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If you are an entrepreneur looking to enter or expand your business in the field of worship/puja materials markets then quick puja is creating way to your goals.Quick puja and its products quick puja was initiated as a religious service provider and packaging of puja/hawan materials. Now to increase our product range and manufacturing capacity we have setup a new warehouse with improved technology. We manufacture and provide full range of products in following spheres. 1. Religious event services 2. Shuddhi puja materials boxes 3. Shuddhi hawan materials boxesabout us & why to join this trade and take our franchisee? Now a days, puja is a big problem in metro cities. There are no any shops that provide pandits and pujan/hawan samagri for your puja. The information make known that there is immense growth in the sector in last few years as people need instant service. With the upgradation in life style of people in our society, the sale of such concepts has taken a big leap. It is a religious platform that specialises in offering customised puja packages to individuals and corporate who do not have adequate contacts or time to organise pujas themselves. We provide our clients flexibility to conduct these pujas at home, temple, office, factory or any other convenient location, in a hassle free manner.We offer services and packages to organise pujas for festivals puja, corporates puja, marriage puja, personal occasion puja, paaths, japs and kathas , antim sanskar. People may personally consult for astrologers, matching kundli, muhurat. With ground reality customers are ready to pay a good amount if we will provide them with innovative and improved quality or solutions at competitive rates. We at quick puja/shuddhi, pledged not only for customer satisfaction but for customer total delight.Offer details quick puja/suddhi franchisees can market all our service and products. A handsome discount schemes on list price so our franchisee can sell our products on competitive rates with good margin. We will take separate initiative under your guidance for promoting sale in your area. Particular training and technical guidance will be provided.
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