How To Start Louis Philippe Franchise In India

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The fascination for luxury goods is rising constantly around the globe. Especially, premium products like clothing, footwear, and accessories. Hence, the high-end product market has bloomed wildly across the world. It eventually created tons of opportunities in these sectors by differentiating each category. For instance, men's clothing brands, women's clothing brands, kid's clothing brands, and likewise others i.e. shoes, accessories, grooming, etc. In India, many brands entered with their specific product catalogus to target specific customers. In the clothing segment, some high-end product seller menswear brands are ruling the Indian market.  Louis Philippe is one of them which is expanding all over India with its franchise business model: Louis Philippe franchise.

France's Louis Philippe business is ranked among the most successful men's clothing brands in India.. Hence, Indian business owners look forward to buying this profitable franchise business. However, some passionate entrepreneurs who want to dive into the premium products retail business are unaware of certain aspects. Especially, those who want to associate with the Louis Philippe brand through its franchise business plan.

This post will guide those aspiring business owners through the complete process of buying the Louis Philippe franchise in India. The post will also share the important elements of the Louis Philippe franchise such as franchise cost, price, and profit margins along with a genuine review of the brand.

In-Depth Analysis of the Louis Philippe Franchise

Franchise business plan of Louis Philippe is indeed a lucrative business opportunity for any entrepreneur. However, several myths are formed around this brand.

A Brief Overview Of Leading Menswear Brand Louis Philippe

Many menswear brands are rising in India's retail fashion sector. For instance, Banana Club, Snitch, Canary London, and other fresh and promising brands are rapidly growing in India. Whereas, the venerable brand Louis Philippe still holds on to the best men's fashion brand position in the Indian market.

Madhura Fashion & Lifestyle, an Aditya Birla business, launched Louis Philippe's label in 1989.. The brand was established to target men. Where at the initial phase Louis Philippe focused on the men's apparel category. For instance, casual, formal, and ethnic menswear products launched by the brand. It received immense appreciation and trust from Indian customers. Since then the brand has been recognized as a top men's clothing brand in India.

At present Louis Philippe is serving Indian men with its fresh product catalogue. Apart from casual wear, formal, and traditional wear, this catalog also includes plus-size clothing, winter wear, footwear, and accessories for men. Over time, the Louis Philippe brand achieved the position of becoming India's most successful high-end product seller male brand..

Looking at the demand for luxury products in retail fashion, Louis Philippe introduced its franchise business model in 1995. And this expansion strategy made this brand more popular in the country. On the other hand, it created a profitable business opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs to associate and uplift the brand to the next level.

A Synopsis Of the Louis Philippe Franchise

Louis Philippe Franchise details

The brand started its franchise journey very early and it's running successfully all over the country. Let's see the detailed summary of the Louis Philippe franchise.

Required Area - 1000 sqft to 1200 sqft

Brand's Franchise Cost - Approx 50 Lakh to 1Cr.

Louis Philippe Franchise Fees - NIL

Louis Philippe franchise profit margin - Approximately 30%

ROI Period - 1 year to 1.5 years

Royalty - 80:20 ( Franchisee: Franchisor)

Franchise Term Period - 9 year

Business Model - COCO ( Company  Own Company Operated), FOFO ( Franchise Own Franchise Operated)

Starting Louis Philippe Franchise in India: Methodology

Verify if the franchise opportunity is compatible

The first and foremost important aspect while starting a business is to check if the opportunity is suitable for you. Likewise, consider the following factors of the Louis Philippe franchise if you are interested in this opportunity.

  1. Take into account your area of interest and passion. Identify if you have an interest in the fashion industry, especially the menswear and grooming category, and a willingness to join the sector for business purposes.
  2. In-depth research should be conducted on the franchising possibilities for the Louis Philippe brand.. Verify provided details and sources of information.
  3. See if your financial situation covers all Louis Philippe franchise cost.
  4. Preplan the funding strategies to purchase the Louis Philippe franchise i.e. bank loan, investors, and other investment plans.
  5. Analyze the preferred location before applying for the franchise business plan. As it will give you an overview of the Indian retail fashion market i.e. demand for men's products, demand for premium products, foot traffic, etc.
  6. Investigate the competitive landscape for the franchise business. Many premium category foreign, and Indian brands already exist in the Indian retail sector. Additionally, these brands also availed with their franchise models. So it is necessary to research Louis Philippe’s competitors before buying the franchise. Additionally, it is essential to track the franchise cost of the competing franchises i.e. Allen Solly franchise cost, Van Huisen franchise cost, and US Polo franchise cost and compare those with the LP franchise cost.

