Growth And Trends Of Franchise  Business in India 

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The franchise business is growing at a rapid rate in our nation.  India offers vast opportunities in a franchise business to businessmen & entrepreneurs.  

In India, ‘Franchising’ is considered the best way to deal with the issue of economic disparity. It is the best way to reduce the chances of unemployment & become self-employed. 

The success rate of franchise businesses is about 85% as compared to the success rate of start-ups that have been failed 3-4 times in the past 5 years. India has a mixed economy which is producing the tremendous potential for franchisors to get indulged in this sector.  

The growth of the Franchise business is around 40% over the last 5 years. In the current scenario, the franchising sector contributes nearly about 1.9% to the Indian GDP and is estimated to contribute around 5% by 2023. 

The franchise business runs on the strategy of a massive consumer base which deals with the customization of  products & services and caters to a customer segment with its needs & preferences. 

In India, Franchise businesses have a lower failure rate as compared to start-ups. There are high efficiency, low risk, and low cost in today’s franchise model over any start-ups.

➢ Let’s take a look at Franchise Trends to Emerge In 2021 

Creating opportunities in business networks for stronger franchisees to expand. The expandability criteria are based on the vulnerability of survival in fast pace businesses. 

The trend will grow with a culture of internal succession planning and career development opportunities for high potential staff in the franchise sector. 

Franchisors, as well as Franchisees, must be involved in meetings that are cost-effective and can be extremely engaging for facilitation processes. 

Nowadays, franchisors need to categorize their franchise support into different brands to meet the different requirements of their franchisees. 

Greater transparency, more fairness, more accountability, more responsibility, and cultural behaviour are required for decision-making processes of social and for dealing with social  & environmental impact of goods. 

The performance of franchise businesses is driven by the implementation of the latest technology. The real-time  business data can be easily accessed with this implementation. 

➢ In India, the current market landscape for franchising works on developing intelligent strategies to improve the overall profitability of franchise business along with the enhancement of the customer experience. The multi-unit franchises are ready to acquire and invest in new businesses to escalate & rise their market values for the long term. 

➢ The best franchising trend to look for in 2021 is the idea of expanding virtual cyberspace which has shown a  positive impact during pandemic situations nationwide.  It has led to increased productivity and high efficiency by saving time and money, effective illustrations &  information sharing. 

The Franchise business provides premium business insights and great business ideas, exclusively for entrepreneurs and business persons who want to lead their business across the nation. 

→Franchising: Opportunities and Challenges in India 

Franchising is the best method of marketing and distribution which ultimately leads to the growth and development of the business.  

In today’s world, the Franchise path is a good choice as franchises provide ‘flexibility in business ideas. Also, it helps in every possible manner for the business growth with various  ‘investment options. Even the concerns of ‘cost-effectiveness’  get easily resolved with a franchise path as compared to a  corporate one. 

As per the data of research survey 2019, the success rate of the franchise is increased by 8% as compared to the success rate of the corporation. So, to expand the businesses and to 

raise R.O.I. (Return on Investment), no option could be better than ‘Consulting or Owning a Franchise’. 

The ultimate aim of franchise business is to provide consistent products and generate a better consumer experience through different franchisees' options. The franchisors mainly focus on gaining a high market share rapidly. 

• The model of franchise business is involved with certain alternatives to overcome the challenges like lack of skilled staff, rising real estate cost, etc. which get occurred in the path of franchisees across India. 

• The fast expansion of different companies leads to difficulty in operation management.  

So, the evolution of the franchise business must be according to the ongoing market requirements so that it can operate with great ease. Adoption of new franchise measures is the key factor to strike the right balance in the franchise sector.

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