How to start a FranchiseBazar Consultancy in India in 2024?

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Written By: Yukta Palekar

Starting a business in India may be exciting and difficult at the same time. To successfully negotiate the challenging business environment, aspiring business owners frequently find themselves at a crossroads. In 2024, FranchiseBazar will remain a prominent name in Indian consulting services. This article discusses why Indian aspiring entrepreneurs choose to FranchiseBazar franchise as their go-to consulting service.

FranchiseBazar Franchise Consulting Overview

  • Establishment and Leadership: Founded in 1998 by Amit Nahar. Boasts two decades of experience in franchise consulting.
  • End-to-End Franchising Solutions: Offers comprehensive and end-to-end franchising solutions. Recognized as a leading franchise consulting firm in India.
  • Transformation Focus: Early recognition of the need for transformation in sales and distribution methods. Adapting to technological developments shaping the franchising landscape.
  • Team of Franchise Professionals: Comprises a robust team of franchise professionals. Contributes to the firm's ranking among the best franchise consultants in India.
  • Client Diversity: Serves diverse clients, including small shop owners, sole proprietorships, private limited companies, and Fortune 500 companies. Ensures on-time delivery and budget-friendly services.
  • FranchiseBazar Portal: Developed FranchiseBazar, a top franchise lead generation portal in India. Facilitates interaction and advice on franchising needs for new business seekers.
  • Global Franchising Vision: Envisions catalysing franchising globally. Aims to contribute to the growth of business franchises in developing countries.
  • Mission for Innovation and Efficiency: Constantly innovates consumption channels and efficiency. Creates value for companies, franchisees, and stakeholders. Strategizes rapid growth with alignment to long-term goals.
  • Contributions to Indian Franchising: Played a vital role in catalysing franchising in India. Positioned as a key player in shaping the franchising landscape in the sub-continent.
  • Forward-Looking Approach: Anticipates the role of franchises as a future vehicle for business expansion. Positions FranchiseBazar as a partner in the success journey for businesses venturing into franchising.

Concerning the Indian "FranchiseBazar" Franchise Models

FranchiseBazar, a pioneer in business consultancy franchises in India, was founded in 1998 to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. The role of a franchisee is to connect entrepreneurs with over 4000 opportunities listed on the portal and operate the #1 Business Brokerage Consultancy in your location.

The responsibility is to lead a team of agents, consultants, and brokers as a city branch franchisee, facilitating franchise business deals. The goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of every entrepreneur who hires you.

The city branch model requires ₹5L-₹8L investments, an exclusive 200 SFT office/co-working office, good business acumen, knowledgeable management skills, and full-time availability.

The independent business consultant model requires ₹50000 + work from home/part-time/flexible hours, and a profile of consultants, brokers, graduates, and advisors who can create a good network of investors, business seekers, and entrepreneurs.

Overcoming Obstacles with the FranchiseBazar Brand

FranchiseBazar faced challenges in establishing credibility due to market saturation and scepticism in the early stages. To overcome these, the company prioritized transparency placed clients at the centre of its business strategy, and pursued excellence through a culture of continuous improvement.

The company quickly rose to prominence through transparency and client satisfaction, becoming a notable player in the industry. Despite facing obstacles in the early stages, the company transformed them into opportunities for development.

Each hurdle served as a stepping stone for organizational growth, and resilience and adaptability were key to overcoming setbacks. Today, the company is an industry leader recognized for credibility, transparency, and client-focused practices.

Get FranchiseBazar and See Why?

FranchiseBazar offers comprehensive consultancy services, including management consulting, investment consultancy, and entrepreneurial consultancy. It provides expertise in strategic planning, organizational development, and operational efficiency, ensuring entrepreneurs have a solid foundation for managing and growing their businesses effectively.

The consultancy also offers financial planning, investment strategies, and risk management, allowing entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about capital allocation for optimal returns. FranchiseBazar’s proven track record is evidenced by numerous success stories, highlighting its effectiveness in driving business growth, and helping entrepreneurs achieve their objectives.

The company has established strategic partnerships with industry leaders, providing entrepreneurs with industry insights, best practices, and a network of influential contacts.

These partnerships provide entrepreneurs with a vast array of resources, including market research, technology solutions, and funding opportunities, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead in a competitive business landscape.

