How to start a Kisna jewellery franchise in India in 2024

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Dream of owning a shiny jewelry franchise? Kisna is crafting! Explore the exciting world of the Kisna diamond and gold jewelry franchise in India, from investment costs to harvest success. This blog discusses the steps to kickstart your Kisna jewellery franchise in India.

We'll delve into the details of this sector. Equip you with the insights to turn your aspirations into a successful venture. Have you been contemplating setting up a Kisna jewellery franchise in India? Explore the captivating realm of the Kisna diamond and gold jewellery franchise, from the investment costs to achieving success.

To embark on launching a Kisna jewellery franchise in India, this blog provides an in-depth exploration of this industry, equipping you with the knowledge required to transform your dreams into reality.

Kisna Jewelry Franchise - Where tradition and wisdom intersect

  • Diversity -Kisna presents an array of jewellery pieces spanning from timeless classics to contemporary designs.
  • Commitment - Their unwavering dedication, to utilizing BIS-certified gold and 100% certified diamonds.
  • Sophistication - From traditional to contemporary, Kisna has a wide range of beautiful jewellery.
  • Unwavering Quality - Their commitment to 100% certified diamonds and BIS-certified gold guarantees authenticity and reliability. Kisna's extensive range offers a wide selection, from stunning diamond necklaces to stunning gold bracelets.
  • Why the standard Kisna jewelry?
  • When you join the Kisna Jewelry franchise family, you will unlock a treasure trove of benefits, including Brand establishment: Leverage the prestige and immense credibility associated with the Kisana name.

India’s love for gold and jewellery is legendary. It’s not just furniture; It is a cultural tradition, a symbol of prosperity, and a safe investment. These entrenched relationships mean a thriving jewellery market, making it a lucrative destination for entrepreneurs looking for a sophisticated career. Here’s how the Indian jewellery market is paving the way for the lucrative Kisna jewellery franchise:

Kisna Jewellery Franchise market share

Potential market share: By 2022, a study by ASSOCHAM (Association of Commerce and Industry of India) indicated that licensed jewellery stores could capture a significant share of the Indian jewellery market, reaching 20-20. 25% in the next decade with this increasing dominance of franchise models within the industry indicating that Kisana presents an attractive opportunity for franchise ownership.

Benefits of Jewellery Franchise:

Profitability: Statistics show that jewellery franchises in India can achieve profit margins ranging from 10% to 20%. This approach can vary depending on factors such as location, product mix, and operational efficiency. However, it highlights the potential benefits associated with owning a Kisna jewellery franchise.

Gold market growth:

  • Market size and growth: According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the Indian gems and jewellery market was estimated to be worth ₹3.1 lakh crore (US$40.3 billion) by 2023 and ₹4.8 lakh crore (US$62.2 billion) by in 2028 and 2028.
  • It is expected to last as long as possible at a CAGR of 9.23%. This impressive growth trajectory shows great potential in the market.
  • Strong cultural significance: Jewellery plays an important role in Indian weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies. Driven by tradition and social customs, this constant demand creates a customer base for regular jewellery.
  • Increasing disposable income: India’s growing economy is increasing disposable income, especially among the middle class. This allows a large segment of the population to invest in precious jewellery.
  • Changing consumer preferences: While gold remains the dominant metal, demand for diamond jewellery, designer pieces and lightweight everyday wear is growing These diversified brands treat consumers with satisfaction.

Requirements for a Kisna Jewellery Franchise

  • It needs to be invested in The potential benefits And so much more! Kisna Diamond Jewelry Company We will mention this Indian diamond brand that was founded in 2005.
  • They specialize in lightweight diamond jewellery, including women’s rings and other convertible accessories that transform into necklaces, and bracelets.
  • They are headquartered in Mumbai and have over 3,500 outlets across India. Kisna Diamond Jewellery Franchise Opportunity Thinking of starting a diamond and gold jewelry business?
  • Jewelry interests: A minimum of 500 square feet of retail space is recommended. The location should be highly visible and ideally located in a pedestrianized area.
  • Experience: Previous retail experience is preferred. If you have no experience, the company can provide training, but having retail knowledge is a plus.

Licenses Required for a Kisna Jewellery Franchise

A license is required for a Kisna jewellery franchise You will need several licenses to open a Kisna franchise:

  • GST registration
  •  Business License
  • Establishment of Shops and Licenses
  • BIS License & Hallmark (sold gold jewelry).

