Livspace Franchise's Robust Expansion Spree in India

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Written By: Smita B

Livspace Interior is becoming India’s industry leader in the interior design franchise sector. Since the brand is actively pursuing innovations in Indian house decorations and renovations.

Livspace has been offering its best interior design franchise business plan in India as well as in foreign countries. However, Livspace Interior’s incredible global expansion is bringing a fresh creative perspective to the home decorating and remodeling sector.

In addition, Livspace has reportedly become “cash-flow positive in the Indian market with its increased revenues. Moreover, the brand anticipates around a 30 percent increase in the financial year 2023-24 revenue.

Livspace Co-Founder and COO Ramakant Sharma have confirmed that Livspace has become cash flow positive from the October-December quarter of 2023-24 in India business, which is 80-85 percent of our total revenue”

Ankit Shah, Livspace's Chief Strategy Officer has confirmed that the company has cash reserves of about $100 million to fund its daily operations. Meanwhile, the company has experienced immense growth in the last 2 years due to certain reasons. For instance, investing in branding, experience center opening, and supply chain improvement. Therefore, the brand is planning to utilize this amount for business expansion.

Furthermore, one of the most essential aspects of Livspace's market penetration has been its interior design franchise model. Hence, Livspace has launched its franchises in multiple cities and partnered with local business owners to reach previously undiscovered markets.

Livspace Interior Design Franchise Success Journey

Livspace Interiors was founded in 2014 by  Anuj Shrivastav (Former Google, Global Head Of Product Marketing)  and  Ramakant Sharma (Former Myntra, VP Engineering & Core Team Member). The founders discovered this unique interior design and remodeling business opportunity during their own home decorating journey. At that point of time, the founders encountered some unavoidable situations. As an example, coordination of craftsmen, excessive expenditures, unorganized labor structure, and many others.

Thus, the goal behind this company establishment is to offer homeowners a hassle-free home decoration and renovation experience. As a result, Livspace has achieved enormous success with its business model in a very short period. Moreover, Livspace is moving ahead consistently by focusing on the global market.





Livspace Banglore Store



Interior Design Company Foundation

Livspace Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon Store



Take Over - DesignUP,, Yo FloorRecognition-Innovative Start-Up Of The Year

Livspace Mumbai and Thane Store



Completion of 1000 + Home decoration projectsExperience Centre Opening - Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai



In progress

Fast Company Award “Words Most Innovative Company”Experience Centre Opening - Gurgaon

Livspace Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune Store



Listed by RED HERRING’s as one of the  “Top 100 Global Companies” by Completion of 5000 + Home decoration projects

Livspace Singapore Store




Experience Centre Opening - Hyderabad

Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Kochi, Kolkata Store



11 Experience Centre OpeningExperience Centre Opening - Bangalore (size - 23,000 sqft large)

Surat, Mysore, Mangalore, Vizag, Vijayawada, Coimbatore, Indore Store



Completion of 25000 + Home decoration projectsCertified as “ Great Place To Work”Awarded by White Page International - “India’s Most Trusted Home Interiors Brand”

Livspace Interiors brand has become a Unicorn in India’s Interior and renovation sector

2022 and onwards

In progress

Incorporating innovative Decoration ideas for homeOffering Interior design franchise to eligible aspirants

Livspace’s rapid expansion across the country has been largely attributed to the interior design franchise model it introduced. Initially, the franchise model facilitated the brand’s expansion into metropolitan cities as well as tier-2 cities in the country.

Aspiring business owners are willing to be franchise partners with the brand due to its solid brand reputation in the country and the exceptional services the brand provides to its clients. Hence, the aspirants view the Livspace Interior Design franchise as an attractive opportunity to capitalize on the constantly expanding house decoration and renovation sector. The brand is offering its tested business model and strong support to deserving candidates in this franchise plan.

Best Interior Design Franchise Model By Livspace

  • Livspace franchise Opportunity investment costs around ₹ 20 Lakhs to ₹ 25 Lakhs at the initial stage. Also this interior design company hires a franchise partner with extensive local market knowledge. As per the current franchise partner Livspace review, the brand provides extreme support to its franchise partners right from the establishment of the business.
  • Furthermore, the brand's emphasis on technology such as modular product designing and quotation software offers its franchise partners a significant advantage. This is possible as they can provide innovative services that set them apart from local competitors.
  • Livspace assures 100% support to franchise partners in staff hiring and training to keep up with the brand reputation in all its franchise stores. Along with it, Livspace assists franchise partners in their various operational activities like sales, store operations, site operations, product delivery, and product installation, etc. The brand provides complete access to the franchise partner to communicate with their technical and sales support team members directly.
  • In recent years, homeowners have been looking for unique home decorating ideas. Hence, Livspace provides a broad variety of home decorating and renovation design options with its product catalog of over 29 Lakhs items. This product catalog by Livspace consists of various design options to suit every homeowner's preferences and budget.
  • Additionally, Livespace is known for delivering services that surpass client expectations. In fact, to achieve this goal, the brand maintains strict quality standards. Moreover it crafts a cooperative working environment with its franchise partners. Also livspace's wide network of experts includes over 3,500 interior designers, contractors, craftsmen, and architects.
  • Along with the extreme support in tech, operations, and product range, Livspace also ensures the franchise partner’s growth. Hence, the Livspace interior design franchise provides extreme assistance with its proven successful business model.

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Robust Support From International Investors And Strategic Alliances

The Livespace franchise business is consistently delivering excellence to its clients. This is with its creative approach and dedicated services in the interior design and renovation sector. Therefore the brand is gaining remarkable financial support from foreign investors and strategic alliances.

Foreign investors are expecting to capitalize on India’s burgeoning home improvement segment by heavily investing in India’s most trusted Livspace Interiors brand. 

Currently, Livspace has secured investments from well-known investors. These include KKR & Co, Goldman Sachs, TPG Growth, Bessemer Venture Partners, Venturi, and Alsulaiman Group. With the help of this huge capital infusion, Livspace has been expanding its franchise business. And started investing in technology, experience center openings, and resources.

Livspace has formed strategic alliances with major global brands. For instance, the renowned Swedish furniture brand IKEA and the French sustainable construction material and glass producer brand Saint Gobain.

Livspace has improved its product offerings through these strategic alliances, which directly benefits the Livspace franchise owners. Moreover, it also improves the customer experience and ultimately customer trust in the Livspace Interior Design Franchise.

If you are willing to collaborate with Livspace Interior Design as a franchise partner then reach out to our professional franchise advisors at FranchiseBazar.

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