How to Start A Costume Care Franchise In India: Cost, Price, and Profit Margins

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The laundry and dry cleaning business is a lucrative business option in India any business aspirant can consider. In today’s era household chores dependency has increased especially in cities. Most of working professionals are looking for easy and reasonable household services such as dishwashing, house cleaning, outdoor maintenance, etc. In this list the major household duty people are worried about is laundry duty. As the laundry and dry cleaning tasks take too much time and energy. However, many big players have acknowledged this demand and started their laundry and dry cleaning franchise in India.

Many brands have started providing their laundry services. Brands like, U Clean, Laundry Anna, Clean Craft, Dhobiwala, etc. Apart from these brands, some new brands are making their own way through laundry and drycleaning franchises in India.

One prominent laundry business has recently entered the market with its franchise business plan. The Costume Care, a budding laundry and drycleaning business has started offering its franchise for various locations. This post will be a guide to many aspirants who are interested in the laundry and drycleaning business profession. Here we will discuss the details of the Costume Care franchise like how to buy the Costume Care franchise in India. What are the cost, price, and profit margins of the Costume Care franchise, and

Is It Worth To Buy A Laundry And Dry Cleaning Franchise In India?

The laundry and dry cleaning business has always been an unorganized sector, especially in India. The Indian population has very limited options for their daily laundry tasks. For instance, washing clothes by self, washing machine, Dhobi (traditional cloth washing community), etc.

However, nowadays the laundry business picture has completely transformed. Many brands are looking at this sector as an opportunity to grow and succeed in business.

However, the cause of this laundry franchise boom in India is unknown.. Up next we will discuss the worthiness of a laundry and dry cleaning franchise purchase in India.

Least Competition

The laundry and franchise business in India is still counted as an unorganized sector. Moreover, no influential and big brands are involved in this sector. Therefore the sector has very little competition where an aspiring business owner also has a chance to succeed.

Franchises in the dry cleaning and laundry industry give would-be entrepreneurs a leg up.. As the franchise model offers them a complete and advanced laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing setup at a limited cost with the lowest competitive landscape.

Access To Proven Business Model

Unlike starting a business from scratch, the franchise business model provides way more ease to the franchise owner. The already-established brand incorporates all the tried and tested business strategies in its franchise business model. Likewise, the laundry and dry cleaning franchise business also offers a proven franchise business model to its franchise partners. However, it reduces half the burden of a franchisee like investments, store setup, marketing, customer search, etc. The established laundry franchise gives freedom to focus only on business operations regardless of worrying about external activities.

Low Investment

Any business owner can start a laundry franchise with a low investment. The basic laundry setup includes a few commercial equipment such as a washer, dryer, press vacuum press table, boiler, etc.

Many laundry franchise brands are offering their basic laundry franchise models which run on single phase and require limited water. It eventually cuts down electricity and water consumption and ultimately reduces utility expenses.

Zero Inventory

Inventory management is the most challenging business operation a business owner is handling these days. However, looking at this struggle aspirants prefer business opportunities that include fewer or zero inventory tasks.

A laundry and dry cleaning franchise business is one prominent business that gives liberty of inventory-less business operations. Where an entrepreneur can enjoy their entrepreneurship avenues without taking on the burden of daily inventory tasks. For instance, daily inventory updates, stock refilling, monthly reports, price finalization, and so many relevant tasks.

How To Start A Costume Care Franchise In India | Cost, Price, and Profit Margins

The very fresh and prominent brand Costume Care has recently arrived in the laundry and dry cleaning business. The brand has presented its laundry franchise this year.

Costume Care brand has developed its franchise business model with a unique approach. It certainly adds value to this blooming laundry and dry cleaning franchise in India. Individuals or aspirants who are searching for relevant business ideas can consider the Costume Care franchise. So let's find out more details about the same.

Identify The Demand For Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services In Locality

As mentioned, India's washing industry has traditionally been unorganised. Additionally, there are some traditional laundry business owners are exist in almost all localities. Hence, an aspirant should investigate the need for a laundry or dry cleaning business in the location where they're planning to open a Costume Care franchise outlet.

Aspirants can conduct this research using various ways. For instance, visiting experienced laundry business owners, acknowledging the challenges they're facing during this journey, performing a survey in the local area to understand the customer perspective, demand, and expectations regarding the laundry services, etc.

