Kitchen Franchise Opportunities in India: Modular Kitchens

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Kitchen Franchise Opportunities In India: Modular Kitchens

Written By Sanskriti                                                                                    Dec 13 2021

India is home to the largest set of the millennial population in the world. Thereby, demands and preferences for health, food, fashion and lifestyle greatly vary. With India having the majority of its youth in favour of entrepreneurship, India is currently witnessing a high surge in the field of franchising business.

India being a home to a variety of spices, tastes and flavours, the food and lifestyle sector is technically a good choice for the franchising business. It never goes out in a slump. Like we all know, the kitchen is the heart of our home. It becomes really important to have your kitchens designed and organized elegantly.

So is kitchen franchise opportunities in India worth the profit? If yes, then how?

Let's get through the details of the topic that might help you in analyzing your perspective towards it and find the answers to your bugging questions!


Why are Kitchen Franchise Opportunities in India a Great Choice?

Kitchen Franchise opportunities in India are currently an arena of great interest to the franchisors. Over the past years, we have witnessed a rise in the living standards of the people and so has the increase in demand for modular kitchens, sleek wardrobes and kitchen appliances.

Statistics demonstrate that there has been considerable growth in the sector of modular kitchens, home and kitchen appliances in recent years. With the up-gradation in technology and lifestyle of people in our culture, the sale of modular kitchens and Kitchen appliances have taken a big leap. Consumers are willing to spend a good sum if provided with improved and innovative quality modular items at sporting rates.

Amongst the Indian customers, the kitchen is no more thought of as a different unit, but a typical space where you socialize, relax and spend happy hours. With consumer's growing inclination towards experimentation with varying design, compositions, and youthful colour hybrids, manufacturers are set independently to offer the consumers with their innovative world-class creations. Premium designs and elements such as the concept of magic corners and kitchen island are adding a more luxurious touch to the cooking space and creating a greater consumer traffic to the business.

Listed below are few reasons that gives you an insight towards the rising kitchen franchise opportunities  in India:

  • The online distributor channels have created a medium via platform using digital media to allow people select and buy kitchen appliances and designs as per their preference, requirement and their budget. Nevertheless, the lack of the traditional concept of touch and feel hinders the online sales allowing the offline medium to hold the major market share.

  • The  business extension strategy of the companies such as Panasonic and Johnson into the modular kitchen space has led to increase in the nber of branded stores in the country.

  • Considerable expansion of the residential building industry is anticipated to be the master driver for the market.

  • Surging need for space-saving and efficient storage optimizes the use of small spaces among consumers which ultimately increase the product demand. These set-ups provide effective and efficient storage for vital kitchen commodities like the appliances, utensils and groceries in the space.


What is a Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchen is a unique and innovative solution to the challenges posed by traditional kitchens. It is a functional, durable and manageable innovation in the field of modernization of kitchen lifestyle. It is a term for a modern kitchen layout that comprises modular entities made of varied materials with capacity holding.

What Are the Major Advantages of Modular Kitchens

There is an ease of assemblage of all the parts. If a part gets damaged, it can be easily replaced and repaired individually. It has the option of customization. The custom. er, can have their preferred design, colour and size preferences. Modular kitchens are designed in such a way that it avoids the waste of space. It involves extensive and good utilization of the space area by increasing the storage and holding capacity without creating chaos out of the complete look of your kitchen. Modular kitchens also offer a sleek and modernised execution to your house. It provides you with a convenient lifestyle.

How Are Modular Kitchens Different?

The sleek structure and layout of the modular kitchen bestows your home with an elegant look. It has an easy to assemble and reassemble format of the modules of a modular kitchen. Like mentioned earlier it is manageable means you can easily carry them with you if you are shifting homes.Modular furniture uses engineered woods that are mostly preferred to enhance its durability unlike the solid woods used by carpenters that can be difficult to maintain. Quality is ensured by the manufacturing units as they comprise of  factory-made products. Storage can never be a problem with the modular kitchens since you get the facility of  customised storage with designated space for all your needs 

Why Is Modular Kitchens a Good Franchising Idea?

As the kitchen is considered a vital part of every home, people are willing to capitalize a large percentage to reap great outcomes leading to a higher demand for modular kitchen companies in India. As a result, several modular kitchen companies have been established in India who offer modular kitchen franchise opportunities to people interested in composing their brand.

