Patel’s Chhappanbhog: Profitable Food Franchise Opportunity in India

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Do you know around 50% of the food prepared in various Restaurants, Hotels, and Events goes to waste? such foods are thrown into the garbage and are not fully utilized in a proper manner. But, Patel’s ChhappanBhog has a unique and efficacious solution known as the “Buffet Concept.” By using the Buffet Concept, Patel’s ChhappanBhog reduced the food wastage by 20%. This Buffet Concept not only reduces wastage of food but also eliminates the extra cost and saves money as well. Wherein every restaurant at least 10-12 waiters are required in order to serve food, but in Buffet System adopted by Patel’s Chhppanbhog only 3 waiters are required to serve their services to many customers at once, which makes Patel’s Chhappanbhog as a cost-effective platform that performs effective utilization of available resources. 

Patel’s Chhappanbhog - The Brand’s Journey


Patel’s Chhappanbhog is an established Vadodara based food brand that was inaugurated in 1989. The brand has been passionately serving it's quality based and innovative services to its customers for 30 years in its network of Making and Catering Sweets as well as Food Products. The company offers its food products to Food & Beverages and Hospitality industries through which the company has carved its emerging niche in the hospitality sector. The cuisine cooked by the company has wide ranges of varieties that match Indian food culture, delectable taste, and food standards. Due to its quality-based products, Innovative and fruitful system, at present Patel’s Chhappanbhog has become India’s largest veg. Cloud kitchen chain. The market reach of Patel’s Chhappanbhog has been rapidly emerging in various locations which have led it to have more than 10 outlets currently running in India. 

The company treats customer satisfaction as its prime priority and that is why it offers lip-smacking, aromatic, and quality based cuisine which are cooked through their innovative recipes. 


As you have read above that Patel’s Chhappanbhog has a creative art of moulding the available resources and utilizing them to reduce wastages, the company also serves its felicitous catering services as well. Whether it's an event or a wedding or a conference or a seminar, the strategic planning adopted by Patel’s Chhappanbhog assists their clients to function with an exclusive focus on genuine Indian scrumptious cuisine. Offering services like cloud kitchen, Buffet Concept restaurants, and catering, Patel’s Chhappanbhog favorably deals in multiple fields of business. The company serves its delectable food-art to various noteworthy MNC’s, Corporate Institutes, IRCTC, Government Organizations, Banks, Hostel Mess, and Railways.


Patel's Chhappanbhog Cloud Kitchen:


Having 30+ years of experience in various fields. Patel’s Chhappanbhog brand-new cloud kitchen offers its customers to order food while sitting on the cozy couch of their home, and the food will be delivered within a short period of 40 minutes only. This cloud kitchen platform was commenced by the company to eliminate dine-in facility but still continue their services amid the global pandemic so their precious customers won’t miss that appetizing aroma of their cuisine. The company offers its culinary appetizing artwork through its website, where its manu with varieties of foods are listed as per the categories, anyone can choose the category as per their taste buds and enjoy the hot and scrumptious food through fast-forward delivery within 40 minutes only. 


Why Cloud Kitchen Franchise?


Cloud kitchen franchise is the latest adaptation made by restaurants to survive amid the horrific wide-spread global pandemic. Many restaurants were shutting down amid the pandemic to strictly practice the social distancing norms, due to which many renowned restaurants were losing their vast network of customers in the market and we're witnessing a huge loss, but as technology came in light and spread its dawn over the restaurant business platforms, and enable them to continue their business with tranquility through Cloud Kitchen business models.

As the government permitted the sustainability of cloud kitchen platforms, many of them due to their innovative adaptation made ways for expansion. Patel's Chhappanbhog with its unique features too began its cloud kitchen expansion in India via its franchise model.


Advantages of Starting a Cloud Kitchen Franchise:


  • Cloud Kitchen does not require huge infrastructural costs as the dine-in facility is eliminated and only delivery service needs to be fulfilled. Earlier before inaugurating the traditional restaurant business one needs to have a huge investment in real estate so they can commence their business, but in the case of cloud kitchens, no huge place requirement is necessary to execute business. 


  • Many cloud kitchen platforms require low-cost investment as only logistics and food manufacturing costs need to be incurred. The money saved can be utilized for the purpose of digital marketing of their product and services to obtain huge network reach.


  • Through the website available on the internet, cloud kitchens can easily acknowledge their customer's requirements and collect the relevant basic data of their customers in order to make necessary innovation in their products/services. Such a basic relevant data collection facility is not available in offline restaurants business and thus many such platforms fail to exclusively satisfy their customers.

  • As Cloud kitchens are an innovative adaptation in the global market, its presence is likely to augment with comparatively low-cost the risk involved in its franchise is low as well. 


  • The rate of digital users in India at present is 696 million, which means the merging cloud kitchen will get more engagements through the internet presence as compared to traditional or offline restaurants. 


That is why the pioneering adaptation is necessary to not only survive but also grow persistently, and to offer this profound cloud kitchen franchise; Patel’s Chhappanbhog, a renowned food franchise is all ready to offer franchise opportunities to passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs in India. 


Benefits of starting Patel’s Chhappanbhog Franchise in India:


  • The company has strategic plans to reduce overhanging costs which will help franchisees to carefully utilize their money.


  • The company offers PR and marketing support to its franchise partners for consistent and higher reach. 


  • The company also offers HR support, Staffing support, Site selection, and layout support as well.


  • The company also serves pre-launching training to provide quality-based training procedures for productive functioning. 


The investment required to start Patel’s Chappanbhog franchise lies between 10-15 lakhs INR, and the space requirement is between 250-500 sq ft. 


To start the franchise of the companies above kinldy register at or give a call on +91-9844443200

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