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Buying a car is a minuscule task when compared to the mammoth task of maintaining the vehicle in prime condition or even mending and repairing damages that have occurred to the car. Quite often, the car we buy for ourselves does not satisfy all of our expectations and needs, this is when one would turn to get the car customized or modified, with attachments and replacements that help the car look and feel like what was envisioned.

Customizing cars is a craze and passion for a few people, who go about changing the entire vehicle's appearance and performance, with anything from new shiny and bigger wheels, engine and exhaust modifications to alter the car's performance, coloured and printed wraps, led and neon lights and what not. This trend among the younger generation, influenced by ease of access to resources has resulted in plenty of workshops and stores that aid in customizing and revamping cars to the owner's specifications.

 These vehicle modification shops majorly deal with two types of modification, the requirement and performance-based ones as well as the cosmetic ones that refer to beautifying the car. Performance-based modifications might include increasing suspension length to give you more ground clearance or even decreasing suspension to reduce drag, adding heavy duty lights or snorkels on jeeps that go through a lot of off-road ventures, laying tints on the windows to shade from sunlight and many more such purpose satisfying modifications.

While on the other hand, the cosmetic changes such as paint jobs and wraps, stickers and decals, lights on the underside of the car, seat upholstery and others are mere changes done to the car to make it look good.

Car wash, vehicle repair workshop and other services provided by many centres, on the other hand, are more profitable and widespread in the country in comparison to modification shops. All cars need washing, often more detailed than just an external wash and at the same time, all cars need repairs and oil changes at some point. The number of third-party service centres that have opened up is massive, this is mostly because of their ease of access, affordability, flexibility and also the fact that they do not involve as much paperwork as compared to a car company's service centre.

Automotive aftermarket size:

A recent report shows that the Indian automotive aftermarket that includes all modifications and repairs done in vehicles post-purchase, which is growing at 11 per cent per annum, is at an inflection point with the increase in vehicle parts, more complex parts, and price-sensitive customers. It also states that this specific sector will double its market size in the next 5 years or so. The Indian market for branded generics that are used in cars is already worth Rs 3,000 crore to Rs 4,000 crore and is set to grow significantly in the next 5 years.

The car wash business in India is one that is very new in comparison with the other mentioned services mentioned above, none the less, it is an extremely fast-growing industry. With people becoming more and more impatient and busy, automated car washes and tunnels are gaining popularity along with the conventional manual methods of a car wash.

Franchise opportunities in this segment have been growing by the hour, an entrepreneur can explore a wide variety of multi-brand car service franchise, car dealership franchise or any auto body repair franchise.

Setting up a car wash shop or an auto service and repair will work out as a massive benefit, considering the increase in the number of cars on road in India, and the improvement in the standard of living. Joining or starting your own car services franchise or operation might just be the best thing you have done, and you could be on your way doing this by following a few steps such as setting up a shop, hiring an experienced crew of mechanics, getting approval from the government and a few more.

Get going with your car care franchise today, visit the FranchiseBazar and gain access to all of the assistance you need to set up your very own car services opportunity!

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