Investing to possess a modular kitchen franchise in India is not an unprofitable idea at all, if you have a  good sum of money, ready to operate and keep taking franchise brand name you have taken up to a greater height can help you earn a pot full of money. Any business requires hard work and devotion to fight off struggles and maintain loyalty. If you dare to stick to this commitment, giving your best can help you lead in this business.

A decent amount of in-depth knowledge, training, enthusiasm to work, experienced guidance, efficient work, toleration, unified and cooperative nature, sincerity, and moral practices can help bring you, additional customers, in this space. Once you get the franchise from a company, you must follow the rules made by the company in the case of franchise holders.

What Are Different Kitchen Franchise Opportunities in India?

Here, Franchise Bazar offers you the opportunity to explore the new modular kitchen franchise opportunities and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Some distinguished franchises we refer to from this sector are -

Stovekraft Limited is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is also  the largest limited company in the kitchen appliances industry. Their flagship brands, Gilma & Pigeon, offer distinctive propositions to the customers. They also have a varied and striking marketing strategy that helps create premium kitchen solutions with their wide range of products. As it is a fully integrated business, it is currently offering franchise business opportunities.

Investment: Rs 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs

Franchise fee: Rs 1lakh to 2 lakhs

Space: 250-500 sq ft

Würfel is a new & enthusiastic brand with a motive is to revolutionize the arena of modular kitchen industry. The company is trying to pave a way for innovations for kitchens made out of glass to that carved out of stone. Its logo characterizes that it is of modular nature. Each piece of its work is handpicked from the best of Europe. The company has several studios in different cities and had built one of the vastest chains of supplying bounty & exclusive modular kitchens such as Pulse Kitchen, My Story Kitchen, an Art form, Marbelous and Reflection across the nation.

Investment: Rs 40-50 lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs 5-10 lakhs

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft

It is one of the largest home and kitchen appliances company with a huge turnover amount of Rs 1400 Crore in the year 2013-2014. It offers a wide range of premium quality products ranging from cookware to kitchen tools. The retail initiative — Prestige Smart Kitchen, of TTK Prestige is a line of exclusively franchised 'Prestige' brand stores scattered across the various parameters of the country.

It offers the franchisees a proven business formula, low time investment with a highly profitable output.

Investment: Rs 10-25 lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs75000 to 1.5 lakhs

Area: 400 - 1000 sq ft.


How to Start a Home and Kitchen Appliances Franchise in India?

The home and kitchen appliances franchise in India is a quite distinctive choice. It is the need of every house. The need for home and kitchen solutions in the present scenario is high. As this is a luxurious segment, it turns out as a very productive business opportunity.

Taking a franchise from a company doesn’t imply that you have acquired the ownership of that company. There are specific rules and responsibilities set by a company to be fulfilled, which will help you go hand in hand with the brand you chose.  Franchisee offering firms provide you with the required training, recommendation, and support to help run the business smoothly. 

To start a home and kitchen appliance franchise in India, you'll need to go through a complete pre-planned strategy to open a franchise business in India. We, the Franchise Bazar provide you with the complete assistance and support from the senior advisory consultants at service so that you don't lose the opportunity out of a single rejection due to any minor or major error at any stage of procedure.


  • Determining the Niche and Budget

You must be careful while choosing the brand you want the franchise for. Narrow down your list based on your budget, demand and alignment. We, Franchise Bazar is a trusted and experienced group that filters through the lot and helps get the best for you.

  • Documentation

The documentation process is the most crucial step one has to go through. Many documents are rejected because of no prior knowledge or may be due to the wrong format. We, the Franchise Bazar has already designed templates on the basis of the required franchise ownership demands to avoid your application being rejected.

  • Registration

Once the documentation process is done, you have to get registered with the Ministry of Corporate affairs for further advancements. 

  • Licensing

Last and one of the most significant steps in the procedure is finalizing the licensing routines. You will need all sorts of licensing to be done before you start the franchise in the public realm ranging from the related industry to the company licensing.

Our purpose is to put together everyone that gets to us with a range of services based on your requirements and align you with the right choices in hand. We make sure that you have a satisfactory association with the service after contacting us. We aim at helping people accomplish. That's our real motive.

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