Highest Profitable Franchise Business in India during Covid-19

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Fear, stress, confusion and pandemonium summarize the current global situation. The spread of Covid-19 has made ostensibly the greatest worldwide health crisis since the flu pandemic in 1918. While the Coronavirus issue has hit the world on multiple facets, the pandemic has also brought the global market to a near standstill.

The virus has impacted the global economy severely with dwindling global trade which has resulted in a swift economic meltdown and now various societies around the world are stuck in a situation of socio-economic upheaval and disruption on an unprecedented scale. 

However, monetary downturns and pandemics have historically been responsible for changing the direction of governments, economies and organizations thereby, adjusting the course of economic graphs in history. A recession normally results in a speeding up in plan of action change, driving down expenses to serve and costs. Thus, pandemics have and will in general empower altogether new classes of organizations. It additionally turns out to be very evident that the pandemic and the recession caused due to it, are accelerants to advancement as opposed to being immediate reasons for it.

For example, the SARS pandemic of 2002-2004 catalyzed the brilliant development of the then-little online business organization called Ali Baba and built it up at the bleeding edge of retail in Asia. Further, Airbnb and Uber shot up in prevalence during the 2008 budgetary emergencies as the subprime crisis implied lower reserve funds and thereby lesser pay for the general population, driving individuals to share resources as extra rooms and vehicle rides so as to cover for the shortage.

Similarly, COVID-19 has also brought about a transition in the business graphs and has opened avenues for some budding new businesses which have gained immense profitability at this time. Thus, we present to you, a list of 5 Highest Profitable Franchise Brands in India during the time of COVID-19.

1. UpGrad

upGrad is an online advanced education platform giving thorough industry-pertinent projects planned and conveyed as a team with world-class workforce and industry. Blending the most recent innovations, teaching methods, and administrations, upGrad is making a vivid learning experience everywhere. upGrad started in 2015 with the conviction that in an ever-evolving industry, experts need to consistently upskill themselves so as to remain significant.

From that point forward they have constantly centered around building an extraordinary internet learning experience by working together with the correct colleges and industry accomplices. They have successfully fabricated a solid emotionally supportive network around the students. Beginning with their first program in Entrepreneurship, upGrad has made a portion of India's biggest online projects to help a huge number of experts accomplish their profession objectives in the zones of information innovation, and the board.

2. Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited is an Indian clinic chain headquartered in Chennai, India. It was established by Dr Prathap C. Reddy in 1983 as the first corporate medicinal service. The franchise is one of the most eminent ones in the health sector. Apollo Pharmacy, a unit of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise is India's first and biggest branded drug store organisation, with more than 3000 outlets in more than 18 states. In 2015, Apollo Hospitals presented its online platform Ask Apollo. The stage gives remote social insurance services. The stage interfaces patients with specialists remotely and offers types of assistance like counsel with specialists by means of video, voice calls and email. Apollo Hospital is one of the front runners of franchise business opportunities in the health sector in India with thousands of loyal customers committed to the brand name.

3. Subway

The Subway is one of the top most brands in the nourishment and refreshment industry with organizations across 102 nations over the globe. Putting resources into beginning an establishment business with them is the most profitable business alternative. To take franchising from the Subway, it is necessary however that you make an investment of a minimum amount of Rs. 25 lakhs with a minimum 300 Sq. Ft. Area. The requirements for staff personnels is a minimum number of 8 on store with a profit margin of 20% on average sales. Food and Beverage Industries is a smart investment to make in the long run and it mostly turns out to favour the investors and provide a boom to their finances.

4. LaundroKart

Laundrokart is a Private organization based in Bengaluru. Ravi Raghav is the Co-Founder and CEO of Laundrokart and has gained popularity in the realm of endorsement.

Laundrokart has been successful in creating a platform for customers to stop worrying about their laundry needs. It is India's first 5 Star Laundry Service Company. It provides intensive wash care for garments and on-request clothing and dry-cleaning administrations for people and organizations. In the time of crisis like COVID-19, LaundroKart has been dutifully committed to providing services to its customers with utmost precision and care.


If you are looking to provide your working environment with a higher level of cleanliness and sanitation, JAN-PRO is your solution. Established as the world's premier business cleaning brand, JAN-PRO has changed the picture and perception of janitorial business and has taken it to another level. The JAN-PRO marked procedures include proficient evaluation of cleaning items, and advanced technologies which will assist you in keeping dust,dirt, grime, and germs out of your working space.


As one can notice, the highest profitable franchise brands during the pandemic have two things in common, one, the need for utility for the customers and the second being their innovative approach to the crisis.

Thus, it can be deduced from this historical economic pattern that the onset of a worldwide pandemic like COVID-19 would change the overall course of business structure. In fact, we can observe early indications of a shift in the behavioural preferences of customers and organisations. Some of the shifts that one can observe at the face of crisis can be perceived to be short-term responses elicited by panic, however, some of these shifts will continue, thereby creating a long-term digital disruption that will shape businesses for decades to come.

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