Jaipur’s Top Food Franchise Opportunities

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Everything You Should Know About the Food Franchise Business in India-

Indulging into the food franchise business in India is the best way through which customers get to know your business. There is no such big deal in starting a food franchise business. All it takes is the amount of investment one is ready to make in terms of money. The ones planning to make their mark in the food industry should consider food franchising as a good option. The continuous growth of the food franchise business in India has shown that food franchise business in India would turn out to be a money-making opportunity for those businesses that have the potential to grow and are looking to make the best out of the food industry.

Fast Food Franchise Business in India

Fast-food franchise business in India is a great way through which customers who look for food variety and taste get served by the food business owners in various ways. According to statistical reports, the growth of the fast-food franchise business is more in India in comparison with other countries. 

Food Franchise Cost

The investment required to start a food franchise includes-

  • Franchise Fee
  • Infrastructure set-up
  • Refundable security deposit
  • Staff hiring
  • Uniform cost of staffs
  • Additional charges

Here are the investment and average break-even period for the different types of restaurant models-

  • Casual Dine-In, Fast Food Joints- Fast food joints are always on the ground because of their growing popularity. Their Average break-even period is 2-5 Years with an Investment requirement of 35-50 Lakh.
  • Food Court Outlet- It is usually suitable for small players who are not willing to take big steps and want to go with the process of low investment. Its Average break-even period is 0.5- 2 Yrs and the Investment required is 5-10 Lakh.
  • Cakeshop or Bakery- If you have a keen interest in dessert and bakery items then you can go with this type. Its average break-even period is 2-3 Years along with an investment requirement of 15-35 Lakh.
  • Fine-Dine Property, Lounges, Bar- This model requires higher investment as compared to the other ones because of its exotic interior and decor. Their average break-even period is 4-6 Years along with an Investment requirement of 50 Lakh and above.

Benefits of starting a food franchise business in India

  •  Demand by Food Lovers- People generally love eating out as it is the best way to escape the burden of cooking, especially for people who are working and living away from their hometown. People living in metro cities usually prefer eating out as they hardly get time to cook a meal every day. They love visiting restaurants and small food joints and trying various delicacies and dishes of different kinds. Thus, the continually increasing demand for fast food corners, restaurants, and dining places, makes the food franchise business in India, a profitable business to invest in.
  • Easy Set-Up Process- Food franchise set-up is not as much complicated process as it seems to be. Initial start-up cost and the annual licensing amount is the essential requirement to set up a food franchise. 
  •  Recession-Survivor- The economic condition of every country always comes with an uncertainty factor, but food franchises never get affected much even at times of crisis as they are always loved by people.
  • Opportunities- There are many opportunities that a food franchise carries with itself. Accessible location can prove to be the reason behind the success of the food franchise business in India.

Tips to Get a Food Franchise

  • Make a Budgetary Plan- The initial requirement of every business is its financial aspect. Financial investment involves 3 key elements that involve-Budget Analysis, ROI Expectation and the Break-even Period
  • Consult your Peers- You can discuss with your close contacts and business colleagues who have taken a franchise in the past or a consultant would guide you on the right track and will help you to reduce the communication gap between you and other franchisors thereby assisting you in developing a business plan.
  • Brand selection- The brand selection is a very important aspect to consider before buying a food franchise venture. Do consider the following points in mind- financial position of the franchisor, franchise model, restaurant’s vision, values of the franchisor, etc.
  • Paperwork Procedure- One should always consider a lawyer as there is a lot of paperwork before setting up a franchise business. The lawyers and legal advisors help in verifying the paperwork and other legal matters. 

Top Food Franchise Opportunities in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital and the largest city of Rajasthan and is also known as the Pink City of India. Jaipur is a popular tourist destination in India and is also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Amber Fort and Jantar Mantar. Famous dishes of Jaipur include Dal Baati Churma, Missi Roti, Gatte ki Sabzi, Bajre ki Roti and Laal Maans.] Jaipur is also known for its sweets which include Ghevar, Feeni, Mawa Kachori, Gajak, etc. The economy of Jaipur is run by tourism, gemstone cutting, the manufacture of jewellery and luxury textiles, and information technology.

This was all about the pink city. Now let us explore the franchise opportunities available in this city-

1.The Peppers- The Peppers specializes in serving mouthwatering appetizers and main courses and also Chinese and North Indian Cuisines. With an investment range of 2 to 5 lakhs, The Peppers provides mouth-watering experiences to its customers leaving them with a memorable aftertaste. It provides Low investment level with good returns, aggressive expansion plans along Brand support and guidance.

2.US Pizza Fried Chicken- With an investment range of 5-10 lakhs, US Pizza provides for all delicious things like- Pizza, Burgers, Fried Chicken, Calzone, Pasta & many more. The franchise outlet is dedicated to give you the very best of Natural dough Pizza, Yummy Burgers & very Juicy Fried Chicken in a single menu and focus on dependability, uniqueness & best in industry customer service. USPFC serves a very innovative menu with natural ingredients to give you the best in industry taste at a very affordable price. USPFC is a food destination for those, who love to try different things with their food. It serves you a big menu of American & Italian cuisine with Indian spices and a really good taste.

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