How to start a Westside franchise in India 2024?

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Written By: Yukta Palekar

A well-known fashion retail store in India, Westside franchise has a variety of fashionable clothes, shoes and items for men, women and children. It was set up in 1998 and is widely known for its good customer service, creative designs and different prices.

Because it is a subsidiary of Tata Group, the cost of Westside franchise is high in India giving it an edge over other businesses to start-ups as well as experienced entrepreneurs. In the Indian market, Westside’s priority in providing quality fashion has become a general household term.

Westside franchise overview

  • Establishment and Vision: Established in 1998 as part of the Tata Group. Vision: To design and deliver fresh fashion and lifestyle brands.
  • Retail Presence: Operates Westside, one of India's largest and fastest-growing retail chains. Over 200 outlets encompassing Westside, Zudio, Misbu, and Star Bazaar.
  • Diverse Offerings and Passion: Excitement for fashion, food, beauty, home, and technology. Passionate about fast, clean, and innovative retail for a stylish yet effortless shopping experience. Customer promise: First Price. Right Price.
  • Distinctive Features: Self-assisted collection with fashion solutions and incredible value. Monthly curated launches showcasing Trent's unique point of view. Famous 'See It Buy It' approach. Efficient service, easy navigation, and customer-friendly returns policy.
  • Customer-Centric Mission: Create value for stakeholders by understanding and meeting their needs. Strive to win customer confidence. Offer best-in-class products and services at affordable prices. Commitment to staying at the forefront of fashion and services.
  • Customer Satisfaction Policy: Focus on range, quality, and value of products. Customer-friendly return policy within 30 days with receipt. Exchange or full refund for unused merchandise. Even without a receipt, customers receive an exchange or gift voucher based on the current or last known selling price.
  • Socially Conscious Initiatives: Commitment to supporting socially underprivileged children. Donation of resources to community activities aligned with business requirements. Active customer participation in social policy and support for socially conscious endeavours.
  • Sustainable Initiatives: Support for initiatives like "Bag of Love – Westside x Bhansali Trust." Building a sustainable eco-system for recycled fabric. Empowering rural women with fair employment through innovative projects.

Why choose a Westside franchise?

  • Renowned Retail Brand: Tata Westside is a well-known and respected retail brand. Recognized for its commitment to quality, style, and reliability.
  • Established Presence: Westside enjoys an established and widespread presence. A testament to the brand's longevity and success in the retail market.
  • Customer Loyalty: Strong customer loyalty contributes to the brand's sustained success. Franchisees benefit from the existing customer base and its positive perception.
  • Diverse Product Range: Westside's franchise offers a diverse and extensive product range. Appeals to a broad customer demographic, enhancing market reach.
  • Attractive Investment Opportunity: Westside franchises provide an attractive investment option. The brand's reputation and market position contribute to its appeal.
  • Competitive Retail Landscape: Stands out in the competitive retail landscape. Westside's distinct offerings set it apart in the market.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Focus on customer needs and preferences. A customer-centric approach enhances the overall franchise experience.
  • Market Strength: Strong market presence and recognition. Franchisees benefit from the brand's market strength and consumer trust.
  • Brand Recognition: The brand's recognition adds value to the franchise investment. Attracts customers seeking quality and reliability.
  • Overall Appeal: Westside franchises offer an overall appealing package. The combination of brand reputation, customer loyalty, and diverse product offerings makes it a standout choice in the retail franchise landscape.

Westside Retail Business Franchise investment

  • Franchise Formats: Offers two formats: Standalone Store and Shop-in-Shop.
  • Investment Range: Initial investment varies based on location and format. Ranges from INR 1 crores to INR 2 crores. Covers store setup, interiors, initial inventory, and marketing expenses.
  • Royalty Fee: Charged as a percentage of monthly sales.
  • Application Process: Conduct thorough market research. Contact Westside franchise team for inquiries. Complete legal formalities for approval.
  • Franchise Agreement: Sign a franchise agreement upon approval. Fulfil any legal and financial requirements.
  • Store Setup: Set up the store according to Westside's specifications.
  • Training and Support: Westside provides training to maintain service and quality standards. Ongoing support for franchisee success.
  • Grand Opening Preparation: Plan for a grand opening to create buzz in the local community. Attract customers with promotional activities.
  • Operational Excellence: Operate the store consistently with high-quality service. Effectively manage inventory to meet customer demands. Stay updated with the latest fashion trends.
  • Brand Maintenance: Uphold Westside's brand image and values. Adhere to service and quality standards. Collaborate with Westside for continuous improvement.

