How the HealthCare Industry is Gearing up With New Social Norms Post COVID-19?

on Sep 03, 2020 | 12243 views

No matter how much social distancing we have been practicing, how many hand-folded handshakes we have given, how many bottles of sanitizers we have used, all this can only reduce the chances of spreading the pandemic. Till the vaccination does not show up we need to practice all the above rules and turn them into strictly followed habits. Doubtlessly we all have gone through major change or adaptation since the global pandemic hit, but the most affected and transforming sector had and has always been the healthcare industry. Whether it's a natural disaster, pandemic, and widely spread attacks, the healthcare industry is the most affected one, and in current affairs of COVID-19, it is still undergoing few adaptations to adhere to its health safety standards. Such new norms are produced after taking into account the current pandemic scenario and its various effects on the industry so as to keep the industry to function sustainably, all such norms are based on a single aim that is to reduce the strength of the virus as much as possible. 


The norms that have been acquired by the HealthCare Industry to tackle health-related issues post COVID-19 are listed below.


  • Many healthcare establishments have undergone the issue of equipment shortages while treating COVID-19 positive patients, due to which they were making strenuous efforts to utilize the few types of equipment which to avail was cheating more difficulties for them. Now,new norms in the healthcare industry focus on providing such equipment such as ventilators and personal protective equipment, at an adequate amount to utilize them better if any need arises in the future. 


  • Decisions regarding re-construction or better construction of various hospitals as per the healthcare safety and infection controlling measures to protect the patients within the walls of hospitals are taken to reduce the spread of critical illness or viruses. The expansion of isolation wards, ventilators, and ICU facilities is likely to augment as well. Various protocols like continuous use of masks and personal protective equipment are permitted to ensure the safety of the employees in the hospitals. 


  • We all know that technology has made many industry adaptations possible amid the pandemic, in case of healthcare technology is proven to rescue this industry as well. The Indian government has created the Aarogya Setu application which is available for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. The application was created by the resourcefulness department of the Department of Health to extend the awareness regarding the spreading of the virus by informing the person if she/he has been near (within 6 feet) of a COVID-19 positive patient. The application also provides COVID-19 updates, various measures to use for practicing social distancing, an e-pass facility for travelling, and let the users have access to an online helpline number.  


  • To ensure the maximum practice of social distancing teleconsultation, remote healthcare services, and home health care services will be provided, physical visits to doctors have been reduced unless an emergency arises. With various applications and websites, many doctors are providing guidance, consultation, and remedies to the patients as much as possible. The data analysis is taken into account by various hospitals to keep a record on the various changing affairs of illness so they can keep their pace rapidly by creating methods of treatment. 


  • To add up such norms along with the paradigm of infrastructure proper distribution of finance is required, that is why focus is given on to increase the rate of investment in the healthcare industry so such norms can be practiced with tranquility. Support from various stakeholders, the public, government, and entrepreneurs are necessary to rapidly implement such norms and adhere to better healthcare adaptation. 


  • Proper sanitization and cleaning services are hired by various healthcare institutions to ensure an extreme amount of hygienic and clean environment for patients. Many commercial cleaning services have gained advantage of rendering their safe and clean services in such healthcare institutions. 

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