How to start a BikeWo franchise in India 2024?

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Written By: Yukta Palekar

It is the leading Indian store that sells electric bikes from different companies. Their EV revolution in India is driven by a team of professionals, who have been in the industry for more than four decades and are connected to brands such as Hyundai, Volvo, Etrio Automotive, and Freshworks.  Our target is to ensure that the Indian market remains innovative as far as EVs are concerned.

BikeWo franchise Overview


Sathya Yalamanchili

Successful track record in electric mobility.

Founder of Etrio Automobiles, focused on EV retrofitting.

Saral Talwar

Co-founder & CEO.

Established one of the largest auto dealerships in India.

Achieved a 1,000+ Crore topline.

Team Expertise:

Vidhya Sagar Reddy

Technology Advisor and Head of Sales at Freshworks.

Holds a Master's degree in International Business.

Mr. Venugopal Thota

CTO with 30+ years of global business management.

Expertise in manufacturing and information technology sectors.

Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Business Model:

360-Degree Solution for EV Needs: Unified supply chain platform. Full-stack technology products and services. After-sales, service, assembly, and components.

Aggregator of EV 2Wheeler OEMs: Aiming to be the largest aggregator in India.

Empowering Entrepreneurs and Businesses: Focus on empowering small & medium businesses across geographies.

Company Values:

Accelerate EV Adoption: Commitment to increasing the adoption of EVs in India.

Customer-Centric Growth: Aligning growth strategies with a customer-centric focus.

Technology Integration: Embedding technology in business models.

Environmental Responsibility: Minimizing environmental impact.

Integrity and Transparency: Maintaining integrity and transparency with stakeholders.

Innovation and Disruption: Fostering innovation and disruption in the industry.


Pan-India Presence: Aiming for 500+ dealerships across the country.

Sales Target (2025): Targeting sales of 1,00,000 units by 2025.

BikeWo franchise Advantages

BikeWo franchise offers warranty for all components and products, charging stations at dealer outlets, and no stress about spares and service. They offer models ranging from 40kms to 150kms, low and high-speed vehicles, e-bikes, and cargo bikes, with over 50 handpicked models.

Why Would You Pick an Indian Bikewo Automotive Franchise?

Comparing Bikewo Automotive Franchise in India to single-brand dealerships reveal several benefits. A dealership with many brands draws in consumers who are interested in electric cars, increasing foot traffic and conversion rates.

Offering a large selection, financing choices, insurance, charging stations, and accessories, Bikewo is a one-stop store for electric cars. Dealers are competing with brand exclusive dealers since they adhere to the same selling price as exclusive dealers of the same brand.

Furthermore, Bikewo lowers the investment needed for each OEM by enabling dealers to partner with 7-8 EV OEMs for investments beginning at Rs. 10–15 lakhs.

How BikeWo franchise supports its Dealers?

BikeWo franchise provides dealers with launch support, store design execution, digital marketing support, tech platform operation, sales and service training, additional support like SOPs, accessories, and service plans, ATL and BTL activities support, no need to hold stock, and a wide range of products from scooters to motorcycles.

Benefits of Investing in an Automotive Franchise

  • Lucrative Industry Growth: Projections indicate a global revenue of £2.7 trillion by 2030. Predicted growth with 2.8 billion vehicles by 2036.
  • Flexibility and Work-Life Balance: Be your own boss with the flexibility to delegate tasks. Excellent work-life balance, allowing more time for family, friends, and hobbies.
  • Cost-Efficient Operations: Many franchises can be run from home or on a van-based model. Eliminates the need for expensive premises, reducing overhead costs.
  • Passion-Driven Opportunities: Identify and pursue specific areas of the automotive industry that align with your passion. Flexibility to run the franchise in a way that suits your interests.
  • Increased Productivity and Confidence: Passion for the job enhances productivity and confidence. Franchise structure provides necessary guidance, reducing stress.
  • Structured Support and Training: Franchises offer structured staff training programs. Saves time and resources on launching marketing campaigns.
  • Established Brand Trust: Franchises come with established brand trust. Consumers are aware of what they are buying and who they are buying from.
  • Pre-existing Customer Base: Franchises provide an established customer base before opening doors. Increases the likelihood of business success.
  • Increased Chance of Success: Benefit from an established brand and proven business model. Positive revenue projections for all areas of the automotive industry.
  • Realizing Ambitions and Success: Opportunity to achieve financial goals and become a successful businessperson. Capitalize on positive industry projections for long-term success.

