5% to GDP by 2025. If we talk about the success rate of franchise business in India it is about 85% in comparison with 90% of the startups that failed within 5 years. India is the 2nd biggest franchise market for franchise business after the USA. In the last 20 years franchise business in India took a pace and India became a global hotspot for a franchise business.

In 2021, the Franchise business in India has become quite popular and successive. As these businesses have high demand & a lot of customer base, franchise business has become the demand of the day. Most of the well-established brands are expanding their venture on franchise models.

Top franchise sectors that are most demanded in day-to-day life

  • Healthcare franchise business

  • Cleaning franchise business

  • Edtech franchise business

  • Cloud kitchen franchise business

  • Beauty Salon franchise business

1. Healthcare-related franchise businesses : The healthcare industry consists of hospitals, pharmacies,medical equipment, medical devices and medical insurances. The health care sector is growing at a rapid pace. The market size is $193.83 billion and is expected to reach $ 372 billion by 2022. The hospital industry contributes around 80% of the total healthcare sector and it is growing with a CAGR of 16-17% . Medical tourism is also growing at a good pace and is expected to reach $8-9 billion by 2022.The diagnostics industry almost contributes 25% in this segment. Health insurance also contributes around 15% to this segment. Recently our Finance Minister allocated around 64,180 crores in the next 6 years to strengthen the healthcare sector in the Budget. The plan is to open new healthcare institutions and to support the existing healthcare institutes. The government also announced an expenditure of 35000 crores for the COVID19 vaccine in 2021-2022. This will directly help the vaccine manufacturers in India. There is a huge demand for healthcare products and services in India due to the Covid pandemic and the demand for healthcare products will never end which makes this business recession-proof.

The best profitable franchise opportunities in the Healthcare sector are : 

Genmart Generic Pvt Ltd: It is one of the fastest-growing pharmacies for healthcare and wellness requirements. The company was started in 2018 and started franchising in 2019. It has around 8+ franchise unit. The investment required is around 20 lakhs and royalty fees is around Rs 5 lakh

Dava Discount - It is a division of RAJNISH WELLNESS LIMITED already a BSE listed company, which is entering into an online pharmacy. Along with providing quality Branded Medicines at a flat 25% discounted price, customer satisfaction is the major social cause of our business. Due to the high cost of medicines, it has become impossible for some sections of the population to afford even normal medication which sometimes becomes fatal for patients. So, to avoid such a case Dava Discount provides all branded medicines at a flat 25% less on MRP. They continuously seek to expand their network and believe in providing the best price in the industry.

Investment -10 lakh - 15 lakh

Outlets-15 + all across India

Sanjivani: It is known to be an eminent name in the pharmaceutical industry for ages, and has become a household name for pharmacy among the masses. Sanjivani is often regarded for providing comprehensive, world-class solutions in the field of pharmaceutical retail and distribution. Established in the year 2006, it has not been a long time since Sanjivani established itself in the market, but the brand is emerging rapidly and has marked its presence in a short span of time. Being a one-stop solution for pharmaceuticals, Sanjivani has secured its place in Top Franchise 100 brands list and is on its way to keep inspiring the budding entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector.

Investment -10 lakh - 15 lakh

Outlets-200 + all across India

Apollo Health and lifestyle ltd: Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited (AHLL), a subsidiary of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL), is one of the largest players in the retail healthcare segment in India. The Company today runs the largest chain of standardized primary health care Models – Multispeciality Clinics, under the brand name “Apollo Clinic” in India & the Middle East, Diabetes Management Clinics under Apollo Sugar and Diagnostic Centers under Apollo Diagnostics. The Company also Operates Specialty formats under Apollo Cradle (a Centre for Women & Children) and Apollo Spectra Hospitals (a hospital for minimally invasive surgeries). Since the setup of its first Clinic in 2002, AHLL has experienced significant growth and has come a long way not only in terms of its geographical footprint and number of centres but also in the variety of service delivery formats it operates today. The recent acquisition of Nova Specialty Hospitals by AHLL places the Company as the largest player in multi-speciality planned surgical centres in India. In the last 4 years, the business has expanded from 2 formats to 5 formats and established leadership in practically every segment that it operates in.

Investment - 1 crore - 2 crore 

Outlets-30 + all across India

Cleaning service franchise business: Cleaning service business in India is growing at a rapid pace. The cleaning business is not only growing at a rate of 30% but also it is creating lots of job opportunities. The cleaning industry at a global level is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% and is expected to reach $74299 million by 2020-2027.

The cleaning service business has two segments.

  1. Commercial cleaning service

  2. Household cleaning service

The scope of cleaning services business in India looks progressive because the number of households , offices, government offices, hospitals etc is increasing day by day and they outsource cleaning jobs and this is a big opportunity for the cleaning services business to grow.

