New Normal Pandemic World: How Salon Franchises in India are adapting to the?

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New Normal Pandemic World: How Salon Franchises in India are adapting to the services amid global pandemic?

No matter how hard you try to get that flawless hair cut or cut stylish bulgy bangs, the magic scissors our barbers hold in hand and make rapid moves to give us that ideal look is far more unique. But the unpredictable occurrence of the global pandemic brought immense amounts of loss to salon sectors. The consequences they have been facing made their ongoing adaptation seem astonishing. Adaptation is necessary for the result of prolonging survival, and in the current pandemic scenario, its effects are proven to be fruitful. Salon sectors are steadily learning and inventing advanced methods of conducting multiple operations to provide its service to precious loyal customers.


The new normal pandemic world has taught so many lessons to us, and adaptation is one of the most significant of them. Since the pandemic cannot be ignored entirely while providing services, salons have taken a prominent initiative to assure the safety and health of the customers while delivering its service.

How are salons in India delivering their services?

Brands like Volt luxury and Juice salons are treating health and hygiene as their supreme priority.

Vot luxury brand is a promising salon bar that provides stylish and splendid haircuts, glorious bridal make-up, hair conditioning, and styling services. The brand is emerging due to its strategic marketing and innovative management skills and now have opened its door of franchise opportunity as well. The Volt luxury is keen when it comes to health and safety and is taking careful acts to provide hygienic service. 

Juice salons have its 31 branches across the globe and are one of the most notable salon brands. Having 20 years of industrial experience, the brand is emerging as one of the leading salons, hair cut, and nail the best brand internationally. The ultimate vision of the brand is to provide trendy and elegant haircuts with high-quality, innovative equipment which are proven to best in the international market and now providing franchise opportunity in the Indian market to the inspiring and enthusiastic franchisee’s.

These two salons are emerging swiftly and entering in beneficial sectors are treating health and safety their priority to have a smooth flow of service with a clean and secure environment.

Which safety measures are taken by salons while delivering their services?

1, Health standards 

The salon’s staff are required to wear medically approved gear while working with customers. The temperature of the members, staff, customers, and cleaners is being checked daily to have a smooth flow of work. Only new and clean equipment are being used while giving haircuts and conditioning. All towels, sheets, scissors, etc. everything is used from the packed decent packed kits.


2. Sanitization for Safety 

It is evident that many customers visit salon’s daily once it’s open, the owner and staff must keep a clean environment for the safety, that is why the salon is sanitized to assure the cleanliness. Even the equipment used is disposable for the protection of the members, staff, and customers. 


3. Utilization of new technique 

Since the norms relating to social distancing are strict, it is necessary to obtain distance even while performing various tasks. The staff member is being trained to assure the safety standard, wearing N-95 masks, gloves are mandatory while cutting hairs or performing other tasks. The process which required a closure outlook while performing various tasks is reinvented in multiple ways to assure social distancing. 


4. How are salons handling their day-to-day tasks?

The number of working staff is kept low, the customers’ appointment is pre-decided, and only a minimum amount of customers are allowed to avoid overcrowding. The working hours are divided into shifts for better functioning. The number of seats and furniture is reduced in such a way that social distancing can be practice efficiently, and the payment method is mandatory to be contactless, i.e., E-payment for high safety standards is being executed.


The salon services are making endless efforts to do its jobs for the customer with the most excellent quality health safety possible with a professional focus on day-to-day tasks as well.

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