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Midnight food cravings are best only when you have flavorsome food, opening a refrigerator and heating the food or eating frozen cup-noodles isn’t something we all enjoy. What if you could get hot, cooked, delectable food at home in midnight hours even without cooking it all by yourself? Just a few clicks on the phone and boom! Your hot lip-smacking food is ready. 

As of now, during the awful period of a pandemic, the question of safety concern and cleanliness often arises in our mind; everybody wants to be assured whether they are getting a safe and clean service or not?

To tackle such issues, Knight Bite treats cleanliness and safety as a significant priority. The service opens between 7 pm-4 am with the utmost care and safety, and the food is too cooked in a clean environment to avoid any unhygienic disturbance. 

Most of the time, the grocery near your house remains closed, and even if it opens it is filled with a long waiting line of people, how can you get the ingredient at night when all the shops are closed due to lockdown rules?

Worry no, the Knight Bite takes care of your hungry stomach. 

Knight Bite: A cloud kitchen platform offers midnight food delivering service, so the hunger at midnight can be fulfilled.

Best cloud kitchen franchise opportunity in India.

Knight bite provides food delivery service in Mangalore from 8 pm-4 am to kill the midnight food cravings with mouth-watering food. The menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, late-night snacks, special shakes, and unique knight desserts. The platform has its food delivery application through which anyone can connect with them; order food and delivery will be completed within 35 minutes so that you can be presented with hot delicious food. If you are one of those people who often get this food craving even at midnight, but you are too lazy also to boil noodles, then this app will present you with rapid and best service even at midnight. The user can select the best food from the given menu, choose to pay online or cash on delivery option, and get the food ready.

Knight Bite is ready to expand its brand by providing franchise opportunities to versatile and creative entrepreneurs. Knight Bite has got 8.0 overall ratings from its users and holds potential customers to have a complete insight into the target audience. Since the platform has its target audience, which is rapidly growing due to convenient services, it’s one of the emerging platforms when it comes to opening a franchise.

Is opening a Knight Bite franchise profitable in India?

Yes, Knight Bite application has 10,000+ users in two cities who order food daily, and with its swift pace in the market, it is holding various strategic tactics and marketing approaches to grow consistently.  

Knight Bite provides its franchisee with a license to operate to use the renowned brand name; it also offers innovative and unique concepts in handling work operations and tasks. The reliable and operational efficiency and support from the brand guide its franchisee to sow the sturdy roots of effective marketing, the facility with in-house POS system helps to manage the orders and keep a track on them as well. 

What investment is required to open the Knight Bite franchise?

The investment required to open the Knight Bite franchise is between 10-15 lakhs with 750-1000 sq feet space. 

How to open the Knight Bite franchise in India?

To open the Knight Bite franchise and for more details, register at or you can give a call on +91-9844443200

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