Is preschool the perfect business idea for women entrepreneurs?

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Written By: Sukriti Deo

In the dynamic landscape of business and entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs have been creating a sensation in recent times. They are moving ahead by exploring their opportunities and steadily penetrating their way into various industries. Their impact motivates a lot of women behind them to do the same. Amongst these, the preschool franchise business model is increasingly standing out. It is an attractive business model for the rising number of women entrepreneurs in the country.

Starting a new business can be an overwhelming and complicated process for anybody. Especially when one is new to the field and not aware of how to execute things.

In this scenario, one can opt for a franchise business as it's a great way for the women to establish themselves. They do not have to enter the market from scratch. Women who have devoted their lives to their families can also go for a successful franchise business. It reduces the risks and failure rate.

Current Scenario of Women Entrepreneurs in India

In recent times, more and more women are breaking chains of societal stereotypes. They are proudly coming out of their traditional and gender-specific roles. Due to this, the last decade saw tremendous growth in the number of women entrepreneurs in India.

Women entrepreneurs today comprise 37% of the world’s total entrepreneurs. While women entrepreneurs in India constitute 13.76%.

There are 58,5 million entrepreneurs in India but only 8.05 million of them are women. Studies say that an equal presence of women entrepreneurs as men in the economy will be very beneficial.

Women and Educational franchise.

There are over a million women entrepreneurs all across the world. And they all are making their way into every field, including the educational sector.

Though their roles aren't limited to only being teachers but much more than that. Now they are entrepreneurs, members of the administration team, founders of schools and whatnot. 

But what makes women and educational franchises a perfect match together?

  1. Natural nurturers: Women are naturally the nurturers and the teachers. However, they can make an excellent entrepreneur too as they are managing and developing their children.
  2. Patience: Children don’t always go by the rules and follow them. They have short attention spans and they are carefree. It is essential to be very patient when dealing with children. Women are considered to be more patient as they know how to keep a young mind engaged. This is the reason why they are well suited in the educational field. 
  3. A better work-life balance: Women entrepreneurs can maintain their work life and households better in the educational fields. As it usually begins in the morning and ends in the evening. This is the most significant reason why educational entrepreneurship and women are a perfect match together.
  4. Respect: They receive more respect as educational entrepreneurs due to the stereotype of the field about women. Also, for a society, it's easier to imagine them as educational entrepreneurs. For example, it is easier to get loans for women who want to go for education franchises than in other sectors.
  5. Multi-tasking: An important ability required in an education franchise is multitasking. And women are considered to be great at multitasking. They balance their work as well as their households together smoothly.
  6. Good decision-makers: Last but not least, women are considered great decision-makers. They don’t hesitate to make quick and hard decisions.

10 reasons why starting a preschool franchise business model is the perfect business idea for women entrepreneurs?

Are you a woman entrepreneur looking for a profitable business venture? How about starting your preschool franchise?  It could be a perfect opportunity for you to make a meaningful impact in the lives of young children.

Owning a preschool franchise is slowly becoming famous among women entrepreneurs due to various reasons. Some of the common reasons are, that they align with their strengths, hopes and lifestyle demands. The preschool franchise cost is also affordable compared to others. Women can begin this franchise business with limited resources and abilities. 

A preschool franchise is known to provide a healthy environment to the kids. It is essential for the mental and physical growth of the children in their early childhood education.    

Here’s why preschool franchises are considered a perfect fit for women entrepreneurs

A proven business model

Investment in a preschool franchise is a great deal. It's an already proven and tested business model. The franchisee also gets support from the franchisor. This significantly reduces the risks associated with starting a new business and enhances the chances of success.

Training and support

A benefit of a franchise business is the comprehensive training and support by the franchisor. Franchisors will provide their advice for curriculum development or any marketing strategy.

A brand that impacts society

This type of franchise not only focuses on profitable purposes. Its advantages sometimes go beyond marketing.

Preschool franchise plays a big role in building a strong society. A society where children’s preschool development is given importance. It also brings a positive change as it provides a chance for women entrepreneurs.

Women empowerment

It makes the women step into the leader’s shoes. They strive and make their networks in the related field. It gives them a chance to display their talent. Their journey also inspires millions of girls.

Syncs with their Affectionate Nature

Handling children is not an easy task. But a woman is known for her naturally affectionate and calm nature. And this acts as an advantage when it comes to preschool franchises.

Women would be more comfortable with children as they would be better at handling them. They don’t hesitate to use creative and informative methods to handle any situation.

The Preschool Business Model Serves as Lucrative Franchise Opportunities

A preschool franchise is a lucrative opportunity. The demand for education for kids will never decline. And the parents will always go for early but quality education for their kids. It simply makes it a profitable option in the eyes of many women entrepreneurs.

Women can enter into this sector by investing in established preschool franchises. The franchise business will provide you with stability and an already trusted segment of customers.  

Affordability and ease

The preschool franchise cost is often a low-investment business. Its franchisees don't need many resources to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

Women entrepreneurs can manage it with ease. They can also refer to the training and support team of their franchisor.

Work-life balance

A woman carries a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders. But still manages to perform smoothly. Though sometimes it gets tough and challenging for them.

A preschool franchise business brings a balance between their work and life. They generally operate in the morning hours and end by the time of evening. This schedule is often challenging to find in any other industry. But it helps women to manage their business and family responsibilities simultaneously. 

Ability of multitasking

In a preschool franchise, multiple things are going on at the same time. Multitasking is an essential quality of a good leader. One needs to be good at it to fit into the role of a leader.

Women are considered masters in multitasking. Because in daily life too they deal with similar situations. This makes a preschool franchise ideal for women entrepreneurs. 

Personal Growth and Development

A preschool franchise business provides you with several opportunities. This leads to a woman’s personal and professional growth. Also, they can learn a lot of new concepts in the process. Women entrepreneurs can develop their skills in leadership, multitasking, management and more.

So are you ready to set up your preschool franchise business model today?

The preschool franchise model is a fitting opportunity for women entrepreneurs. Also, the sector helps them to act upon their instincts. And with the right support and resources women can thrive as successful franchise businesses women. They can make a lasting impact on the lives of young children and their families.

Moreover, the growing number of women entrepreneurs is inspiring many in the process. This also leads to the opening of promising opportunities in the sector. Though they might face obstacles, the spirit to overcome them is what matters the most.

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