How To Start Sadak Chaap Franchise In India?

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Sadak Chaap an Indian restaurant celebrates the rich heritage of vegan cuisine with its unique culinary journey. The tempting texture of vegan meat to the flavorful aromas of tandoori spiced dishes made the restaurant popular among the mock meat trend followers. This popularity has encouraged the brand to start the Sadak Chaap franchise business model.

At present, the 7 restaurant franchise outlets are serving Indian food lovers in Maharashtra and Gujrat. However, in Maharashtra the brand has covered various parts of Mumbai only, Sadak Chaap is planning to explore the country with its franchise business model.

So, in this article, we will dive into the details of opening a Sadak Chaap franchise outlet in India. Here the aspirant will get information about various aspects of this franchise business. For instance, franchise business model, franchisee requirements, operational strategies, etc. So, let’s get started with the same.

Gourmet Adventure of Sadak Chaap Franchise In India

Sannat Ahuja and Palak Ahuja started their unique vegan and vegetarian food journey from India’s extensive vegan food festival: the “Ahimsa Festival”. Later the founders set out on a vegetarian culinary adventure and started their first restaurant in Mumbai.

Sadak Chaap owner Sannat and Palak, opened this Sadak Chaap restaurant at Khar (W) in Mumbai in February 2020. And they continued this journey till now. The restaurant chain has increased its number of outlets using the Sadak Chaap franchise business model. Currently, the restaurant franchise has almost 7 outlets in Mumbai and 2 outlets in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

Since then Sadak Chaap restaurants have been providing unique and authentic food experiences to their customers. This mock meat trend follower restaurant franchise is well known for its non-veg alternative tempting vegan food options. Sadak chaap menu majorly include plant based proteins such as soy protein, pea protein, wheat gluten, etc. Additionally, the restaurant founders took inspiration from India’s street food flavors and spices in its enticing menus.

Now the founders are all set to delight more and more eateries across the country. Where they are going to introduce their unique and tempting vegetarian cousin to every Indian region with their franchise business strategy. Therefore, the visionary founders have set their sights on an ambitious expansion plan with this restaurant franchise.

A Complete Guide To Opening A Sadak Chaap Franchise In India

Opening a Sadak Chaap franchise in India is indeed a satisfying and rewarding opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. As this restaurant franchise has been serving vegan and vegetarian menus in their outlets.

 However, every food business in India is growing rapidly, and the rising demand for vegan and vegetarian food options is making this segment more interesting. Hence, the Sadak Chaap franchise business has a bright future in this restaurant sector.

Aspiring restaurant owners can boldly consider this opportunity to start their vegetarian restaurant franchise business in India. So, here we have explained the way to start the Sadak Chaap franchise outlet.

Assess The Demand For Vegan Or Vegetarian Food

An aspiring business owner needs to determine the demand for vegetarian or vegan products in their target market. As it gives clarity to them before beginning the primary franchising procedures.

And To understand the demand, an aspirant should conduct extensive market research and analysis. Firstly, finding locations with lots of foot traffic i.e. malls, corporate offices, shopping streets, college campuses, etc. Additionally, aspirants have to analyze the demand for vegan or vegetarian food in those particular areas.

Apart from this, aspiring franchisees need to find out the demand for the Sadak Chaap outlet itself i.e. Sadak Chaap menu and its popularity across the area. Demographic information, economic status, food preferences, etc. are also important aspects of franchise research.

Investigate The Prerequisites For Sadak Chaap Franchise

Aspiring franchisees must meet the conditions set out by the franchisor in order to obtain a Sadak Chaap franchise. There are certain aspects franchisees to fulfill to open the restaurant franchise business.

It mostly includes sufficient funds to cover all the Sadak Chaap franchise cost. For instance, franchise fees, franchise investment, initial capital, operating capital, etc. In addition, aspirants have to find suitable locations for franchise outlets. While location selection aspirants should have to meet the franchisor's location criteria such as location size, foot traffic, visibility, etc.

