How To Start A Dhobiwala Franchise In India?

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The demand for convenient housekeeping services is increasing in India due to the rise of modern lifestyles and urban sprawl. Most of the urban population is occupied with balancing their personal and professional fronts to survive in the urban culture. Therefore, they seek major assistance to manage their personal and professional housekeeping chores. Hence, related sectors are witnessing exponential growth in their businesses. Laundry services are one of the promising opportunities among them offering a solid business to Indian entrepreneurs. However, this sector is very unorganized, and very few players are working to make this sector more organized. Eventually, this sector has huge potential for aspiring entrepreneurs to join the industry. The laundry franchise is the ultimate option for aspirants to fuel their entrepreneurial ventures.

Dhobiwala Laundry franchise is offering an exceptional franchise business opportunity to widen the doors of the laundry services business. This article will be a comprehensive guide for interested entrepreneurs to understand the Dhobiwala Laundry business model. Also, we delve into its outstanding franchise plans for passionate business owners. Before moving any further with the topic let us guide you to understand What is Laundry franchise business?

How To Start The Dhobiwala Laundry Franchise In India?

To ensure the seamless launch of any franchise business, an entrepreneur needs to follow some essential steps. This is so as to establish a franchise business in India.

Likewise, there are several steps involved in launching the Dhobiwala Laundry franchise business.

Here is a holistic guide to assist aspiring business owners in navigating the procedure to start the Dhobiwala Laundry franchise business in India.

Complete Market Research

Before applying for a laundry franchise, aspirants should perform an extensive market evaluation. It will help them navigate some essential components in specific locations. For instance,

  • the size of target customers,
  • competitive landscape in the location,
  • the demand for laundry services in that particular area, etc.

Contact the Franchisor On the Official Channels

Once confirming the franchise participation, contact the Dhobiwala Laundry franchisor through their official websites. Also, you can connect with a franchise manager to get detailed information about the laundry service franchise opportunity. For instance, FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), approx investment, business infrastructures, provided resources, training and support, etc.

Aspirants need to express their interest in the laundry franchise business by submitting a formal franchise application for further proceedings. Dhobiwala Laundry Services brand accepts the franchise application through its official website.

Complete the Legal requirement and Focus On Business Setup

The franchise partner has to fulfill all the legal and regulatory work before starting with the laundry business in India i.e. shop licenses, various permits, and Income tax registrations (GST, TDS, etc).

The Dhobiwala franchise team will assist an entrepreneur in selecting the appropriate location to start infrasturing activities. To form a laundry outlet, the brand needs to consider the overall traffic, customer reach, accessibility of the location, and competitors.

After finalizing the location Dhobiwala franchise team will assist the franchise partner in setting up the franchise outlet according to the brand’s infrastructure guidelines.

Attend The Offered Training Programs

A franchise partner must participate in events and training programs organized by the Dhobiwala brand to connect with the brand’s vision, mission, and plans.

In these programs, the brand will guide the franchise partner about the entire franchise store operations, staff management, customer services, store marketing and promotions, etc.

Promote the Laundry Franchise Outlet

There are several ways to promote the franchise outlet. For instance, franchise partners can plan a grand opening function for a laundry franchise store to attract the target customer, offer discounts, take advantage of brand marketing techniques, support, and resources, etc.

However, these promotional tactics will assist the franchise partner to run and expand a laundry franchise business successfully.

Why Dhobiwala Laundry Franchise?

Several strong factors make the Dhobiwala Laundry franchise one of the best business franchises in India for current and future business owners.

Well Established Brand Name

Dhobiwal laundry brand has constructed a strong image in the laundry services industry in India. The quality services offered by the brand have crafted extreme trust and satisfaction among its clients. eventually, this credibility of the Dhobiwala brand adds value to its franchise Ventures.

Extensive Experience

The Dhobiwala brand has started its laundry business journey from scratch at its initial stages. The founder of the Dhobiwala brand Mr. Dilip Param has gained supreme experience in the laundry business as he started this business by working in an unorganized laundry sector.

Therefore, he has been aware of individual functioning and its limitations i.e. washing services, ironing services, dry cleaner services,s, etc.

The business model was made after concurring all the limitations of the laundry business by the founder. Hence, the franchise business plan of Dhobiwala gives a sure shot of success to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Affordable and Flexible Franchise Investment Plans

The Dhobiwala brand has launched unique plans for its franchise business where an entrepreneur can select the plan according to their investment availability.

Dhobiwala Frachise Plans

  • Collection Point Franchise Plan (Only available for Banglore)

Space requirement - 100 sqft to 150 sqft

Investment - ₹ 5 Lakhs and above

  • Laundry / Laundromat Franchise Plan

Space requirement - 300 sqft to 400 sqft

Investment - ₹ 10 Lakhs and above

  • Dry Cleaning and Laundromat Franchise Plan

Space requirement - 500 sqft to 600 sqft

Investment - ₹ 25 Lakhs and above

  • Multi-Unit Franchise Plan

Space requirement - 

  • Collection Point - 100 sqft to 150 sqft
  • Centralized Plant - 2000 sqft to 3000 sqft

Investment - ₹ 2 Cr. and above

Incorporation Of Technology, Automation, and Advanced Elements

Dhobiwala brand focuses on its overall operation to add ease to its business model. Hence, the brand has implemented technological elements like an online presence with a website, and mobile Apps to serve the best as well as provide convenience to its customers to keep track of their rendered services.

Additionally, the Dhobiwala brand incorporates international standards of products for laundry processes, and advanced automated machinery for washing services like washing machines, dry cleaning machines, steam ironing equipment, etc., and provides extensive training to their staff to serve the best.

Hence, the franchise business opportunity of Dhobiwala ensures consistent growth for its franchise partners.

Promotes Sustainability and Offers Diverse Services

The brand is very keen on its sustainability feature. At Dhobiwala the entire cleaning process is conducted without harming the environment i.e. usage of biodegradable washing powders, limited water consumption in the washing process, limited electricity usage, etc.

Along with it, the brand offers various clothes-related services under one roof. For instance, washing (numerous types of articles of clothing i.e. daily ware, exclusive ware, bathing essentials, bedding essentials, home decor essentials, etc.), dry cleaning, ironing, stain removal, etc.

About The Future Of India’s Laundry Business Opportunities

Several big laundry services brands are expanding their business by proposing laundry franchises in India. The ownership and operation of the laundry service business within the assigned locations under these well-known laundry services brands is known as the laundry franchise business.

The laundry franchise model is an ideal choice for aspiring business enthusiasts to commence as the franchise model provides a proven framework of business for success in the laundry services business. Moreover, the brand provides complete support in commercial ventures, marketing, and technical aspects to its franchise partner to operate the business with less hassles.

In the laundry services business, there are brands like UClean, Laundrywala, DhobiLite, Wash Mart, and many other laundry brands that are offering their laundry franchise all over India.

However, among all of them, Dhobiwala Services has offered the best business franchise in India with its unique 4 franchise business plans. In the following section, let’s find out the extraordinary aspects of the Dhobiwala business.


The organized laundry franchise sector in India is still at its blooming stage. Moreover it offers great opportunities to aspirants to run a successful business in the sector. Though some laundry services brands are proposing their franchise business opportunity, Dhobiwala is one promising laundry brand offering its flexible and best laundry franchise opportunity in India.

In this article, we have described the overall business model and the steps to start a promising Dhobiwala Laundry Franchise. Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to join the sector can take this article as a comprehensive guide to know the core aspects laundry business.

If are you willing to learn more about the best franchise business opportunity then contact our franchise expert consultant at FranchiseBazar.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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