How To Be A Freelance Business Consultant in India?

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Nowadays, the demand for freelance business consultants is rising due to the constantly evolving business environment. However, this change seeks tailored assistance in every stage and every sector of a business. Unfortunately, most tenured employees of an organization fail to acknowledge the problems and can't provide any solution as they are completely involved with their current work profile.

On the other hand, freelance consultants work with the business on a contract basis. So, they likely only focus on what a business owner expects from them. As a result, this instant result-driven profession has high demand in almost every business sector.

How To Be A Freelance Business Consultant?

Having a career as a freelancer is very rewarding, as it gives you the freedom to choose the work, time flexibility, and bonuses like freelance work online or freelance work-from-home opportunities.

However, just like any other profession, freelancing professionals also seek some efforts from a candidate at an initial stage to increase their brand value in the freelancing world. Especially, a freelance business consultant to work in the vast corporate sector with a promising and reliable identity.

So, up next in the article, we are going to describe the essential steps to being a successful freelance business consultant.

Step 1: Acknowledge your core strength

It is very necessary to know your abilities, skills, and expertise before diving into any career path, as it is the prime factor that determines our success or failure. So before applying for any freelance business consulting job acknowledge your areas of expertise where you can provide your guidance to the client to get a successful outcome.

Step 2: Update your skill sets

Every industry is growing over time, and so are the market trends. However, as a freelance consultant, you must keep up with the current techs and trends to serve advanced solutions for advanced issues. Hence, constant learning is key to the success of every freelance business consultant.

Step 3: Promote yourself on social platforms

Showcasing your professional achievements, work experience, skills, etc. is equally important as obtaining or learning them in this process. The more you advertise them the more work you will get. Social platforms like LinkedIn or your own professional website are the best ways to market yourself and be more visible at the corporate level.

Step 4: Build your network

Network expansion is another important aspect of the freelance business consulting profession. You can reach out to the target clients through various business events, professional meet-ups, and online platforms. These connections will help you get new gigs as a freelance consultant and will build the client's trust in you.

Step 5: Set the price for your services

As a freelance business consultant, you must review the project you are working on before getting on the board. Set the price of your service as per the time you will invest, the overall work structure, project complexity, etc. Generally, in freelancing, payment is structured on an hourly basis or contractual basis. So be aware of the agreement you are signing.

Step 6: Serve excellence through your work

A freelance consultant has to serve every client seamlessly to build trust and increase the repeat rate of clients. However, to do so, you need to understand the client's expectations, time limit, and their final goal for that particular project by having a clear conversation with them.

If you are exploring career opportunities in the freelance consulting path, this comprehensive article will guide you through the process. So let’s get started by defining the concept, “Who is a freelance business consultant?”

Who Is a Freelance Business Consultant?

The freelancer, meaning you must have heard in recent years,. However, freelance business consultants and freelancers have some differentiating factors. For instance, usually, organizations hire freelancers to work on specific projects, and they get released from their duties after project completion.

Whereas, the freelance business consulting work profile is slightly different from a freelancer’s work structure. Essentially, freelance consultants apply their knowledge, expertise, and abilities for a specific organization that has hired them on a contractual basis to cater to:

  • Highlight problems
  • Provide solutions
  • Resolve issues
  • Performance enhancing
  • Goal Achievement

What exactly is the role of a freelance business consultant?

Healthcare, technology, hospitality, manufacturing, and so many other small or big industries hire freelance consultants to leverage their expertise and experience to help their businesses grow wisely. Freelance business consultants are more active in fields like marketing, management, finance, training, development, etc..

We discussed the fundamentals of a freelance consultant's work profile in the earlier part of the article. Let’s define the role of a freelance business consultant in a continuous format a bit more intensively.

Client Interaction And Data Collection

A freelance business consultant starts their job by having one-on-one conversations with the client once they get on the board. The prime goal of this process is to get a thorough understanding of the organization's past endeavors, current status, and future goals. Along with this, they collect all the relevant data to analyze the scope for improvement or to figure out the loopholes.

Data Analyzing

After receiving comprehensive information and data about an organization, a business consultant uses his years of experience and expertise to analyze the data. This data-analysis process assists a freelance business consultant in exploring the overall business operations, such as financial management, resources, staff, technicalities, market size, competitors, etc.

Identifying the Challenges

The next step for a business consultant is to identify the problems where the business is facing challenges. The analyzed data provides a clear insight, where a business consultant can find the root causes behind current situations like slow growth, disorganized structure, or business failure.

Crafting Solutions

According to their findings, a freelance business consultant crafts a solution by collaborating with the client. For instance, crafting different strategic plans for business management, overall operational performance, product or service marketing, and many other industrial aspects.

Solution Implementation

A freelance business consultant has to guide their clients through the solution implementation and execution journey, as they could face certain difficulties while adapting to this sudden change in business operations. They need to inform and collaborate with the respective team members, and management authorities to regulate the changes successfully.

Audit and Asses Performance

A freelance business consultant's success depends on the growth of the business he is serving. However, after providing the proper solution, a consultant needs to monitor the performance of the particular section he is consulting.

For instance, implemented changes are adapted correctly, performance enhancement in the sector, reviews from that sector team members, required changes, desired progress achievement, etc.

What Are Freelance Business Consultant Career Opportunities?

The demand for specialized expertise is increasing rapidly, especially in India, due to the boom of startups and small and medium-sized businesses in various sectors. Most business owners seek assistance at various stages to grow their businesses and increase profitability.

However, at the blooming stage of business, they can't afford to burn their fortune by hiring a permanent employee. So, they prefer to have a candidate on board who is looking for freelance business consultant jobs on a contract basis.

Hence, the need for freelancers, especially freelance business consultants, is increasing, as are the career opportunities in various sectors.

Freelance career opportunities are based on the skill set, knowledge, and experience a candidate has with them. So they can serve in those industries as freelance consultants.

Here we have listed a few opportunities that aspiring candidates can think of according to their current educational status and experience.

  1. Business strategy consultant
  2. Finance consultant
  3. Marketing Consultant
  4. Business operation consultant
  5. Business development consultant
  6. Sales and marketing consultant’
  7. Technology consultant
  8. Market research consultant
  9. Freelance General legal adviser
  10. Accounting and bookkeeping consultant
  11. Human resource consultant
  12. Leadership cotant

Apart from these career opportunities, candidates can look for industry-specific freelance consulting gigs on sites like Fivver, Upwork, Freelancer, Jobble, and others.


Every career path has its own challenging journey. A freelance business consulting profession also has challenges until securing a stable position. This profession requires the experience, expertise, education, and knowledge along with the passion to deliver successful work to satisfy clients who are rendering your services.

Anyone out there who has an interest in a freelance business consultancy profession and wants to serve without compromising their freedom then this article will provide you with all the fundamental knowledge along with the steps to be a successful freelance business consultant.

For more details about the freelance business consultancy career contact us at FranchiseBazar.


Can I be a freelance business consultant?

To be a freelance business consultant you need to gain knowledge of the corporate sector with relevant education and expertise you are interested in working in. However, to get valuable freelance business consultancy gigs from freelancing sites or individually you will need to gather experience. This experience will help you to get new clients in the future.

Can a Business consultant work from home?

Unlike tenured employees, freelance business consultants have the choice to work from home if their client has no objections to it. They can connect with the clients through the Internet and can avail themselves physically as per the client's requirements.

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