Parag Milk Foods Plans to Expand its Franchise on a Large Scale

on Sep 21, 2017 | 10471 views

Parag Milk Foods claim to be the second largest share of India's cheese market is available in both packages milk and milk products.The company manufactures products of truly international quality under internationally famous brand names such as Gowardhan, Go, Topp Up and Pride of Cows.

Why Parag Milk Foods?

Parag Milk Foods is a dairy company based in Pune. The company has planned to open 120-150 Gowardhan Shops by the end of financial year 2016. There are reports which show that Parag Milk Foods is one of the second largest shares of India's cheese market and is available in both packages milk and milk products.

The company is further planning to convert all its existing shops in Maharshtra to uniform format to be designed under Gowardhan Shop. The company is looking forward to open more shops on franchise basis. It has also planned to expand its existing number of brands from four to seven by the end of next year. The company will not be just re-branding of the existing Gowardhan dairy whitener but will also be launching an entirely new product of a better quality than the existing one.

More about Parag

Parag tries its best to inspire its customers; the company creates fresh trends in dairy consumption. Each of their brands Gowardhan, Go, Topp Up and Pride of Cows, plays a central role in people's lives - they awake to them and consume them all day long, each with their own unique taste and place in life. The company is passionate about making milk moments a source of delight and inspiration. From new ways to delight children, to healthier ways to spread goodness and cheer in families, from delicious ways to entertain friends, the company has been providing the quickest ways in which a mother can provide taste and nutrition.

Its product portfolio includes ghee, fresh milk, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, paneer, an array of processed and natural cheese, cheese spreads, butter, dahi, dairy whitener and gulab jamun mix under the brand names of 'Gowardhan' and 'Go' ,all made from 100% fresh cow milk. Pride of Cows is a brand of fresh farm- to -home milk and Topp Up, a flavoured milk in many a variants.

From making ghee which is as close to home made ghee, the first packaged shredded cheeses designed for convenience and the first cheese in a squeeze tube to delight children, to cream cheeses in many exotic flavours to make entertaining exciting, the first natural fruits based yogurts, or making fresh Paneer with extended shelf life for convinience and India's freshest, highly nourishing farm to home milk, the company has led successful dairy farming.

What's Next Parag is Going to do?

Parag is now set to launch its sixth brand in the category of whey products and is now about to complete the setting up of a separate factory for the consumer products like protein mix powder. So, if you are interested in taking a Parag franchise, take it now. Start a new business with this brand and get excellent revenues, as milk franchise is a very strong sector and you will see a lot of entrepreneurs investing on this brand.

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