Online Educational Franchise Opportunities: A Learners bridge

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” These were the famous words quoted by the famed Nelson Mandela. Education acts like this cannon that launches you off into the steep heights that you might have even not imagined of. It molds us into individuals who act as an asset for tomorrow. The lone producer for white collar human labor, it itself has been going through an evolution throughout time. It helps some to get till their dreams, make a lifetime achievement or just to secure a fruitful tomorrow. Over the course of time privatization of education has enabled this access to a wider exposure and opportunities, Educational franchises have been making their mark in the market along with providing quality learning to young budding minds. Let us look at some Online Educational Franchise Opportunities that are available for suitable enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.


  • UpGrad

With its investment ranging from Rs 1Lac – 2Lacs

Among the pillars which support the bridge which connects learners to the learning of tomorrow, is UpGrad. Being this Online Platform of learning for young bustling minds, from which they don’t find themselves to be limited by boundaries. Providing cutting edge rigorous industry-relevant programs that are specifically designed and delivered in collaboration with world-class faculty and industry. It is a door of dreams, once unlocked it unleashes the potential career paths on which one would walk on. By merging the latest technology, pedagogy, and services, UpGrad is creating an immersive learning experience anytime and anywhere. In a Business perspective, this franchise holds immense potential in itself, it’s like discovering an oil field, but its success rate heavily depends on the method of execution. If you think that this is your boat to sail on then what are you waiting for? Sign up with UpGrad as a Franchisee NOW!


  • HotBrains

With its investment ranging from Rs 10Lacs – 15Lacs

The name surely does speak for itself over here! HotBrains are the first Indian company offering On-Air Live and interactive class from and to all across India and the world. If that isn’t a hot deal, then we really don’t know what is. They surely do deliver the best imaginable online educational services and alongside their learners enjoy the immense freedom and flexibility while learning and brainstorming. As a Business insight they currently are providing two options to choose to become a franchisee with, does it stir up your curiosity? HBC (HotBrains Broadcasting Centers) and HLC (HotBrains Learning Centers) are two such choices offered to you. Which one would you take a hold of? Whichever it might be, each one of them has their own paths of success to walk and reap the fruits of succession with. Franchise with HotBrains NOW!


  • Hughes Global Education

With its investment ranging from Rs 5Lacs – 10Lacs

Hughes Global Education India has redefined the next generation of education. Keeping in mind of the changing times along with implementing technological touches into it, they really have redefined the way one perceives learning. Their platform seamlessly integrates the strengths of traditional methods of education along with classroom teaching which houses the latest in technology. With their primary aims to provide high-quality education services cutting across distant geographical domains through innovative use of technology. To top it off with the final touch they are the leading provider of broadband networks and a majority owned subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems, LLC. At present, their network has been expanded to over 40+ cities with 75K+ classrooms offering 25K+ courses and has by far empowered around 30K students. That’s surely an impressive feat to be marveled by, you too could be a part of this phenomenal journey as a franchisee to this esteemed brand. Sign up NOW with Hughes Global Education.


  • Innate Labs Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd

With its investment ranging from Rs 50Lacs – 75Lacs

Representing Computer Software, Hardware, Networking and Information Technology Training Franchises. Innate Labs Integrated Solutions has evolved itself from the need for a world class IT education that equip individuals IT professionals to lead the changing trends of the IT industry. Innate Labs offers a variety of IT training programs to students, graduates and working professionals enabling them to make a bright career in IT industry. It offers a certification program in software testing “Innate Certified Testing Professional” certification (ICTP) which enables students to gain expertise in a software testing domain. This is just a brief exposure to the tip of an iceberg while there’s still more to see and process. If you happen to among such tech geeks who admire and hone such activities then this franchise is surely for you. Sign up as a franchisee with Innate Labs Integrated Solutions now and reap the benefits of this franchise alongside giving off a priceless contribution to the IT sector by acting as a bridge in delivering human capital to those needful.Sign up with thme NOW


  • DA'VINCI College of Media & Entertainment

With its investment ranging from Rs 15Lacs – 20Lacs

Representing the Animation Franchise, as the name might already suggest these guys have revived the Da’Vinci in them through the magic of Animation. Some of their recognizable feats include – Providing visual effects for more than 200 movies, A few thousands of TV Commercials, Corporate Films and Music Videos. Furthermore they have created 3DAnimation for a score of projects, needless to say these guys are pretty good at what they do, and it wouldn’t come off as a surprise to you as they hold an impressive feat of honing an experience of 20 years in this phenomenal sector. If that managed to raise your eyebrows up, might as well franchise with them and have an ecstatic journey with Da’Vinci College of Media and Entertainment! Sign up with them NOW.


Concluding with the topic, we might notice that investing in such franchises is quite profitable and involuntarily aids in the development of literate individuals. One may acquire or add on a certain set of skill to enhance their capabilities, which would in turn increase their variations in being efficient. They say that the sea of knowledge is infinite, some lose themselves in its depths and some take as much as they could, who do you happen to be among these two?





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