“FranchiseBazar” Franchise Services

  • Comprehensive Service Range: Offers certified franchise brokers and consultants. Provides free consultations for clients.
  • Research and Recommendations: Researches various franchises. Offers recommendations based on client goals and needs.
  • Introduction to Franchisors: Facilitates an introduction to franchisors. Connects clients with legal, accounting, real estate, and finance professionals.
  • Franchise Development Services: Assists in franchise development processes. clients through the steps of franchise ownership.
  • Confidential Consultations: Maintains confidentiality of client contact information. Trained staff review details to provide tailored opportunities.
  • Initial Consultation Importance: Emphasizes the crucial role of the initial consultation. Highlights the complexities of franchising and the importance of preparedness.
  • Challenges of Franchising: Acknowledges that franchising is a long-term, less risky, and demanding business. Requires determination, discipline, patience, and realistic expectations.
  • Request for Information Process: Streamlines the process through a Request for Information form. Consultants contact clients to discuss goals and initiate the franchising journey.
  • Research and Matching: Researches available franchises. Matches franchises with client goals and needs.
  • Presentation of Recommendations: Presents 5-8 viable franchise options. Provides data and reasons supporting each recommendation.
  • Introduction to Franchisors: Facilitates contact with franchisors. Ensures a walkthrough of business models and provides franchise kits.
  • Discovery Day Module: Guides clients through the Discovery Day process. Covers franchise model review, funding options, owner research, legal complexities, and more.
  • Ownership Considerations: Emphasizes the importance of thinking about various aspects of business ownership. Encourages clients to envision their ideal business, working hours, income, customer base, and staffing levels.

FranchiseBazar Franchise Start-up Process

  • Visit FranchiseBazar Website: Initiate the process by visiting the official FranchiseBazar website.
  • Explore Franchise Opportunities: Browse through a diverse range of franchise opportunities across various industries.
  • Submit Inquiry: Express interest by submitting an inquiry on the website.
  • Wait for Response: Await a prompt response from the FranchiseBazar team.
  • Evaluate and Customize: Collaborate with FranchiseBazar to evaluate and customize the chosen franchise opportunity. Discuss potential modifications to align with personal goals and preferences.
  • Financial Assessment: Conduct a thorough financial assessment in consultation with the FranchiseBazar team. Explore financing options available for the chosen franchise.
  • Comprehensive Training: Receive comprehensive training from the franchisor. Understand the intricacies of the business model, operations, and specific requirements.
  • Launch Consultancy Franchise: Proceed to launch the consultancy franchise with the acquired knowledge and skills. Implement customized strategies for success.
  • Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous support provided by FranchiseBazar. Ensure ongoing success through collaborative efforts and assistance.
  • Close Collaboration with FranchiseBazar: Work closely with the FranchiseBazar team throughout the entire process. Discuss franchise evaluations, financing options, and training requirements in detail.

FranchiseBazar Market Growth Strategy

  • Market Leadership: Positioned as a leading consultancy service business in India.
  • Digital Transformation Focus: Emphasizes digital transformation for growth in 2024. Leverages technology to provide advanced and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Alignment with Market Trends: Strategic alignment with the latest market trends. Adapts to changes in the business landscape and client demands.
  • Targeting SME Sector: Focuses on the thriving Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector. Offers tailored support to address unique needs within the SME landscape.
  • Specialized Consulting Commitment: Demonstrates commitment to specialized consulting services. Diversify offerings to provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Support System for SMEs: Develop a support system catering to challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs. Contributes to the overall growth and development of the SME sector.
  • Customized Services: Commitment to customized services beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Recognizes diverse business requirements and tailors services accordingly.
  • Continuous Evolution: Demonstrates a continuous evolution strategy. Proactively adapts to changes in the business landscape.
  • Agility and Innovation: Exhibits agility and innovation in its approach. Adapts to evolving client needs, ensuring relevance in a dynamic market.
  • Success Factors: Stays ahead in the digital landscape. Adapts to changing market trends, a key factor in its overall success.

FranchiseBazar Platform

  • Intermediary Connection: Serves as an intermediary platform connecting franchisors and potential franchisees. Facilitates the showcasing of diverse business opportunities.
  • Diverse Franchise Opportunities: Offers a variety of franchise opportunities spanning different industries. Includes sectors such as food and beverage, retail, and education.
  • Franchisor Contact Process: Franchisors provide contact information or a communication platform. Enables direct and seamless communication between potential franchisees and franchisors.
  • Buying Process Steps: Involves essential steps, including browsing available franchises, contacting franchisors, conducting due diligence, attending meetings, and finalizing the agreement. The potential availability of a step-by-step guide for prospective franchisees.
  • Detailed Franchise Information: Provides comprehensive information on franchise opportunities. Includes details on investment requirements, support from franchisors, and contact information.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions. Ensures access to all necessary information for a thorough evaluation.
  • Due Diligence Support: Facilitates due diligence during the franchise selection process. Enables potential franchisees to thoroughly assess the viability of opportunities.
  • Meeting Coordination: Assists in coordinating meetings between potential franchisees and franchisors. Aids in establishing direct communication channels.
  • Agreement Finalization: Guides through the process of finalizing agreements. Ensures clarity and transparency in contractual arrangements.
  • Prospective Franchisee Guide: Potential availability of a step-by-step guide for prospective franchisees. Offers a structured approach for individuals exploring franchise ownership.


FranchiseBazar is the top consultancy service franchise in India for entrepreneurs starting their businesses. With a history of success, a commitment to client satisfaction, and a keen eye on industry trends, it is not just a service but a partner in entrepreneurial success.

Join the ranks of successful business owners and explore a thriving future in the consultancy services industry.

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