Cleaning services business includes:

  • Maid services

  • Window cleaning

  • Floor cleaning

  • carpet & upholstery cleaning and many other services

According to the Cleaning services industry expert,Mangala Chandra “The advantage from the cleaning industry is that it has huge scope to create jobs, especially for the unskilled. Right now, about 10 million are employed in this sector and with the sector set to grow further, more jobs will be created. There is also huge scope for small entrepreneurs and start-ups in this sector because a cleaning services business can be started with as few as five workers”

As this industry is growing it will lead to many tech up-gradation and new innovative ways of cleaning will be seen soon in this industry.

So if we follow a simple survey then Gujarat is doing lots of industrial development every year. Industrialization in Gujarat contributes around 16% in nations industrial production and 22% in exports. So growing industrialization required lots of cleaning services and equipment as well. So the future of the cleaning industry looks promising and profitable.

Best profitable cleaning services franchise opportunities  

Twinto- It was founded in the year 2016, is a start-up company providing cleaning services. Their company is based in Chennai and has its presence pan India. They have a vibrant workforce with 100+ trained employees and a dedicated Quality Team. They are the only company in this industry that not only has invented its own machine but also services the customers only using in-house tools.  In no time, they have scaled up to 100+ trained employees and a dedicated quality team that believes in nothing but the best.

Investment: 5 Lakh- 10 lakh

Jan-Pro India: It is one of the leading commercial cleaning businesses in India. They have obtained the latest technological equipment which assists them in serving their comprehensive training to the employees for various operations. Their innovative and tech-based equipment and skill-proof cleaning service kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and germs. They make use of the Enviroshield disinfection process for sanitization, which has made them a brand leader in the commercial cleaning sector.

Investment- 75 lakh - 1 crore

Edtech franchise business: While some sectors were fighting for survival in a pandemic, Edtech was growing in pandemic.In fact edtech collected around 2 Billion in funding in a pandemic, average CAGR is around 64% supported by 10 million users and it is expected to be around 30 billion in market size by 2030. Due to the increase in cases of Covid in India, the government imposed a lockdown as a result all colleges, coachings and schools were closed and it contributed to the growth of online learning. The future of Edtech looks bright because people are adapting to the change. When all the syllabus, teaching plans became irrelevant due to the wave of COVID19, another positive wave of Edtech came as a saviour and transformed traditional teaching. Many giants entered into this industry like unacademy, Byjus, Topper, Virohan etc and contributed a lot in the growth of Edtech industry.

Best profitable Edtech franchise opportunities in India and Costs

Virohan: It is one of the largest and fastest-growing edtech health care organisations.It provides a progressive career in the health care sector. The company aims to create India’s largest healthcare training company. In the healthcare sector, there is a demand for 65 lakh skilled workers but currently, there are only 4.5 lakh, skilled workers, so the company is trying to maintain equilibrium by training youths. Recently Virohan raised 3 million from funding from Rebright partners and now Virohan is planning to use this fund to expand over 160 new campuses across India . Virohan is aiming to strengthen the Indian health care system.It will train and produce skilled health workers to tackle the COVID 19 crisis, 

Area requirement : 2000-2500 sq ft

Franchise outlets: 60+ across India

Investment required:2 lakh-5 Lakh

Royalty: 30%

EduBridge: It is a Mumbai-based workforce development organization started by a group of IIM alumni and professors in October 2009. For the last 10+ years, EduBridge has been empowering the youth by providing high-quality skill and career development to the students along with offering continuous end-to-end support that they need across their career development starting from counselling, training, certification and placements. is The Premier Online Learning Portal, where learners can access high-quality education from anywhere, any device at any. EduBridge offers the best-in-class training experience both in the classrooms at the EduBridge Career Academies as well in all its online training programs. They offer more than 100 courses in skill development, all that are focused on getting you a better job. All the EduBridge courses come under the mission of Lifelong Learning and have been crafted in collaboration with leading industry experts.

Area requirement : 250-300 sq ft

Franchise outlets: 60+ across India

Cloud kitchen franchise business: The cloud kitchen market is projected to become a $3 billion industry in India by 2024, according to RedSeer Management Consulting. That’s up from $400 million in 2019. In a survey carried out by the company, 21% of the respondents said they were more likely to increase their online ordering of takeaway food after the lockdown, while just 9% said they were more likely to visit restaurants more often.COVID19 has affected the food and beverages sector very badly, Many businesses came to an end and many were about to close. Then Cloud Kitchen came as a new trend. Now people don’t go to the food, food comes to them.As per the data, there will be a growth of food deliveries in the coming 5 years and as a result, many people are opting for cloud kitchens As per the data Cloud kitchens are going to dominate India’s food -tech industry. The number of cloud kitchens in India is going to increase at a rate of 50-60% .

Best profitable Cloud kitchens franchise opportunities and their franchise costs in India

Zomato Cloud kitchen : Zomato is an Indian food delivery and restaurant aggregator company. The company was founded by Deepinder Goyal in the year 2008. When it was started in the year 2008, the name of the company was Foodiebay but it was changed to Zomato in the year 2010. Zomato provides information related to restaurants, their services and food menus to the customers. The company sees more than 80 million active users ordering food every month. The company does not only operate in India but has an international presence. Zomato provides its services in more than 10,000 cities across 24 countries in the world.