Aspiring franchisees have comprehended Sadak Chaap’s operational policies to maintain the brand’s standard in the market. Therefore they need to undergo various franchise training programs arranged by the Sadak Chaap brand franchise.

Apply For The Franchise Opportunity

After evaluating the restaurant franchise model of Sadak Chaap, aspirants have to apply for the franchise opportunity. However, an aspirant franchisee can apply for a franchise opportunity on the brand's official website:, or can submit the application to their franchise department. Additionally, the aspirant have to submit the set of documents with this application form. Mostly it includes personal and financial details, investment verification details, franchise proposals, etc.

Aspirants can also discuss the queries regarding the franchise model in this process. For instance, FDD, franchise costs, rules and regulations, franchisee rights, etc.

Take A Next Step By Signing Franchise Agreement

After getting approval for franchise application, aspirants have to take the next step. Which is Signing the franchise agreement.

A franchise agreement involves details such as franchise rules and regulations, franchise cost, franchise fees, and royalty structure. Along with this, the agreement also consists of details such as the marketing and operational responsibilities of a franchisee and training and support from the franchisors.

After evaluating the franchise agreement, a franchisee can sign the agreement to start the collaboration.

Compliance With Laws And Regulations

Aspirants need to maintain the franchise business’s integrity and reputation by fulfilling all the necessary regulatory guidelines. For instance, taxes, required licenses, permits, food safety, and hygiene certifications.

Moreover, approval from local authorities is equally important for franchise businesses. Hence, they must obtain the approvals such as health permits, food licenses, GST registrations, etc.

Set Up Efficient Operational And Management System

To run a profitable franchise business franchisee needs to pay close attention to the operational details of the business. Especially in the restaurant franchise business franchisees have to work with the franchisor to create menus that stick to the brand's original taste.

Ultimately this rule applies to the Sadak Chaap franchise business too. Where franchisees have to maintain the brand's taste and standards to keep up with the brand's reputation.

Set Up An Attractive Sadak Chaap Franchise Outlet

After fulfilling the necessities of Sadak Chaap’s franchise business model, follow the next step. Which is setting up the Sadak Chaap's restaurant outlet.

However, while setting up the restaurant outlet, franchisees have to follow Sadak Chaap brand guidelines. For instance, interior and exterior designs, furniture selection, kitchen equipment, or machinery of the outlet should be formed according to the brand's guidelines.

Additionally, franchisees should comply with all the local health and safety requirements to avoid any problems in the future.

Launch The Sadak Chaap Outlet

The opening of any business needs to be massive. As it helps the business to grab attention of the traffic and create awareness about the new business.

So, the Sadak Chaap outlet also needs a massive opening ceremony. Where franchisees can invite celebrities, famous local personalities, friends, and family members. This promotion technique eventually will be in favor of the franchisee. For instance, to create awareness about the newly opened vegan restaurant and gain more customers.

Franchisee can promote their Sadak Chaap outlet by using numerous marketing strategies. For example, social media marketing, influencer marketing, print media marketing, etc. are the best advertising options franchisees can consider for marketing.

Along with this, franchises can offer discounts, promotional offers, and loyalty programs to form a loyal customer base for their Sadak Chaap restaurant.


Starting any business in India needs appropriate planning and execution. Especially restaurant franchise outlet as they involves lots of challenge right from the start. However, by following a few steps and methods an aspirant can form a successful restaurant franchise business in India. 

In this article, we have shared thorough information about starting India’s one of the prominent business opportunities. Sadak Chaap, an Indian restaurant franchise, is growing steadily in the Indian market. Hence, the brand has been offering its profitable franchise opportunities all over India.

The tips shared in this article will definitely assist the aspirant to successfully start and run the Sadak Chaap franchise business. Where they can serve the vegan culinary magic to their customers while building a profitable restaurant business.

An aspirant who is interested in Sadak Chaap”s exciting franchise opportunity. And want to learn more about the same then quickly follow this link:

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