Nursery school in India

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India is poised for phenomenal development. The future citizens we create for tomorrow must be educated not with the tools of yesterday, but with the tools of tomorrow. Starting with Nursery schools, which lay the foundation for a pool of educated future citizens. Mere textbooks won't do any more. Kids need appropriate text books and other learner oriented content (including multi-media material) that delivers the best of teaching value. This article takes a close look at what goes into creating textbooks integrated with multimedia content.1. Extensive Research of Nursery School Text Books Textbooks are too important to be left to academics alone. Ideally, they should be the creation of a team of experienced nursery teachers and child psychologists, based on extensive research and understanding of the needs and capabilities of the children of India and presented in a simple, interesting style and covering the entire gamut of related subjects.2. Should Benefit All Nursery School Stake Holders the benefits of education should accrue to the complete range of stake holders in India: the school, the teachers, students and parents. It should offer better and livelier education and help the school attract better students, leading to better overall results. Better training and equipment, including well-devised textbooks and readymade support material should lead to teaching becoming easier. Students should enjoy learning with school text books that present educational material in a simple interesting style, and acquire the right skill sets necessary for higher education. Yet, it should be easy on the purse of the the parents, so that more students will have access to such high quality education.3. Clear, Focussed Objectives Of School Text Books at the nursery level, the aim should be to make the program exciting to the kids, not only facilitate easy learning, but also capturing the imagination of parents, even in the remotest areas across India. In this age of computers, delivering education in IT-enabled form would make this possible, based on the three-dimensional presentation capability of the computer. This should be followed through at the higher classes, and students should get the feeling that "Computers are fun" with exposure to its many uses. Providing hand, mind and eye coordination for the children, would form the best learner's tools. For example, the textbook should reference the exact multimedia based lessons taught in the class using the computer as a tool. This is not the case now even in schools that use multimedia for teaching. The textbook lessons and the multimedia lessons are disjoint, with no cross-referencing, as they are both material bought from different sources.
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