How To Start And Grow Your Own Consulting Business From Zero In India

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Nowadays, it is impossible to maneuver businesses successfully without taking the assistance of an expert advisor. Hence, the demand for professional business consulting services is rising along with time. However, to leverage this profitable career option aspirants are exploring the segment: How to start your own consulting business?

The growth of a business relies on various factors especially, in countries like India with diversified cultural backgrounds. Moreover, in recent years  India has witnessed an organic entrepreneurial evolution in almost every industry. However, these industries urge appropriate guidance in their operational activities to deliver the best service to the consumers and achieve success. And hiring an expert consultant is the only option for them.

So, If you are looking forward to stepping into this lucrative a consulting business in India. Additionally, want to build your own successful consulting business then stay tuned with this article. In this article, we going to answer the most asked question “how to start your own consulting business from zero with some valuable guidance. share the complete information about

Beginners Guide: How To Start Your Own Consulting Business From Scratch?

Based on the constantly evolving Indian corporate trends, the consulting profession is going to be a prominent and long-lasting choice for most of the business aspirants. Especially the one who wants to start a business by investing minimum capital and maximum expertise and experience.

But to establish and proliferate the consulting business from scratch requires some effort at the beginning. However, many aspirants who are willing to start a consulting business are unaware of the process of business foundation. Take a look at the core aspects that will provide you the clarity regarding the consulting business foundation process. Let's start the topic  by understanding the concept of “Consulting Business”

What Is A Consulting Business?

The meaning of a consulting business is to cater to every type of organization or individual by offering professional services in their various business operations. Unlike individual freelance consultants, consulting firms provide their services in diverse domains. For instance, technology, marketing, finance, HR, legal advisory, and various other sectors. They hire candidates from every niche to offer almost every service under one roof.

Consulting businesses help their clients to achieve sustainable growth by locating the problems the client is facing while running the business and resolving those problems by providing customized solutions with their expert professional consultants.

 As a result, professional consulting services are becoming increasingly important in Indian corporate sectors. Up next we have listed down some consulting business ideas based on educational qualifications to give you more clarity about the topic as well as to help you to choose if you belong to any of them.

Top Consulting Business Ideas Based On Educational Background

Educational background - Commerce

  1. Management consulting services
  2. Finance consultancy services and Fin Tech consultancy services
  3. Accounting and tax consulting services
  4. Business consulting services
  5. Business strategy management consulting services
  6. Risk management consulting services

Science and engineering Education background

  1. Design and analyst consultancy service
  2. IT consultancy services
  3. Renewable energy consulting service
  4. Environmental consulting service
  5. Healthcare consulting service
  6. Engineering consulting service ( Civil / E&TC / Electric /Mechanical)

Educational background - Law

  1. Legal advisory consulting service
  2. IP ( intellectual property)consulting service
  3. HR and employment law consulting services

Other Educational background and skills

  1. Fitness consulting services
  2. Digital marketing consulting service
  3. Marketing and advertising consulting service
  4. Education consulting service

Above consulting business ideas can be ruled out as the best profession for aspirants to start and scale their business. Now let's move further and see how you can start your own profitable consulting business in India from scratch

Steps To Start A Consulting Business From Scratch

Figuring Out The Knowledge and Skills

How to start your own consulting business? The very first step is to start with this consultancy business is to acknowledge the professional, educational, and expert skill sets within us. Note down those skills on a paper to get a better understanding of your professional strengths.

After listing down those skills, find out the skills that have huge demand as well as high monetizing chances. Consider those shortlisted skills to start your consulting business.

Observing and Researching the Indian Industries

It is important to analyze the current Indian market trends before getting into a consulting business. It helps to verify whether a niche you want to work on has any demand in the present as well as in the future. So, you can step into the business more confidently.

Make A Easy Start

Many of you might be looking for how to register a consultancy firm. Right! However, it is completely unnecessary to run after the business registration processes at the very beginning of the consulting business. The first thing is to create your firm client base and serve them at your best. After reaching a stable position in business,  apply for registrations such as GST registration, Udyog Adhar, bank current account, etc.

Find Target clients and Connect with Them

As a business owner, it is important to locate your target audience or client base and connect with them in person and virtually as well. Use both traditional and contemporary marketing strategies to gain the attention of prospective clients.

Start Promoting Business With Digital And Physical Presence

Increase your digital presence and advertise your consulting business on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Linkedin, and Facebook Business page, register on Google Business, etc. Along with this digital platform promotions, promote your business in physical form with print media, letterheads, visiting cards, etc. to target the local audience.

Keep Up With Current Trends

Consulting business thoroughly depends on providing modern solutions for modern problems. However, constant learning is the best way to grow your consulting business. So, invest more in learning, and adapting advanced skills of your niche market by attending webinars, attending advanced courses of your niche, forming a library of relevant books, and accessing it regularly and in many other ways.

Seek Assistance of Advisers

Ocassionly, entrepreneurs with no domain experience become disoriented in the consulting firm foundation process. Right from navigating the suitable consulting business idea to dealing with primary business setup processes on their own is quite a difficult task for them as a newb. To cut down these hassles an aspirants can take the help of good professional advisors to walk on the right path for founding their consulting business.

Provide Good Services To Clients

Always provide quality services to your clients on their every project to engage them permanently with your consulting firm. In addition to this, these clients can be your next lead generator by word-of-mouth marketing or you can ask them for referrals to get your next client.

Incorporate Resources to Scale the Business

Scaling a business is not an easy task for any entrepreneur single-handedly. Every business model needs to be regulated by adding resources to its process. The consulting business consists of various operations. For instance, setting up a business, searching for clients, providing services, managing financial operations, and many other things. However, all these tasks can't be executed by only one person. Hence, a firm owner has to include additional employees, interns, process automation, etc. aspects in their consulting business.


The consulting business is a great choice for aspirants who have the skills, experience, and zest to work in a challenging environment with a compact investment. However, most of the aspirants don't have access to the right information about this consulting business field.

Here, in this article, we have shared the complete information about the Overall consulting business for those consulting enthusiasts to take the next step toward their dream. For instance, the meaning of the consulting business and a step-by-step guide to how to start your own consulting business in India. Along with this, we have also shared the list of some prominent consulting business ideas from various niches to let you understand your core strengths based on your education and interests.

If you are willing to start a consulting business and want to have proper guidance then visit us at FranchiseBazar.


Can you do consulting with no experience?

Yes! You can offer consultancy services without prior experience. However, the process of starting a consultancy without experience will take some time but gaining knowledge of relevant skill sets and applying it or working on it to gain experience will make you an expert in those skills. Ultimately you can start your own consultancy service.

Can I run a consultancy business from home?

It completely depends upon the project you are working on and the client. If the project demands a physical presence then your client will ask you to work on-site i.e. office or the place where a project is going on.

Whereas, some projects can be handled virtually where you can work from home by accessing your internet. For instance using virtual meeting apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc., emails, Google Workspace, and many other tools.

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