Westside Franchise Returns in India

  • Significant Investment Components: Initial franchise fee. store setup expenses for interiors, fixtures, and infrastructure. Working capital requirements covering inventory, staffing, marketing, and ongoing expenses.
  • Franchise Fee and Brand Rights: Initial fee grants the right to operate under the prestigious Tata Westside brand. Establishes a strong foundation with brand recognition.
  • Store Setup Expenses: Includes interior design, fixtures, and infrastructure to meet Westside's brand standards.
  • Working Capital Requirements: Covers ongoing expenses like inventory, staffing, and marketing. Facilitates smooth day-to-day operations of the franchise.
  • Lucrative Return on Investment (ROI): Established brand recognition and customer base contribute to franchise success. The ROI is attractive, reflecting the brand's market strength.
  • Application Process: Involves a preliminary inquiry and application submission. Evaluation and approval process for potential franchisees.
  • Approval Marks the Beginning: Successful candidates receive approval to commence their franchise journey. Signals the start of a business venture under the Tata Westside umbrella.
  • Comprehensive Franchisee Support: Beyond financial considerations, Tata Westside prioritizes franchisee success. Comprehensive training programs impart knowledge and skills essential for franchise operation.
  • Operational Guidance: Ongoing operational support provided to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Access to resources for a smooth and successful business operation.
  • Commitment to Success: Westside's commitment extends beyond the initial investment. Ensures franchisees are well-equipped and supported for long-term success in the retail industry.

Westside Franchise Advantages

  • Robust Marketing Support: National and regional marketing campaigns enhance brand visibility. Franchisees benefit from well-orchestrated advertising efforts.
  • Boost in Brand Visibility: Competitive edge through comprehensive marketing strategies. Increased customer footfall due to enhanced brand presence.
  • Access to Vast Supplier Network: Leveraging Westside's extensive network of suppliers. Ensures a diverse and high-quality merchandise selection.
  • Well-Established Supply Chain: Access to Westside's efficient and established supply chain. Ensures a constant flow of fresh merchandise to meet dynamic customer demands.
  • Continuous Marketing Campaigns: Ongoing national and regional campaigns. Franchisees stay connected to evolving market trends.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Marketing support translates to increased customer engagement.
  • Strategic Advertising Initiatives: Adherence to strategic advertising initiatives. Aligns with overall brand positioning and customer expectations.
  • Competitive Edge in Retail Landscape: Positioning the franchise for success in a competitive retail environment. Ensures sustained growth and profitability.

Indian Denim Market Trends

  • Market Size: 76,258 crores by 2027.
  • Key Growth Contributors: Strong domestic focus fuels market expansion. Emergence of new denim fabric companies adds to the market's vibrancy.
  • Cotton rules the market, influencing its trajectory.
  • Rise of Stretch Denim: Stretch denim gains significant traction.  Popularity is attributed to its comfort and fit characteristics.
  • Growing Preference for Colour Bursts: Changing consumer preferences drive a growing demand for colour bursts. Denim market expands beyond traditional blue hues.
  • Domestic Market Dominance: Domestic market valued higher than exports. Strengthens the importance of catering to local consumer demands.
  • Competitive Landscape: Introduction of new denim fabric manufacturers. Expected to enhance competition within the market.
  • Youth Acceptance and Fashion Trends: Indian youth increasingly embraces denim in various colours. Denim's appeal extends beyond traditional blues.
  • Market Evolution by 2027: Projected to be valued at `76,258 crore by 2027. Reflects a significant evolution and growth in the denim market.
  • Dynamic Industry Shifts: Denim market undergoes transformative shifts.
  • Diverse Market Drivers: Various factors, including comfort-focused fabrics, colour variety, and domestic market strength, contribute to the dynamic growth of the Indian denim market.


There are branded clothing along with its accessories in Westside which is a successful Indian fashion franchise. The company, which was started in 1998, comes under the umbrella of the Tata group and has a total of 155 stores in 82 cities.

Westside has become committed to establishing itself as a global brand with high ROI. Moreover, franchisees will be able to take advantage of the goodwill, varied products and overall recognition that the franchise enjoys across the country.

FranchiseBazar offers the best denim franchise in India including top brands like denim hub, hunter jeans and bare denim. In India, entrepreneurs can set up a denim shop franchise because there is greater demand for jeans in various clothing forms. Those who would like to know more about becoming Westside franchisees instead may contact Westside franchise team through franchise bazaar.


Q.1 Is the Westside franchise financially successful?

Yes, Westside, a fast rising retail brand in India, provides a lucrative possibility for franchising by catering to the growing tendency of individuals of all ages seeking to try on new costumes.

Q.2. How to invest in a Westside franchise?

Setting up a Westside shop necessitates an investment in infrastructure, such as leasing or purchasing a suitable retail location, as well as store decor and furnishings. The total cost may vary depending on factors such as location, size, and design choices.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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