God said, “Let there be beverages"

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In the beginning, God said, “Let there be . . . beverages.” This is, of course, a false statement. In the beginning, we considered water to be the only existing beverage on planet earth; one that would help quench our thirst and one that would help us maintain a sense of hygiene. With the birth of agriculture and the realization that cows happen to be quite important, milk was our next beverage. Of course, unlike water, we cannot sustain on it nor can we, necessarily, bathe with it.

(However, interests to do so could be quite detrimental.)

god said let there be beverages

The ever-changing dynamics of beverages is an interesting one. It’s constantly evolving. It is this kind of dynamic that India is involved in and this involvement has shown brilliant results. All beverages are designed to satisfy every individual’s desire to quench their thirst or that sudden urge for their taste buds to be treated to something decadent. With the Thickshake Factory widening its arms to reach for stores in Mumbai, let us look at what makes The Thickshake Factory the fastest growing QSR restaurants in the world.

The founders, M Yeshwanth Nag and Ashwin Mocherla, fueled with inspiration that filtered in through the totality in an increase of demand for sweet savouries, decided that the playing out of their dream of owning a milkshake factory should come to fruition.

Overwhelmed with the response it received after its launch of the first outlet in Hyderabad, they set out to increase the number of outlets all over India, doing all of us some good as it is of common knowledge that The Thickshake Factory comes out with the best milkshakes and other varieties of decadent sweets that our sweet tooth craves. Furthermore, it delivers milkshakes to one’s residence making it easier to be lazy and to be in the comfort of your own home, sipping your milkshake away from its glory.

Our constant need to constantly have something tricking down our throats. (By ‘something’, we’re hoping you have beverages in mind.) It is of one’s interest to explore different varieties of beverages on the market today, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic. As our world is taking its plunge into the materialist world, beverages are a constant company for every individual. The Thickshake Factory has a wide arena filled with different types of milkshakes, protein drinks, slushes, iced teas and chocolate indulgences. It constantly comes up with savoury tastes that most of us did not know existed before.

Along with the growing popularity of The Thickshake Factory, India is constantly bubbling with different brands in the beverage sphere. India is home to Keventers, a brand that it known to be ‘India’s First Milkshake Brand’. What started as an experiment in 2014, it has spread its wings to be one of India’s best-selling milkshake brands. As of March 2017, Keventers clocked a turnover of Rs 30 crore.

Frozen Bottle, another milkshake brand that India takes pride in, has a wide variety in their collection of savoury liquids and eatables. It has planned many stores in Bangalore and has the potential of blowing up in other states or places for that matter.

An interesting thought. It is to our common knowledge, that, perhaps, when one thinks of the kind of industries to place their bets on, a beverage industry doesn’t always pop up. Why should one consider beverages as a good franchise?

Let us take a look at this question by looking at different perspectives. From an economic perspective, $8 billion is invested in this industry because of which there is an increase in demand for exports relating to beverages. The fact that a country gets a new identity on the basis that it is home to a great milkshake in the world is a good example of show how much of a lucrative business the Beverage industry is.

Investing in a new business could be a dangerous event which is why, one will recommend you to become the next M. Yeshwanth Nah, make Franchise Bazar your accomplice. In order to contact several other beverage franchises in India, visit www.franchisebazar.com.

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