Low Investment Franchise Opportunities

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Nowadays it’s pretty common for people to shift their professional priorities on establishing something of their own rather than being under someone, looping around that 9-5 job, getting those occasional coffee spills while hurrying to work, at a point of time people get bored, they seek to do something new and exciting. They would want to free themselves from the chain of monotony. That’s when the idea of a startup pops in their heads, but is starting a business from scratch seems the effort worth putting in?

You may also be unfamiliar with many dangers and risks creeping out there. The alternative to this is to invest in a franchise! While altogether it does require efforts, time and planning to be put into it. It’s more of like a furnished flat which is ready to move in, rather a blank room from where you would have to set up things. Many might be cautious and vary of the amount of money they would invest in, some may start small and steadily and grow over time. If you happen to be among such people then fret not as there are quite a lot low investment franchise business opportunities around you!.

With investment ranging from 1-5lacs, a few franchises, currently in its baby stages withholding immense potential as a dormant asset, here’s a pick on the best low investment franchises suitable for you:


Franchise Opportunities with its Investment ranging from Rs 1 – 2 Lacs

  • UpGrad : Online Coaching and E - Learning Franchise

UpGrad is an online higher education platform providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and industry. Merging the latest technology, pedagogy, and services, UpGrad is creating an immersive learning experience – anytime and anywhere. This in turn breaks the chains of restrictions which might be imposed on learners due to unfortunate events (Such as the COVID-19 outbreak). When you become a franchisee to UpGrad, not only you would be making good money, but most importantly you would be contributing towards the development of E-Learning which in turn would be an invaluable asset for tomorrow.

  • Momo Factory : Fast Food Franchise

Hot steaming Momos on a rainy day surely is a euphoric experience one could indulge in. Momos have been a celebrated delicacy from the east, the satisfying chew of the dough paired up with the mind blowing fillings is a match made in heaven. Momo Factory has been a pioneer in developing such wonderful Momos, making them accessible at reasonable prices, surely it is an experience which would take you through a flavor trip. If you love food and have the desire to share this joyous experience with the masses, this franchisee is definitely for you. Be a franchisee to their brand, and let the humble Momo find its way into many hearts that it would eventually win.

  • Dr Lal Path Labs : Healthcare Franchise

Dr Lal Path Labs is recognized as a center of innovation and a premier clinical pathology laboratory, Dr Lal Path Labs is India's oldest and most respected private pathology laboratory chain with over 60 years of experience in providing pathology services. The Company and reference laboratories at Delhi utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment to carry out over 1,650 different tests and panels in the disciplines of Molecular Diagnostics, Biophysics, Flow Cytometry, Immunophenotying, Cytogenetics, Endocrinology, Genetics, Nutrition and Metabolism, Oncology and more. If that isn’t an impressive list of feats then I really don’t know what is. Be a franchisee to Dr Lal Path Labs now!

  • Rock Tawa : Manufacturing Franchise

Cast iron skillets, kadais and tawas are hard and durable; they are used and loved by people all over the world, and Rock Tawa is gifted with the art of producing flawless Cast iron skillets. Their experience in the industry along with skilled workforce, has developed a range of indigenous products that has withstood the test of time. Being India’s #1 Cast Iron Cookware Company, This franchise surely has to be among the ones you should lookout for.

  • Ola Car Wash : Cleaning Franchise

Representing the Car wash franchise, they constantly strive and work towards keeping your car spotless and shiny. Having quite a unique approach to achieve their desired results, they have enabled a buyer to customer online platform from which enables customers to connect to the nearest door to door car washing service partner who is either their franchisee or associate partner. Quite convenient and an effortless experience it would be for such. They further strive to reduce water wastage, which one would approximately use 5 - 10 liters of water to wash a single car, they choose to avoid such exploitation of the resource by innovating and implementing the use of steam wash. Sounds quite responsible and fresh doesn’t it? Sign up as a franchisee and reap further benefits from this famed establishment.


Franchise Opportunities with its Investment ranging from Rs 2 – 5 Lacs

  • Amul : Retail Franchise (Consumables)

One of the most easily recognizable brands in the country, Amul has been among such veterans existing for decades and making its presence well known in the market. Producing and supplying consumable commodities, it has seen an evolution in itself through its newly innovated products. Owning an Amul franchise business can be extremely rewarding owing to the low initial investment and the sole ownership in the business revenue along with the support in terms of store inauguration and equipment purchase. So think no more, and sign yourself up with Amul as a franchisee now!

  • Adidas : Retail Franchise ( Sportswear)

The Legendary Sports brand known to all having 450 retailers in 28 states. Adidas franchise is one of the most popular options among entrepreneurs as the business have a higher ROI in comparison to any other brand. Every year Adidas produces over 900 million sports and sports lifestyle products with independent manufacturing partners worldwide. This Adidas Franchise opportunity certainly would attract many entrepreneurs, get your one shot before anyone else does. Sign up as a franchisee to Adidas now!

  • IBPS : Coaching Franchise

Institute of Banking Preparation for Selection (IBPS for short) is a premium institute for Bank PO/Clerk, Railway, SSC, Other Competitive Exam Coaching and Skill Development Training in Different Sectors like IT, Telecom, Retail and Banking. Their primary motive is to prepare candidates and aspirants into valued assets for the nation by helping them transform into a responsible and accountable citizens who hold good positions in the society. Thus acting as an invaluable contribution towards the welfare of the country and its societies. Franchise with IBPS now and brush up young sharp minds, allowing them to propel themselves in their desired sector.

  • Leo Dogs : Pet Franchise

The good old fashioned one stop pet destination for all, Leo Dogs with their seemingly high popularity in Rajkot (Gujarat). With their belief and principles giving its maximum importance for customer satisfaction and in the quality of products and services they offer. Along with that coming to the main highlight and the star of attraction of this establishment, The animals!. Leo Dogs sells different kinds of animals to the public, a variety of animal supplies and pet accessories and hold up that’s not all it. If you’re currently dazzled by the variety and the vastness in their famed establishment, buckle up because there’s more to what really runs the show over here.  Pet Grooming Service, Dog Behavior Training, Puppy Hostel, Dog Restaurant, Pet Medical Care, Live Pet Farm Decoration and many much more! Bet that managed to raise your eyebrows now. Sign up as a Franchisee with Leo Dogs now and have an unforgettable phenomenal experience that you would forever cherish.

  • Chai Villa : Tea Franchise

Tea! The humble escape from one’s reality. The inviting aromatic fragrance surely does acts as a catalyst for ideas. One thing which is important to be mentioned, these guys at Chai Villa serve some great tea. Preparing it with aromatic spices, special blends of tea which are carefully designed to give you that wave of relaxation and to top it all with the main highlight, they are served in a kulhad (Clay cup) which mystically enhances its flavor. If you think that you could take up the “Responsibili-Tea” of being a franchisee with this humble brand, don’t “Tea-lay” things and grab the opportunity now!                   

Concluding with the topic we notice how Franchising in certain sectors doesn’t need to shell out every single penny out of your pocket. It could be a great way budding entrepreneurs and young businessmen could make their mark in the business playfield.

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