Investment in Kisna jewelry franchise

  • The total investment in a Kisna franchise can range from at least Rs. 5 crore to a higher amount, depending on your needs.
  • Here are some excerpts: Minimum Investment: Rs. 5 crore (includes franchise fee and basic setup) New Savings (Optional): This can include buying inventory from an existing jewelry store.
  • Franchise agreements and renewals The franchise agreement with Kisna is for 5 years with a 2-year lock-in period. After 2 years, you can choose to continue the franchise or exit.
  • The company has the option to extend the contract for 5 years. Great store and fit-out The ideal store size for a Kisna franchise is between 800 and 2000 sq ft.
  • However, the company offers advice for setting up a small franchise in the 500 sq ft area Kisna guides in-store design and branding to ensure consistency across all franchises.

Proven business plan

Take advantage of a sophisticated and well-oiled plan for success in the jewellery business.

  • Complete support: Receive expert guidance throughout your franchise journey, from pre-launch to ongoing operations. Support Marketing Development: Use effective marketing strategies developed by the Kisna team to attract customers.
  • Merchandising and Inventory Support: Access a careful selection of quality jewelry. Your kisna embarked on a franchise journey, Here is your path to becoming a proud Kisna Jewelry franchise owner:
  • Market Analysis: Conduct comprehensive research to understand your target audience, local trends, and competitor landscape.
  • Financial Planning: Develop a sound financial plan that includes initial investment, operating expenses, and projected revenue.
  • Location choice: Choose a location with lots of foot traffic and good visibility and accessibility. Ideally, the atmosphere should complement the brand’s image.
  • Employees: Assemble a team of passionate and talented employees who can provide exceptional customer service. Options: Customize your jewellery collection to meet the tastes of your local market.
  • Marketing and Branding: It used a strategic marketing strategy to establish its brand presence locally.

Investment Structure of Kisna Jewellery

The financing required for a Kisna jewellery franchise can vary depending on factors such as the size and location of your store.

Here are some imperative costs:

  • Franchise Fee - Not public (contact Kisna for more information) Storage Area: Minimum 800 square feet to 2,000 square feet (Rent costs vary depending on location).
  • Store fit-out and branding -The cost will depend on the size and design of your store. Storage- Your initial storage cost will depend on the jewellery you choose.
  • Marketing and Promotion - Initial marketing campaigns and ongoing efforts will need a budget.
  • Operating expenses: Employee salaries, overhead, and other ongoing operating expenses must be considered. Embrace the shining victory Working with Kisna gives you the tools to shine in a competitive jewellery market:
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Provide an unmatched shopping experience that fosters customer loyalty. The best collection of products: offer an amazing range to meet every taste and budget.
  • Brand trust and recognition: benefit from the name and established trust associated with the Kisana brand.

Bright future for Kisna franchisees

The Indian jewellery market is poised for further growth with economic growth, evolving consumer preferences, and increasing consumer popularity. Being a Kisna jewellery franchise owner, you will be a part of this growing industry with the help of a strange symbol. Here’s a glimpse of the future of the Kisna franchise:

  • Expanding infrastructure: Kisna is constantly innovating and expanding its range of products. As customer preferences change, Kisana will adapt its offerings, ensuring that your franchise remains competitive.
  • Omnichannel retailing: Kisna recognizes the growing importance of online shopping. By integrating online and offline channels, customers will be provided with a seamless shopping experience, potentially increasing their customer base.
  • Enhanced sales and branding: Kisna’s commitment to effective marketing and branding will strengthen brand recognition and continue to attract customers to your franchise.

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By meeting Kisana, you will unlock a world of opportunities, position yourself in a growing business, and begin a vibrant journey to success. Ready to turn your jewellery passion into reality? Contact Kisna today to explore their franchise opportunities!

Contact us at Franchisebazar to get your Kisna jewellery franchise.


Q.1. What expenses are involved in starting a franchise with Kisna Diamond & Gold?

Potential franchisees often inquire about the investment costs to gain clarity on the obligations. Having a breakdown of expenses such as franchise fees, space rental, and inventory aids them in evaluating affordability and making choices.

Q.2. What qualifications are necessary to become an owner of a Kisna Diamond & Gold franchise?

Aspiring franchisees commonly seek information on eligibility criteria to assess their fit for the opportunity. Understanding the requirements, like business experience and financial capacity enables them to gauge their eligibility and chances of selection.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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