Investment required : 20 lakh - 40 lakh

Swiggy Cloud kitchen: Swiggy is a food delivery company based in Bangalore. Today they have become India's largest food delivery platform via app or website. Thousands of restaurant owners are joining their platforms every day to boost sales. Swiggy has now covered 500+ cities in India. According to recent data they have over 1.6 lakh restaurant partners. More than 10,000+ employees work hard to make their journey smoother and customer friendly.

Investment required: It takes around 15-20% from your profit

The fork triangle: They are a digitalized cloud kitchen service provider platform that offers one of the best cloud kitchen models through their franchise system. Their model takes the utmost care of safety and hygiene while providing food delivery services to their customers. In their cloud kitchen model, there are multiple brands that operate with them, such brands are Biryani Pot, BRolls, and Firangi Halwai. They provide franchise opportunities on FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) franchise model basis.

Investment required: 2 lakh -5 lakh

Beauty Salon franchise business: Beauty salon industry in India is one of the most essential industries and it is growing at a decent pace. It is growing at a rate of around 15-20% every year and we all have seen the new trends in the salon industry and it is now no more hidden and unspoken subject in India.The market size of salon industry in 2019 was around USD 950 million and it was expected to reach around USD 2.68 billion in 2020 but the sudden attack of COVID altered this figure and the industry suffered a loss at the rate of 30-40% in a pandemic. We all know that the beauty salon industry is dominated by unorganised players and there are few big players in the market and COVID has hit the beauty salon industry hard and the unorganised players suffered the lot because they were not properly organised to tackle the pandemic , as a result many salon closed in this lockdowns and some were about to close. We all know lockdown promoted social distancing and people are now very conscious about health and COVID so when unlock was done people chosen organised players for grooming and hair cutting because of their safety protocols and here the beauty salon industry took a new direction and accepted the challenge and came with many trends like safety protocols ,went digital, took salon to home and many more steps were taken. And now the organised players are dominating this industry in this pandemic. People don’t want to compromise with their health , as a result they are choosing a salon that offers maximum safety during a haircut.Now people are concerned about two main things,safety and cleanliness.And now almost all organised players are growing with a one motto that is Safety is the new luxury.

According to Sam Paul, Chairman and managing director of Toni and Guy salons in India,” There is no doubt that haircuts are an essential service and cannot be done at home in the long run.There is no question of getting afraid . I don’t see any hit on the salon industry in the long run, it is recession proof and nothing can affect it in a long run”

Best profitable beauty salon franchise opportunities 

Chop-Shop : "The Hippest Barbershops in India''. Chop Shop is a North American owned male grooming brand & chain of upmarket Barbershops that draws inspiration from New York in the 20’s, and delivers exceptional North American quality grooming services. Premium Hot Towel Shaves, killer haircuts, rejuvenating facials & awesome locally sourced fresh coffee. Chop Shop is the only Barbershop brand in India to have GBBA Level 3 UK Certified Barbers.The Chop Shop was founded in 2018 by Martin Prihoda and wife Tonia Clark, along with Co-founders Kenneth D'Souza and Chris Downer.

Investment :40 - 50 lakh

Space - 1000-2000 sq feet.

Jawed Habib : Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd. is one of the earliest and the finest hair and beauty salons in India. Through these years, they have won the trust of several celebrities and millions of commoners who are their loyal patrons today. Besides this, they also help aspiring stylists achieve their dreams, with Jawed Habib Academy, their chain of hair education schools spread across India. Operating in 24 states and 110 cities in the country, they currently have 636 outlets in addition to establishments in Singapore and London. Through their professional services, they relentlessly strive to give customers an experience that they would love to revisit. They have evolved together as a family over the last 3 generations and have espoused a culture of science and understanding that is used to style hair. Their employees are our assets who are meticulously trained on the innumerable scientific methods of hair cutting and styling that would directly benefit their treasured customers. To be even more specific, the methodology that they follow is what they call science-based styling and not just styling based on products.

Investment: 20 lakh -30 lakh

Space : 250-500sq feet

Lakme Salon: Lakme Salon is India’s first and leading beauty salon chain which provides services related to make-up, haircare, and skincare. The company has a dedicated team of over 3500 trained professionals who work hard to give top-most quality services to the customers. Lakme Salon has been in existence for more than 35 years as it was started in 1984. Since then, the company has spread throughout India with more than 400 Lakme Salons in 125 cities of the country. Lakme is the number 1 cosmetics brand in the country. In the year 2012, the Brand Trust Report ranked Lakme as the 104th in India. In the following year, the same report ranked Lakme as the 71st most trusted brand in IndiaThe Lakme company is also a sponsor of the Lakme Fashion Week, a fashion event that is held twice a year.

Investment : 50 lakh-70 lakh

Space : 250-500sq feet

These are the most demanded franchise sectors in day-to-day life and these are promising and trending brands under these sectors to invest in and if you are planning to join hands with these franchise opportunities and want to be a successful franchisee of these brands you can visit franchiseBazar and one can also select other opportunities listed on the website and can select according to your  investment plan and can get guidance from industry experts


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