Automotive Franchise Market Trend

  • Remarkable Revenue Growth: Anticipated significant revenue growth and exponential CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2023-2030.
  • Diverse Applications Driving Demand: Increasing demand for Automotive Franchises in Car Repair Shops, Car Shops, and Other Applications worldwide.
  • Comprehensive Market Insights: Report covers quantitative and qualitative data. Forecast period: 2023-2030.
  • Country-Level Opportunities: In-depth insights into opportunities at the country level. Analysis includes cost, segments, trends, region, and commercial development of major key players.
  • Factors Considered in Analysis: Product pricing, market dynamics, end-use industries, major players, consumer buying behaviour, economic, political, and social scenarios.
  • Structured Report Sections: Divided into primary sections: market segments, market outlook, competitive landscape, and company profiles.
  • Market Evolution Analysis: Detailed analysis of market evolution. Exploration of growth drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Strategic Frameworks: Utilization of Porter's 5 Forces Framework for comprehensive analysis. Macro-economic analysis, value chain analysis, and pricing analysis.
  • Internal and External Influences: Drivers and restraints cover internal market factors. Opportunities and challenges focus on external factors affecting the market.
  • Trend Analysis: Identification of trends influencing new business development. Assessment of investment opportunities in the Automotive Franchise Market.

Automotive Franchise Comprehensive Market Analysis

  • Market Evolution Analysis: In-depth examination of the evolution of the Automotive Franchise Market. Insights into product growth stages.
  • Porter's Five Forces Framework: Strategic assessment using Porter's analysis. Evaluation of threats to competitors and strategic positioning.
  • Value Chain Analysis: Comprehensive examination of the value chain. Observes activities from suppliers to end consumers, aiding in competitive advantage.
  • Pricing Analysis: Strategic assessment of pricing dynamics in the market.
  • Threat Analysis: Identification and analysis of threats to competitors. Strategic positioning insights for industry players.
  • Past, Present, and Future Analysis: Exhaustive research methodology. Considers current market dynamics, economic, social, and political factors, regulations, government spending, and research and development growth.
  • Positive and Negative Changes: Comprehensive consideration of both positive and negative changes for market estimates.
  • Competitive Landscape: Major players outlined in competitive landscape and company profile chapters. Evaluation based on product offerings, financial statements, key developments, strategic approach, market position, geographical penetration, etc.
  • SWOT Analysis: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis) for top players. Winning imperatives, current focus and strategies, threats from competition.
  • Company Benchmarking: company regional footprint and cross-analysis of industry verticals and market players. Ace matrix for benchmarking into Active, Cutting Edge, Innovator, and Emerging categories based on product and business strategy.
  • Key Players Identification: Identification of key players based on product type, industry coverage, inorganic growth, and roadmap.
  • Analyst Contribution Recognition: Acknowledgment of the analysts who contributed to the research analysis.

Impact of Foreign Automobile Brands on the Indian Automotive Industry

  • Increased Competition: Entry of foreign automobile brands has intensified competition in the Indian market. Competing brands drive innovation and offer a broader range of vehicle options.
  • Technological Advancements: Foreign brands introduce new technologies and innovations. Enhances overall vehicle quality and technological capabilities in the Indian market.
  • Job Creation: Establishment of manufacturing plants and dealerships leads to direct and indirect job creation. Boosts employment opportunities across various sectors within India.
  • Technology Transfer: Foreign brands contribute to technology transfer to India. Strengthens the automotive industry's capabilities, fostering the development of new products and technologies.
  • Product Diversification: Introduction of foreign brands results in a diversified product portfolio. Consumers benefit from a wider range of vehicle options with advanced features.
  • Export Boost: Presence of foreign brands facilitates increased exports of vehicles from India. Access to global markets enhances the reach of made-in-India vehicles.
  • Global Market Access: Foreign brands leverage their global presence to sell Indian-manufactured vehicles in international markets. Expands India's footprint in the global automotive landscape.
  • Economic Contribution: Foreign brands contribute significantly to the economic growth of the Indian automotive sector. Infusion of foreign investments and increased business activities positively impact the economy.


Bikewo is the leading electric vehicle showroom in India driven by seasoned professionals with a combined experience of over four decades from reputable corporations like Hyundai, Volvo, Etrio Automotive and Freshworks. The automobile sector’s growth comes with an increasing number of chances for business people wishing to open successful automotive franchise businesses in India.

FranchiseBazar provides a range of automotive franchises to choose from including car franchise dealerships and automotive spare parts dealerships making it as one of the best investments opportunities in the Indian market.


Q.1 What difficulties do automakers have in the Indian market?

In the Indian market, automakers must contend with issues such high tariffs and levies, restricted infrastructure, and bureaucratic roadblocks. They also have to stay up to date with technology developments and adjust to shifting customer demands.

Q.2. What prospects do automakers have in the Indian market?

Automobile brands have potential to grow their market share and sales thanks to the middle class's expansion and the country's burgeoning economy. The market for electric vehicles and rural regions, where the percentage of people who own a car is still relatively low, both have room to develop.

Q.3. What ways is the India car market evolving?

The car industry in India is expanding quickly and become increasingly cutthroat. Both new competitors and well-known firms are growing the range of products they provide. Additionally, there is an increasing need for more ecologically friendly transportation choices, such as electric automobiles.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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