Ghost Kitchen: A Dynamic Future of Food Industry

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What if you want that scrumptious Burger from Burger King, but at the same time, you have a strong appetite for Pizza Hut’s culinary round delectable pizza too? And what if you could get them both simultaneously from one place only?

No need to order each of them from different websites. One website and you will get many of your favorite brands' menus in front of you, where you can order multiple brands cuisine and get them altogether delivered safely at your doorstep. That's how Ghost Kitchen will change the food industry in the future, it is still on its initial stage of development in India too. 

What is a Ghost Kitchen Model?


Since the pandemic hit the global market, adaptation was the foremost priority made by many business sectors in order to survive, one of the vibrant adaptations was the Cloud Kitchen Model, where many restaurants shifted from traditional means of serving food to online food serving. Cloud Kitchen was indeed a dynamic solution for survival and growth. But with consistent innovation in the food industry, Ghost Kitchen has now started influencing the food sector and emerging its footprints in the Indian market too. 

A Ghost Kitchen is a delivery or take-away model where various cuisines of many brands are served simultaneously under one roof. For example, you can have McDonald's french fries along with KFC’s sizzler chicken wings, sounds lip-smacking, doesn't it? 

In a Ghost Kitchen model, many brands collaborate with each other to undertake their operation under one roof, from cooking to delivery, all the steps involved are performed in only one place at the same time. The dine-in facility is eliminated to serve the food to customers through either a delivery model or take-away model. 


Ghost Kitchen Vs Cloud Kitchen

When the trend of cloud kitchen came we either thought about Zomato or Swiggy, but as the time pandemic hit even our nearby restaurant which did not use to have a single account on social media started its food delivery services online rather than shutting it down. As the base of any business platform builds on its survival, many restaurants built on traditional models evolved and transformed into the latest cloud kitchen model. The common thing about all such cloud kitchens was that they were operating their own sole brand on a digital platform, and that's what differs Ghost Kitchen from a Cloud Kitchen. In a Ghost Kitchen Model, multiple brands come together to establish a single platform and execute its delivery or take-away service, unlike a Cloud Kitchen where only one brand provides delivery or take-away service of its own food to the customers online. We can say that a Ghost Kitchen is a Cloud Kitchen as it operates online, but in some aspects, they differ from each other in terms of brands. 


Ghost Kitchen Model in India:

In India, the first Ghost Kitchen model was established by Karan Tanna in 2019, the name of the platform is Ghost Kitchens India which has 20+ brands along with 210+ internet restaurants and 25+ kitchens. All such brands operate under Ghost Kitchens India Pvt. Ltd. The company partners with various food brands where they offer wide ranges of food online to the customers, be it a sweet dessert from Huts and Tella or Milkshakes from Shake it Miami, the company serves them all on a single platform. One of the stirring features about Ghost Kitchen India is that the platform has all brands that represent the diversity in Indian Food Culture and offer an ample amount of choice to customers, so they can choose any food as per their taste buds. The entire Ghost Kitchen model offers its service online by eliminating the huge premises consumption, as many brands serve their cuisine on the same line. 


Benefits of Ghost Kitchen:

Low investment: Compared to traditional methods of settling up a food business where from cooking to serving takes place under the roof of one restaurant, ghost kitchens mostly function online. So the investment required is less because from dine-in facility to extra seating arrangements, all will be eliminated and the owner only has to focus on its quality based logistics and culinary skills which do not require a huge investment. From the franchise view, Ghost Kitchen is one of the lucrative low-cost business models with low-risk, so any budding entrepreneurs can spread his/her wings and stick to the model for future endeavours. 


Higher Reach: Would you like it if you would be served a sizzler Biryani along with a sweet dessert, or a cheesy pizza with chill cock? In the Ghost Kitchen model, diversity will attract many customers to test their taste buds. From spicy cuisine to sweet desserts and milkshakes, if customers are getting all at once with wide diversity then having different meals and trying them all will attract more customers. This will result in a higher reach and expansion as the platform satisfies every need be it a vegetarian hungry for a sandwich or a non-veg looking to have a fried chicken, Ghost Kitchen will be the best place for the diversified appetite of different people. 


Less competition, more growth: All the fierce rivalry will be tackled in the market if the competitors start operating under a single platform and serve the customers. The only focus will be given on quality based culinary skills and delivery service. The marketing along with the advertisement of a Ghost Kitchen will represent all diversified brands at once which will lead to the reduction of high marketing and advertising costs. All such innovative adaptations will result in rich growth and will make the platform ever-emerging.

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