Pet Franchise Opportunities

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An ideal franchising concept is one that can keep you on the edge of your seats because of interest and rigour it holds. One such purr-fect concept that doesn't seem too far-feched in 2019 and is sure to fill you with extreme paw-sitivity is investing in a pet franchise. Come on, just the idea of it sounds great!  Being in the constant proximity of pets seems like the best idea ever. India’s pet care market is expected to expand more than 20% in the forecasted period of 2017-2018 to 2021-2022. The pet industry does not just cater to the needs of taking care of pets and whatnot. It also includes pet food and grooming, healthcare and various other factors that are played out in urban markets. India’s pet care market is largely dominated by foreign brands like Mars International, Pedigree, etc.

First, let’s have a look at why should you be considering pet franchise opportunities in India and What’s in it for you?

  • It’s booming like there’s no tomorrow: The pet industry, according to the American Pet Products Association, owes it blooming success to pet ownership. Pet ownership has hit an all-time high in the years of 2016 and onwards. It can’t come off as a surprise because the pet population is at a whopping 90 million with more than a billion of potential owner waiting to get their hands on their new pet!
  • Humanization of pets might have something to do with it; Of course, we all know how pets used to exist only as hunting accomplices and for guarding. But as time unfolds, we have started regarding pets as our best friends - humanizing pets has bloomed the industry to a great extent.
  • No sales pitch: Merely talking about pet franchise opportunities is a sales pitch in itself! This is because, more often thatn not, pet parents are relatively well versed with how they should take care of the pets.
  • Reliability: Unlike other industries which are dependent on seasons and production rates, the pet industry does not depend on this. This means that the business can be relied upon to produce a constant kind of revenue, regardless of the change in seasons. This consistency in the customer base is sure to stock up a product. This enables one to survive severe drops in cash flow.
  • Franchise opportunities: There are multiple franchise opportunities in the pet industry that do not require any kind of degree per se - just a flexible mind with the appropriate interest. You do not require a degree in veterinary medicine or any kind of medicinally acquainted practices.
  • The biggest bonus: You get to work with animals and and fill your heart with some pawsome memories furrever

The sub-industries under the pet industry are of significant interest. They are:

  • Pet Store Franchise: The mere idea of providing these cute little creatures with a home rejoices every bit of you, doesn't it? Pet Store franchises in India have been dooing extremely well as an increases number of people have chosen to own pets in the past couple of years. A reliable and hygenic pet store franchise in a pet friendly locality could attracts an immense number of customers in a fairly short span of time. 
  • Pet Care Franchise: This is one of the fastest growing sectors of the pet industry. As human culture changes, so do the pet industry. Most of us do not have enough time to put aside time for our pets - ensuring their proper care, training and safety while we’re away. Therefore, a pet care franchise is an extremely good option for people good . This allows dogs to live in enriched environments without being confined to the space of houses in the absence of their owners.
  • Pet Food Franchise : It's an extremelty uphill task for pet owners some times to discover the most suitable and healthy diet for their growing young pets. Being a supplier or retailer for varioud kinds of pet food coud solve a lot of problems for new pet owners and therefore, could offer extremely goof returns and ROI. 
  • Pet Grooming Franchise : Grooming is essentil! Be it humans or pets. It may come off as a surprise but the pet grooming and care market in India was valued at $265 million (₹ 1700 million) in 2017 and is expected to grow at 13.9% annually to become a $430 million (₹ 2780 million) market by 2020. So, going for a pet grooming clinic could fetch some great returns in the years to come. 

Starting a Pet franchise business in India could range from anywhere between Rs 2 Lakhs - Rs 50 Lakhs or more depending upon the scale and services of the business operations. You should also be familiar with the various legalities and licensing formalities involved while going for a pet franchise in India.

So, what are you waiting for? Convince yourself by googling cute little pictures of pets and explore the endless pawsibilities that starting a franchise business in the pet industy could be bring to you. Join FranchiseBazar to understand the kind of pet franchise opportunities waiting for you to dive in. 

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