Apply For Louis Philippe Franchise Opportunity

Once get over with the above-mentioned factors and confirm the franchise purchase, follow the next step.

Before applying for the franchise, you have to approach the brand through to their official website. In case you are hiring a franchise business consultant you can share your interest with them.

This email must include the intended location and size.. After analyzing the demand for LP products in this location, the brand will reach out to you.

Submit your application form to Louis Philippe’s authorized brand franchise team. Provide legitimate data while filling up the franchise application form. For instance, identity documents, financial statements, prior experience, business proposals, etc.

Prepare Yourself for the LP Selection Process

LP’s franchise team will thoroughly screen your application form and the details you have provided with the form. After accessing carefully brand will contact you for further discussions.

A franchise agreement will be issued to you by the brand after you are selected as an LP franchise partner..

You have to check the franchise agreement to understand the terms and conditions of a franchise model. Here you have to examine the franchisee and franchisor rights, terms, and conditions. Additionally,  if necessary negotiate or customize some essential aspects of the LP franchise such as, Louis Philipp franchise cost, franchise fees, profit sharing ratio, franchise rights, etc.

Capitalise On The LP Franchise’s Initial Training and assistance

The Louis Philippe franchise is very popular among its franchise partners. As brand provides hands-on support to the franchisees throughout the franchise possession journey. After starting the official franchise partner duties, Louis Philippe offers complete training to its franchise partners. For instance, knowledge about the brand, its operations, staff and recruitment criteria, staff training, inventory management, store setup, etc. (The current policies of the Louis Philippe franchise may differ).

Moreover, LP also assists franchises in their franchise location selection process and store interiors and exterior setup process. However, franchisees have the right to finalize these tasks on their own, LP franchise’s team's approval is necessary for this.

Launch And Operate Your Louis Philippe Franchise Business Venture

Louis Philippe's team provides complete assistance during the store setup journey. For instance, they provide their authorized vendors to design the Louis Philippe store. Once the franchise store is ready, you need to coordinate with the LP’s franchise team to finalize marketing and promotional strategies for the Louis Philippe franchise store. And organize a major store launch event to attract the target audience.

While operating the Louis Philippe store consider the rules, regulations, and business operating system of the brand. Operate the store in accordance with the brand guidelines and franchise contract. Apart from this, provide the best customer service, fresh product catalogs, and flexible return policies to satisfy customers. It eventually helps businesses to grow and succeed in the business world.

Advantages Of Buying Premium Men's Clothing Brands Franchise In India

  • Complete access over the proven business model.
  • Unlimited brand franchise team support and direction.
  • Right to access the intellectual as well as physical properties of the brand.
  • 100% assistance throughout the franchise business period i.e. business setup, business operations, stock management, staff recruitment, and training, planning growth strategies, and many other activities.


Men’s clothing brands are influencing the entire Indian retail fashion sector. Even though these brands are operating in specific categories, they are commanding the Indian marketplace. In this sector, Louis Philip an old men’s clothing brand is running successfully in India. The reason behind this growth and success is the Louis Philippe franchise model.

The brand has gained trust among Indian business owners in a very short period. Hence, several entrepreneurs are willing to start Louis Philippe franchise stores in their locality. However, some of them are struggling to get the right information about the LP franchise.

So, in this article, we have attempted to reduce the struggle of those LP franchise aspirants by providing wholesome information about the Lousie Philippe brand. Where we have described the establishment journey of the LP, its franchise business model along with the general guidelines about how to start the Louis Philippe franchise in India. The information available in this article will guide Aspritant to fulfill its franchise store dream.

Visit us on our official website FranchiseBazar.Com to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information about franchise opportunities. Our franchise consultants will assist you in selecting the finest menswear franchise opportunity in India.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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