Juice Salon: A Leading Opportunity in Salon Franchise

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Salon business is a positive marketing avenue with an annual turnout of 25% to 30% every year. It is a cash based venture which works within the purview of need of the customer. The most interesting aspect of the reality is the responses elicited towards the brand salons in Tier I and II cities.

Here, the customers have all the assets, yet the roads to spend are constrained. The working costs in particular, rentals are sensible, thus franchisees can accomplish a target which is equal to the initial investment in a lot quicker way. 

Additionally, the recurrence of women visiting salons has  expanded throughout the years and nearly 40% of the women in cities are visiting salons two times per month now. This awareness for self care has also moved beyond the boundaries of specificities of gender. Men are increasingly on the same path; they have moved on from fundamental hair styling and shaving to the adoption of a healthy skin care system. 

In this regard, it then becomes imperative to discuss India’s topmost leading Salon brand, Juice Salon and understand their techniques and strategies to optimise customer satisfaction and employee productivity in order to provide the best business experience.    Juice Salon: A leading company in the beauty sector

Popular, Unique, Customized. That is what Juice Salon manifests in reality. And that is how they define each customer experience at Juice, a prerequisite to fulfill all individual needs and demands. Ranging from the requirements of customers who identify themselves as ardent followers of fashion to trend setters and celebrities, Juice is one of India's best salon chains from Mumbai with about 20 years of experience making them a pioneer in hair and nail care industry. 

With a reach in cities like Mumbai,Navi - Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Dubai, Juice has gained immense fame and reputation throughout these years and has consistently been on a rise in various other urban areas across the periphery of India as well. In order to catalyse the expansion, they are searching for the best location along with a  visionary and passionate franchise partners to launch this popular brand in multiple other cities. Juice will impart all its skill and experience to the franchisee to make the salon the best in the city. 

Apart from this, Juice Stylistshave have made a brand opportunity which is popular, edgy and globally updated with latest patterns and innovations, utilizing the most popular attractions of hairdressing, nail-dressing and other beauty treatment methods. Thus, in the ever-developing fashion and styling industry, collaborating with Juice sure bodes well! 

Juice Salon is taking a gander at accomplices and providing opportunities to those who have an enthusiasm and real passion towards the beauty business and understand the level of embodiment of this brand and it’s salon segment so that they would pave the way for the business to reach new heights. 

As is common knowledge these days, the salon portion is developing into a more organised sector now and Juice seizes this opportunity to provide an incentive regarding top global brands, quality attractive scope of expert home services and products for customers. They also have an exceptionally transparent and top notch partner support program set up with a to ensure that the partners get an opportunity to invest the vast majority of their energy maintaining the business proficiently which will be furnished with the backend support from Juice’s side.

In order to aid the operation of the franchisees, they provide a range of services as Franchisee Support: 

Business Expertise 

Juice Salon aims to propel the franchisee with a solid knowledge base about the business tactics and ventures that the firm engages in. Therefore, the franchisee gains expertise in this specific spectrum.

Area assessment 

In order to ensure optimum customer satisfaction it becomes imperative to assess the quality and quantity of the location in purview. This ensures a standardised system of services to the customers. 

Interior Designs 

With a brand name as huge as Juice, it is extremely significant to keep in mind the impact of features like interior decor that would impact the customers since it reflects and adds on the brand name.

Guidance during fit-out 

Juice Salon also keeps in mind to prepare for fit out sessions beforehand and thus regulates a program to guide the franchisees as to how to go about with the business during fit-out.

Training the team at regular intervals 

The company regulates a module wherein they conduct training programs for the working team at regular intervals to ensure a moral code of conduct and standardised way of dealing with the customers and their needs.

Setting up the salon for operations

Juice Salon provides aid to the franchisees in setting up an outlet as well. This is a great boost not just logistically but morally as well where in the franchisor functions a parent body for the franchisee in its truest essence.

Advertising Strategy 

The firm helps the franchisee organisation to work on their promotional skills to popularise the venture in the chosen market by providing them with advertising strategies and plans to imply those among the target audience.

Plan on Retail and on floor use items and so on

The franchisor company also provides instructions on how to go about the retail businesses along with salon facilities to the franchisee body which can give an edge to the business and prove as an advantage in the beauty and fashion market. 

Juice Salon has been able to streamline the operations of salon experiences with the realm of scientific backing over a course of 20 years of prowess in hairdressing. One can invest in this chain of beauty franchises to create a system of successful business ventures. They require an investment of 50-75 lacs with a 1000-2000 sq. ft. space requirement in order to be eligible to purchase the franchise. However, they assess and evaluate the entrepreneurs before moving ahead in the process. 

Juice Salon is an incredibly popular and growing chain of salons in the beauty and fashion sector and investment in this firm would definitely increase the chances of prospects of success in one’s business venture. 

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