How to choose the right Franchise in India?

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Written by: Resham Daswani                                    September 09 2022 

Are you thinking of owning a franchise in India?  Choosing the right franchise is a vital step for a successful business, a decision which can be eye-opening.  We have tried to simplify your process by providing some key ideas on how to go about the right decision in the franchising business in India.


What is a Franchise?


A business model wherein two parties, a franchiser (also known as the owner of the business) and a franchisee (an individual), come together under an understanding or agreement to operate under terms specified in a legal contract.  Thus, just getting the basic concept clear is not enough to get started.  Don’t forget to ask any relevant questions before plunging into the business world.

What makes you interested in the Franchise Business?


The main thought of why you enter the franchise business is very important will be a side gig or a full-time commitment from your end. Do you have the potential investment, or will you be looking into an investment opportunity?  Though they look simple, yet they play a vital role when venturing into the franchise business.  If you have the investment or looking into an investment opportunity, it depends on how much you are looking at investing in.

Depending on the investment amount, if you choose to invest a big amount, you need to look for franchise brands, which fall in that range of investment, and will give you guaranteed returns.  The investment not necessary will be in monetary terms, it is also in terms of your time, energy, and experience.  Make sure you get value and worth from your franchise.  Finding it complicated, don’t worry.  We have consultants to guide you at every step of your franchising decision.


Any person who invests in a business is looking to reap profits.  So it is no rocket science to find out whether your business will be profitable or not.  Consider a few factors like

  • How many franchises the brand already has?
  • What is the success rate of the franchise you wish to invest in?
  • What will be your returns on investment?

Are you willing to take any risks and to what extent?  Always remember, every business comes with a certain amount of risk factors, so once you have analyzed your investment factor, you also need to understand the risk involved.  Thus, thorough knowledge of the venture you are stepping into is very important because knowledge of the risk will give you scope for making provisions for contingencies.  You can say, risk mitigation is necessary.

Choose the best from the rest


The Indian market is flourishing with franchise opportunities which are growing at a rapidly fast pace.  Thus, narrowing down your choice firstly to the industry you wish to select as your niche, followed by the brand, and skillset is required based on your interest area.  Gathering as much information from possible sources or existing franchisees is a good idea, as it will help you understand the market much better.  Understand your goals and work towards them, that is more important.


Every business requires your involvement, be it your business or a franchised business.  So, first, you need to decide if is this going to be a part-time involvement or if will you be putting in your full-time effort in this franchise business.  If you decide to have limited involvement, you will require to buy only the front and hire someone to manage the business on your behalf, whereas there will be others who want to be fully involved in the business from start to end.  In the end, it's your business and it's your call how you want to go about it.


Knowing your Skill Set


What is your professional background? What is your forte?  Are you a people person?  Or do you like fieldwork?  All these are questions which will help you decide your role as a franchise owner.  Furthermore, your skills will also help you in building your client niche.  Diving deeper and making a note of all these aspects is important to have a clear picture.


The Bottom Line


These are just a small set of determinants which will guide you in making the right decision of choosing the right franchise in India.  You can call and speak to our consultants at FranchiseBazar, who can guide you on the best franchise business in India, the latest franchise business in India, and which franchise business is good for you in India.


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