Thoroughly Investigate The Brand

It is essential to investigate the franchise before purchasing one. So, do thorough brand research on the Costume Care franchise.

The Costume Care brand started its laundry and drycleaning business journey in the year 2023, Jan. The team of 10 business enthusiast established this business setup and running successfully. After receiving good response in the market, this year the brand has introduced its franchise business model to offer its services all over India.

In this franchise model Costume Care has incorporated advanced element i.e. a dedicated laundry business app which provides ease to customers to keep track of their laundry items. Along with this, the brand consists exceptional business strategy i.e franchise gives a reward to their customers on their every order. Although the brand is completely new in the market, the trust factor it gained in only 2 years is indeed add a value to this franchise.

Understand The Franchise Plan Of the Costume Care: Cost, Price and Profit Margins

Costume Care franchise offers exceptions support to its franchise partners. Right from the franchise purchasing decisions to franchise operations, the Costume Care franchise team provides 100% support and guidance. It majory involved, store marketing, branding, staff training, smooth operating laundry franchise app.

The profit margin in laundry franchise business is mostly depends on the locations. As every location has different price points for laundry and dry cleaning services. the Costume Care profit margin is also processes the same way. However, franchise experts claims that the profit margins for this sector could be 20% to 30%.

Apart from this, the business model of the Costume Care franchise is as follows

  • Initial Investment - ₹ 5 Lakhs to ₹ 10 Lakhs
  • Franchise Fees - ₹ 2 Lakhs to ₹ 5 lakhs
  • Royalty Fees - Undisclosed
  • Expected ROI (Return On Investment) Period - 12 Months to 15 Months
  • Preferred Locations - 11 locations nearby Mumbai i.e. Mumbai, Karjat, Thane, Panvel, Badalapur, Kalyan-Dombiwali, etc.

Apply For the Costume Care Franchise Opportunity

After going through deep research regarding the Costume Care franchise, the next step is to apply for the franchise business opportunity. As this brand has newly launced the franchise application process should be performed with the assistance of expert franchise consultant.

To gain more Costume Care franchise insights and application process visit FranchiseBazar.Com.

Complete the Legal and Regulatory Formalities

Before starting any business an aspirant should comply with all the necessary legal and regulatory factors. In laundry and dry cleaning franchise business, aspiring franchisee need to study the terms and conditions included in Franchise Agreements.

Along with this they have to obtain certain permits, licenses and tax registrations such as Shop and Establishmet Act registration, Udyam registration, GST registration, etc.

Select the Location and Setup the Costume Care Franchise Outlet

The location selection is an important task an aspirant have to consduct  for the Costume Care franchise. The location requies for the laundry franchise involves certain specification. For instance, a area with highest foot traffic such as residential society, students hostels, central markets, etc.

Costume Care provides a complete assistance for store interior and exterior setup. The franchise team assist its franchise partners while installing all the machineries, staff training, laundry operations etc. in the initial phase.

Incorporate Different Marketing and Advertising Strategies to Promote The Costume Care Franchise Outlet

Franchise store marketing is crucial to any business.. In Costume Care franchise business, franchise have to promote the store to attract more customers.

However, the Costume Care franchise team leads well to advertise the store such as digital advertising, print advertising, social media marketing and so many different ways.

Apart from this, franchisee should plan a huge opening ceremony for the franchise store. As it will create more buzz around the Costume Care franchise store which ultimately help in gaining more customers for franchise store.


In this article, we have discusses about the laundry and dry cleaning franchise. Where we have described the many important factors of this sector to give you insights of this business. Here we have also shared the benefits of the laundry and dry cleaning franchise business. It will indeed help an aspirant to join this less clumsy business sector.

Apart from this we have taken the deep dive into one prominent laundry franchise brand which is Costume Care franchise. Where we have shared the process of  How an aspirant can buy a Costume Care Franchise in India. This entire article will definitely work as blueprint for laundry and dry cleaning franchise aspirants.

Someone who have immense interest in this particular franchise business or any other franchise business, then have direct contact with us at FranchiseBazar. The experts from the Franchise Bazar will be your guide to select the right business opportunity.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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