Is Investing In Grocery Franchise A Profitable Choice?

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In India, the traditional or offline Kirana stores, departmental stores, and grocery stores contribute nearly 90% to India’s grocery retail sector. But since the awful downfall of the pandemic pushes back the profit margin, they have to shut down their shops due to the imposed lockdown by the government. The only form of adaptation left for the traditional grocery market to evolve was grabbing the last ray of hope; technology. We can observe the dynamic consumer buying pattern when the lockdown was imposed, many customers started shifting to online e-commerce platforms to fill the necessary stock of items. Now many grocery stores have started evolving too and building their virtual presence to attract consumers online. This innovative approach has helped many grocery markets to survive amid the COVID-19 outbreak and continue to earn average revenue. The migration from traditional grocery to online grocery has not only to assist in earning good profit but also to assist in expansion on a large scale. The growth of online grocery has now leading rapidly in India and making robust forecasts in near future.

Growth Of Online Grocery Market in India:


India’s online grocery market is forecasted to have a 76% year-on-year growth in 2020. By 2023 the online grocery market will have over $10 billion in sales which are expected to grow 1.2% from 0.2% in 2019. Such rapid growth arises due to the emerging demand from consumers and due to the change in the buying behaviour of consumers as well.  Now many of the grocery stores have started their own application software and website along with a presence on various social media apps for staying connected with their consumer-based audience. The growth of online grocery doesn’t only surge its growth solely but assists the higher growth rate in the delivery sector as well. Eventually, the online grocery has been creating a win-win situation for not only consumers but the delivery sector as well. Though this the employment rate in these sectors is all set to give a big blow. The employment opportunities in these sectors are coming under the limelight and bringing scalability for expansion as well. Considering its expansion, now many grocery platforms are providing franchise opportunities in India. But what will be the lucrative returns grocery franchise bring to you?


Advantages Of Investing In Grocery Franchises:



In India, nearly 600+ million people use the internet on a daily basis, the number of users is likely to increase rapidly within the next few years. By investing in an online grocery franchise you will get a golden chance to grab more customers and earn more revenue. Through the strong virtual presence, it gets easier to connect with customers and grab online bookings of grocery and supply goods accordingly. Since technology now has become a foremost priority for adaptation it has been bringing many benefits inclined with it to pull your brand recognition and marketing growth. 


Training And Support: 

This is one of the most gainful advantages of investing in a grocery franchise. You will get thorough training and support from commencement to operation to conduct your business with efficient and strategic marketing. Many grocery franchisors provide guidance, training, and support along with marketing and promotional tactics for higher growth. Apart from training and support, you will also get an attractive ROI (Return On Investment) to help you grow consistently. 


Brand Recognization:

This is the best advanatge for starting any franchise, you get a brand recognization so you do not have to spend your huge expenditure on brad promotion and aggressive advertisement. On another hand, if you start your own grocery business you will have to spend a huge amount of expenditure to cover your promotional expenses, and since the brand is not known in the market many people stay unaware and do not prefer it. Having a franchise of well-known brands will let you have a unique and prestigious position in the market. 

Profitable Online Grocery Franchise Opportunities in India:


With such huge and gainful advantages of online grocery franchise, now you can explore the best and most profitable online grocery franchis opportunities which you can grab and make the most out it. 


AMPM Store Franchise:


AMPM is one of India’s well-organized retail chains that provide 24/7 convenience to its customers so they can avail of the accessibility of its products anytime. The platform offers a wide range of products to its customers that exactly match the customers’ requirements and demand. Now it is rapidly emerging in India through its franchise model. The company is now eyeing to established 1000+ stores in India through it franchise model, AMPM Stores provide all the relevant franchis training program and support to guide the franchisee for running his/her business with complete efficiency. 


Investment: 2-5 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft.


Towness Franchise:


Towness is an online grocery store that offers wide ranges f grocery in various categories to its customers. From bakery to household items, every product is available online and can be bought at a pocket-friendly price range. The especially of the company is that it sells only 100% veg groceries to its customers because it has its aim on maintaining a green and eco-friendly environment, which is why Towness practices selling its grocery in an ethical manner. The company has good technological utilization skills that assist them in emerging online growth. 


Investment: 2-5 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft.


First Go Mart Franchise: 


First Go Mart is India’s leading online as well as offline grocery platform that offers 25,000+ products to its customers from more than 400+ well-knwon and quality-based brands in the market. The company serves a wide range of products from mostly in food categories. Along with the relevant training and guidance, the company also provides social media advertising support, promotional support, and a smart market franchise program to its franchise partners. 


Investment: 20-30 lakhs

Space: 20000-3000 sq ft.


Vittoria Mart Franchise:


Vittoria Mart is India’s fastest growing grocery chain that provides a mix of traditional, modern, organic, and creative shopping products to its customers at affordable prices. The company franchise model involves its unique growth and support system that enables the franchise partner to learn and have a progressive growth. The company also provides all the relevant assistance and guidance for efficient sales leads generation.


Investment: 20-30 lakhs

Space: 20000-3000 sq ft.



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