Hyderabad's Best Consultancy Franchise Opportunities 

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Hyderabad, primarily known as the "hub of development", is the capital of Telangana. According to the 2011 Census of India, it is the fourth most populous city in India with a population of approx 19 million people. Hyderabad has the fifth largest urban economy in India with an output of US$ 74 million. Hyderabad is considered one of the top cities among the Global centers of IT and because of this reason it is called "Cyberabad" (Cyber City). Various IT services offered by Hyderabad's IT sector include business process outsourcing and Financial Services. Hyderabad is also the main Pharma Industry Centre. More than 100 pharmaceutical companies are located in Hyderabad. Some of them include Rakshit Drugs Private Limited and Glochem Industries Limited. 

Also, Hyderabad Pharma city is one of the largest Pharma industrial parks in the world. In addition to this, the city is also a major Biotech center in India. Biotechnology companies like Unique Biotech and Bio Axis are located in Hyderabad. Indian Oxygen, Hyderabad Industries, Theme Transformers company are counted as some of the major industries of Hyderabad. Besides various public sector undertakings, Hyderabad is undoubtedly considered the biggest IT hub in India after Bangalore.

So this was all about the developmental hub of India, Hyderabad. Now let's look at some of the best franchises one can start in Hyderabad.

When talking about setting up a profitable franchise in the IT City of India, one can usually go for investing in food, real estate, dealership, logistics and get a franchise with good investment options. One can also think of going for a consultancy franchise. 

Why consider a Consultancy Franchise Opportunity?

Let's have a sneak peek about what the consultancy franchise is all about to answer this question!

Consultancy franchise 

Consultancy services mean consulting services, expertise, or strategic advice offered by a person or firm that are of technical and advisory nature. Consultancy Services play a very important role in providing crucial advice and solutions. Consultancy Services can be provided irrespective of any field but these are mostly business solutions with a large network of innovative and assisting ideas that are granted with the help of various delivery centers. When it comes to opening a franchise in consultancy, a consultancy franchise includes fields like business consultancy, management consultancy, marketing or sales consultancy, etc. or depending upon the type of solution required. If you are the type of individual, who has the potential in you, of solving problems and wants to make a difference with your intellectual skills and experience, you can think of opening a consultancy franchise in Hyderabad.

Setting up a consultancy franchise can be a lucrative option. If you are interested in being a consultant, you can give it a shot! You can either buy an existing consulting franchise or you can launch a new consultancy business.

 Benefits of a consultancy franchise

1. Access to important service equipment - 

When you start a new consultancy business, you will be required to invest in marketing, sales, and advertising services. However, this might not be the case, when you buy an existing consultancy franchise as you will benefit from all the already present business services of that particular consultancy franchise.

2. Saves overhead expenses -

Mostly, a consultancy franchise can be run from home, which assists you in eliminating the real estate cost which you would have had to deal with if you were operating from your office space.

3. Support guaranteed -

 Consultancy franchises play the role of both the mentor and the franchisor, thereby providing their customers with their support services in every prospective field.

Cost of Buying a Consultancy Franchise 

The overall cost of buying a consultancy franchise involves the following heads-

*Startup fees- It involves the initial franchise cost.

*Royalty- The franchisee needs to pay a certain percentage of his earnings to the franchisor for using the franchisor's trademark. This amount paid is usually referred to as royalties.

 *Promotional fees- Promotional fees are the advertising and other miscellaneous expenses.

Types of Consulting franchises 

■ Business management consulting Franchise 

Business management consultant solves complex business problems to improve business performance, creates value, and maximizes the growth of the business.

■Financial and Investment Consulting franchises 

Those interested in accounts with a background in finance and can provide tax and investment consultancy should consider this option.

■Sales and Training Consulting franchises

 If you are a person who is into sales and stuff like corporate training and development, you can consider this option viable.

 ■Property Consultant franchises 

Those who have a keen interest in real estate, sales, and brokerage can open their property consultancy franchise and provide genuine advice required by people. Real estate services are also being required by people frequently in today's fast pacing world and so giving a thought about starting your property consultancy franchise won't be a bad option at all. 

■Technology Consulting franchise 

If you think of yourself to be a techno expert you can share this expertise with more and more people by setting up one of your technology consultancy franchises. After all, knowledge shared is knowledge gained!

After getting to know about all the available best consultancy franchise options, let us now creep into the consultancy franchise opportunities in the city of Hyderabad.

1.Sterling placements- Sterling placements is one of the fastest-growing placement consultants of India that has helped hundreds of experienced professionals in their employment and also assists people in finding those opportunities that match their dreams and aspirations.

2. Aspire Overseas education- Aspire Overseas educational consultants is an Overseas educational consultants organization based primarily in Hyderabad which provides education consultancy services to Indian students.

3. Jobs Chronicle- jobs chronicle is an online recruitment company that provides online assistance to job seekers and companies from all fields and offers personalized offline placement and recruitment assistant for good job seekers and employers.

4. Leap Overseas consultants- Leap Overseas consultants provide world-class counseling services to graduates and alumni to achieve their overseas academic goals.

5. Indo-American studies Private Limited- IAS is a global education group that was established in 1992 and offers professional services like counseling, assisting, and facilitating admissions for several thousand students in various International universities.

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