How To Start A Bione Franchise In India In 2024?

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Written By: Shruti Agrawal

Health has always been at the forefront of the policies as it is the primary concern of every individual. As time passes this concern has grown for healthcare and wellness and with the prevalence of social media and the advent of foreign healthcare and wellness brands, the demand for such products has increased exponentially, as they allow both physical and mental well-being and allow one to look beautiful both inside and out. This scenario has become more prominent after the COVID-19 pandemic and its after-effects. The Bione Franchise is one of the best healthcare and wellness franchises in this market.

Bione (Healthcare and Wellness) Franchise Brand

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Bione was established in 2019. It was founded by a world-renowned scientist, Dr. Surendra K Chikara, who has expertise in genomics.

It is recognized as Asia's first and only organization offering personalized genetic and microbiome testing services. Bione offers science-backed, holistic approaches to health, including personalized diet plans and health and wellness supplements.

The company offers personalized solutions for holistic health, empowering individuals to understand and take control of their health through actionable insights derived from DNA and gut analysis.

The brand is also associated with prominent advisors and experts in the field of genomics and biotechnology. They offer a variety of products and services, such as DNA testing, gut testing, and anti-ageing dietary supplements.

Some of the different types of healthcare products offered by the Bione franchise include:

  1. DNA Testing: Bione offers DNA testing services to help individuals understand their genetic makeup and potential health risks.
  2. Gut Testing: Bione provides gut testing services to assess the health of an individual's gut microbiome and identify any imbalances or issues.
  3. Anti-Aging Dietary Supplements: Bione offers dietary supplements designed to support healthy ageing and overall wellness.
  4. At-Home Testing Kits: Bione provides at-home testing kits that include DNA and gut microbiome tests, making it convenient for individuals to access these services.

Investment Required To Set Up A Biome Franchise

  • Bione's mission is to make personalized and proactive healthcare accessible and affordable, with a focus on preventing diseases before they appear.
  • To start a Bione franchise, potential franchisees need to meet the company's set net worth and liquid capital requirements.
  • The initial investment, which includes a franchise fee, is expected to be around INR 24 lakhs and above (including GST).
  • The franchise fee itself is around INR 10 lakhs (plus GST).

Space Required To Set Up the Biome Franchise

The space required to set up a Bione franchise is between 150 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft. The expansion locations for the Bione franchise are available pan India. The franchise can be operated in a small space, making it a suitable option for those who want to start a business with limited space.

The location of the franchise outlet can significantly impact its performance, as it can affect customer footfall and market demand.

Steps To Start A Biome Franchise In India

To start a Bione franchise in India, the following steps can be followed:

Research and Inquiry:

  • Research the Bione franchise opportunity and its offerings.
  • Submit an inquiry through platforms such as Franchise Bazar to express interest in the franchise opportunity.

Financial Preparation:

  • Ensure that you meet the financial requirements, including the initial investment of around INR 24 lakhs and above and a franchise fee of around INR 10 lakhs.

Training and Support:

  • Understand the training and support provided by Bione, which may include topics such as customer support, purchase process, kit delivery options, report and counselling process, and marketing support.

Location and Space:

  • Identify a suitable location for the franchise, keeping in mind the space requirement of 150 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft.

Agreement and Documentation:

  • Review the franchise agreement and associated terms and conditions, including the expected return on investment, marketing support, and training days.

Launch and Operation:

  • Once the agreement is finalized, prepare for the launch of the franchise and the operational aspects, including hiring the required staff such as managers, receptionists, and sales representatives.

Benefits of Investing In Bione Franchise

  • The franchise offers low initial investment and high-profit margins, making it a recession-resilient industry.
  • Franchise owners have the opportunity to make a great living while helping others in their communities, with the satisfaction of making a positive difference in people's lives.
  • The brand avails the personalised guidance to its product users.
  • One can have one-on-one interaction with expert practitioners in the field.
  • The brand provides recommendations which are according to the individual's need and their demand.
  • The brand is dedicated to providing consistent support to its more than 10,000 consumers.

Assistance provided By Bione To Franchisees

Training To Franchisee

2 to 3 days of training programme.

This includes-

  • Everything related to tests.
  • All about B2B handling.
  • How to do sample registration.
  • Explain the brochures, new product's presentation and thought description.
  • How to support the customers and manage the test kit's delivery.
  • Explain the counselling process.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Discuss the cases and discuss the FAQ.


The Bione as a franchisor handles most of the marketing campaign and plays a huge role in brand building. The franchisee just needs to put 3% in the localised marketing and 4% in overall advertising. Also, the marketing material support will be provided in the form of soft designs.

Recruitment of Staff

The Bione franchise provides the required assistance in recruiting staff members.

Market Report On Healthcare and Wellness Franchise In India

Between 2020 and 2024, India's health and wellness market is moving towards the growth of USD 1,300 billion. According to a report by IMARC Group, the Indian health and wellness market is expected to exhibit a growth rate (CAGR) of 5.55% during 2023–2028.

It is estimated that India’s health and wellness market size will have a growth rate (CAGR) of 5% between 2024-2032. The fusion of conventional wisdom and cutting-edge technology is expected to produce a distinctive and varied healthcare and wellness market in India.

The fusion of conventional wisdom and cutting-edge technology is expected to produce a distinctive and varied healthcare and wellness market in India.

Why Choose Health Care and Wellness Industry

  • The global value of the health and wellness industry is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 5-10%. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses to tap into a rapidly expanding market.
  • Consumer interest and purchasing power in personal appearance, fitness, and wellness are on the rise, with many planning to increase their spending in these areas.
  • Natural and clean-label products are becoming increasingly popular in various categories, such as supplements, food services, sleep enhancers, and cosmetics.
  • Owning a healthcare and wellness business allows individuals to contribute to community society.
  •  As interest in health and wellness grows, wellness-related employee benefits are becoming more mainstream.
  • There are whole consumer segments that are not satisfied with existing offerings, and there are growing numbers of wellness categories that are currently underserved.
  • The scientific wellness industry is predicated on the idea of being proactive in promoting health and wellness, rather than just reacting to disease.
  • Wellness programs in the workplace, such as fitness programs, health screenings, and preventative care, are becoming more common.

Well, to conclude, it can be said that "Preventive Care is always better than the cure" as a cure is found to be more burdensome on people. Spending on your health and wellness since starting will allow you to stay healthy and allows people to stay away from any chronic disease as well as from any infection.

So, the Bione franchise is playing that role diligently and allows people to have a risk-free and comfortable life.

Hurry up and contact the experts of FranchiseBAZAR and learn about The Bione franchise along with the other best healthcare and wellness franchises in the country.


Q: What is the expected number of hours per month for a Bione franchise?

The expected number of hours per month for a Bione franchise is 10-20.

Q: Who can sign up for a Bione franchise?

Entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry who are interested in personalized healthcare with a focus on DNA and microbiome testing can sign up for a Bione franchise.

Q: What is the mission of Bione?

Bione's mission is to make people live longer, and disease-free and to make testing and awareness available even in the most remote areas.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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