How To Become A Certified Real Estate Agent in India?

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The real estate industry offers diverse opportunities for aspiring individuals to grow and succeed in their lives regardless of their educational background. Hence, many opportunities are available for aspirants seeking to enter India’s real estate sector.

Real estate agents are an essential part of the entire real estate sector as they play a major role in every transaction. For instance, market research, property listing, and valuation, connecting buyers and sellers, guiding the clients regarding property; assisting them in legal and administrative duties until the completion of the transaction, and so on.

However, there are some aspects every aspirant should follow before diving into the real estate profession. If you have a passion for working in this industry and want to learn how to become a licensed real estate agent to increase your credibility then this article will be your thorough guide to reach your goal.

How To Become A Licensed Real Estate Agent?

Every profession is ethical when we obtain a certified degree in that particular profession i.e. doctor, engineer, charted accounts, teacher, etc. Likewise, the real estate agent profession is also required to be approved by the government.

However, in India, state-by-state variation exists in the real estate sector’s rules and regulations. Even though there are some common requirements exist to be a licensed real estate agent. Let’s see the process of national real estate license requirements through the following pointers.

Registration On  Real Estate Regulation And Development Act 2016  (RERA)

In the real estate sector, Real Estate Regulation And Development Act 2016 (RERA) registration is mandatory for every industry professional to controle the bad practices of the real estate sector.

In India,  RERA registration is very important for real estate agents to work as certified real estate agents in the state. The RERA application process is as follows

  • Existing real estate agents as well as aspiring real estate agents must attend the training program of RERA. In addition, they have to pass the Certificate of Competency exam, only then they can apply for RERA registration to be a licensed real estate agent.
  • Take a comprehensive overview of RERA registration and guidelines by visiting the official state RERA website.
  • Understand the eligibility criteria before applying for the registration. However, 18+ individuals with formal knowledge of real estate background are eligible for RERA registration.

Apply for RERA registration on the state’s official website with the required set of scanned documents. Generally, agents have to submit the following documents.

  1. Identity proof - Adhar card/Voter ID/Passport
  2. PAN card
  3. Photographs (passport size)
  4. Residential Proof Documents - rent agreement/utility expenses bill
  5. Educational qualification documents

After uploading the essential information, an agent has to pay the RERA registration fee through the website's payment option portal. Registration fees have some differentiation as per state regulations.

  • RERA will conduct a thorough check of the applicant's details, background, qualifications, etc., and will issue the RERA registration certificate to the real estate agent.
  • Real estate agents need to adhere to RERA’s rules and regulations after obtaining the RERA registration certificate. Certified real estate agents have to display their RERA registration while dealing with property regarding transactions and marketing or self-promotion.
  • Licensed real estate agents have to follow good practices to avoid any complications. For instance, transaction transparency, legal records of every transaction, payment records, loyalty with clients, etc.

Participation In Prestigious Real Estate Associations

Apart from RERA registration real estate agents can join various real estate associations to increase their presence. The Real Estate Association memberships are not compulsory but it is a great platform for lead generation. Hence agents should apply for state-level association membership as well as for national-level real estate association.

Name Of Some Reputed Real Estate Association

  • National Association of Realtors (NAR India)
  • Nationals Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO)
  • Association Of Property Professional (APP)
  • Real Estate Agents Association Of India (REAAI)
  • Indian Green Building Council  (IGBC)

How to become a real estate agent without a prior experience?

It is possible to be a real estate agent without having any prior experience in India. However, it needs the right approach and willingness to learn. Here are some key aspects for aspiring real estate agents to start their real estate career from scratch.

Get In-Depth Knowledge Of Real Estate Sector And Its Operations

Aspirants who are willing to join the real estate profession should research the overall operating system of the sector. For instance, market dynamics, competitive landscape, leading companies regulatory framework, client preferences, common terms of the real estate transitions, and so on.

This market overview will guide an aspirant to enter the real estate world.

Apply for Real Estate Agent Registration

Any individual with any educational background can join the real estate profession. However, aspirants need to attend the training program and have to crack the RERA’s Certificate of Competency exam to qualify for real estate agent registration.

Aspirants can apply online on the state’s official websites with the required documents and fees where they will get a real estate agent registration certificate after proper scrutiny of the application.

Obtain Praticle Experience

Aspiring real estate agents can start their career by getting employment in a reputed real estate firm or agency. Normally Salary of a real estate agent starts from $ 25k+ per month. So, they have to choose the right employer to groom their real estate agent career i.e. many firms are aviled with training programs and resources to improve employee's skills and knowledge with offering good pay scale.

Along with this, aspirants have to observe the agency’s entire operations such as clients, commission structure, lead generation techniques, etc.

Build A Strong Network

Many professions completely rely on networks and the real estate profession is one of them. Networking is base of the property dealing profession as it helps to generate leads. Hence, aspiring real estate agent needs to start their journey by focusing on network building.

There are many ways to build a strong network in the real estate community i.e. various association memberships, social media platforms, relevant seminars, events, strong connections with the local real estate community, etc. can help a real estate agent with no experience to get in the real estate’s real field.

Always Serve The Best To Clients

Understanding the client's preferences is a key to success for any real estate agent as it helps them to provide the right deals to their clients. Once they gain the client's trust, their credibility will increase automatically. With this increased reputation they will get more referrals and leads from their clients itself.

Stay Updated With The Current Trends

The real estate industry is evolving every day. Hence, real estate agents have to polish their skill sets by enrolling in training courses, connecting with relevant and highly skilled industry people, adapting to current trends in operations, etc.

It will assist aspirants in acknowledging the client's perception of the overall property deals or transactions.


A career in the real estate industry has its own pros and cons as the industry demands aspirants' passion as well as patience to deal with property deals. Hence, before entering the real estate market aspirants should have to prepare themselves with the right and relevant training and a balanced mindset to survive in this vast business sector.

Individuals who are interested in the real estate profession have one question in mind which is How to be a real estate agent in India? So, through this article, we have tried to answer this question. We have shared the complete process to be a licensed real estate agent in India.

For instance, RERA registrations, its prerequisites, applications and registration, etc. Along with this, we have also discussed the important aspects of the real estate world to guide the real estate profession aspirants. The overall write-up will be a good source of information to start a real estate agent journey in India.

If you are looking for more information regarding the real estate sector and opportunities then visit us at FranchiseBazar.


Q.1. What education is required to be a real estate agent?

It is not necessary to obtain a degree to be a real estate agent but to survive in this competitive field it is better to have a decent educational background. 18+ Individuals with any educational background can be a real estate agent in India. However, they need to register themselves on the state’s RERA platform (Real Estate Regulation Act 2016) by fulfilling the prerequisites.

Q.2. What is the gross earnings of a real estate agent in India?

As per various job portals, the real estate agent’s salary can start from around $ 25K per month to $ 2 Lakhs per month (based on experience and competency).

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