Profitable E-commerce Franchise Opportunities in India 2020

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From where you bought your essential groceries amid the lockdown? 

Yes, Amazon and Flipkart were our saviours in those days indeed. 

Due to the lockdown, we all were unable to buy our essential commodities even from our nearby stores, but thanks to Amazon, Flipkart, and all other online retail stores that helped us to fetch all the necessary items. Earlier, we used to visit groceries and malls to fill our monthly essential commodities, but now with just a few clicks on our smartphone, we get them all delivered within the cozy comfort of our home. Since the cases of COVID-19 are bulging up in India, many e-commerce companies have been witnessing a drastic shift in consumer behaviour. They are becoming more health-conscious and shopping online rather than visiting those traditional markets and groceries. Such a rapid change in buying patterns is uplifting the online trade and degrading the functioning of the traditional market in India. That is why e-commerce is at its highest growth stage at present. 

Growth of E-commerce Business in India:


There is no doubt that e-commerce has thoroughly transformed the way business platforms operate in India. Due to the increase in digital users along with the availability of cheap mobile phones and efficient accessibility of the internet, it has become easier for businesses to attract more consumers on virtual platforms.  In the near future, the growth of digital users in India is likely to reach 800 million from 600 million at present, due to which many e-commerce companies have set up their target goals to completely operate their business online for higher reach and create a giant network. In India, the e-commerce market is forecast to grow to $38 billion dollars by 2020, and the Indian economy based on the internet is expected to reach $250 billion as well. The revenue accumulation is too growing at a rate of 51%, which is the highest in the global market. Many business platforms are holding a firm grip on the e-commerce sector that the growth at present is 40% more as compared to the growth in 2019, which was only 23% in India. But will all such predictions and estimated reports come true? What will the future of e-commerce look like in India? 


Future of E-commerce Business in India:


India is the second-largest start-up ecosystem after the US, with more than 50% of Indian start-ups operating online through their e-commerce site. Such enterprises are mostly MSME's that are budding business platforms. Many of them operate under the model of franchising, and due to that, they receive enough finance and assistance to run their enterprise reliably and generate revenue. Most such enterprises are in the logistics, e-retail, and in cloud kitchen sectors that are having an optimistic impact on consumers in India. And while the growth of online business platforms is pushing the employment rate in India, the employees in these sectors are growing in a large amount as compared to the employees in traditional business platforms. Significantly in the e-market, where growth is increasing at a CAGR of 35% in 2020. 


The e-commerce sector is not only growing in India but,  it is adapting to the latest evolution as compared to the global e-commerce industry,  as we can witness such a dynamic evolution in the "Drone Delivery System" launched by Zomato logistics. Marigank Gutgutia, the associate director of Redseer stated, " The e-grocery category is likely to be the fastest-growing in CY20 with 70 percent YoY growth rate, which is significantly higher than the CY 2016-2019 average YoY growth rate of 50 percent for this category,” This statement clearly shows that the future of e-commerce is ever-green and will have a rapid expansion in India. 


Is E-commerce Busines Profitable in India?


Yes, as you read above that the future of business will be completely digital, there are higher chances for e-commerce to boom at a rapid rate in India. As we know that the e-commerce business is highly dynamic, the innovative changes will surely make it one of the pioneering platforms with the exuberant growth rate in India. So have you thought about having your own e-commerce business?

Well, this is one of the golden chances for you to dig in your hands into starting your own e-commerce business because the upcoming Diwali festival will surely bring you the sweetest result along with the sweetest Son Papdi. But how will you start? Worry not because we have some of the most profitable e-commerce franchise opportunities ready for you. All you need to do is diversify your entrepreneurial skills and make the best out of it. Below are a few profitable opportunities you can explore and reap the fruitful benefits. 


Profitable E-commerce Franchise Opportunities in India:


Oriz Mart Franchise:


If you want to launch your own on-demand delivery business then Oriz Mart is an ideal choice for you because it is one of the leading e-retail business platforms that has an emerging presence in India.  The platform offers all kinds of foods, vegetables, medicines, meat, grocery, dairy, and many other items. All of such items are sold at pocket-friendly prices and have a quality-based appearance. If you want to get started with the e-commerce business at a low-investment then Oriz Mart is a prominent platform you can grab.


Investment: 5-10 lakhs

Space: Less than 250 sq ft. 


Zoniraz Franchise:


Zoniraz is one of the foremost platforms that deals in precious and elegant looking jewelries and gems, the company is a pre-eminent jewelry retailer, manufacturer, and wholesaler. It has the widest network chain across the globe and exports jewelry in foreign countries too. The company has more than 50 years of experience in their business and so far has been serving one of the superior quality jewelry to its customers. The company has a highly reputed brand image in the market which is growing its expansion in Inda. You can start its e-retail business and sell jewelry online in India. 


Investment: 10 crores and above

Space: 500-750 sq ft. 


Lensship Franchise:


Lensship is one of the leading companies in the eyewear industry, and now the company is emerging its foot-prints in e-commerce as well. Lensship provides attractive and sophisticated eyewear products like eyeglasses, sunglasses, lenses, spectacles, and more other eyewear at affordable prices. At present, the company has more than 10 franchise outlets in India which are increasing at a rapid rate. The company has a firm and emerging online presence so starting its retail franchise is one of the best ways to emerge in the e-commerce sector.


Investment: 15-20 lakhs

Space: Less than 250 sq ft. 


Shoppywise Franchise:


Shoppy wise is the biggest B2B e-commerce platform that has the largest market reach globally. The company serves its products in more than 18 cities in India to the US and other foreign cities. Shoppywise has an emerging presence in India where it has been expanding its outlets rapidly. 


Investment: 10-20 lakhs

Space: 350-500 sq ft. 


InteliKart Franchise:


InteliKart is one of the prominent platforms that enable the utilization of the internet by letting people sell various commodities on the internet. The seller can create his/her own storefronts with the help of Intelikart mobile application and managed their online business or the seller can also have a website and start his/her own e-commerce business through InteliKart. The company provides the best and efficient e-commerce business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. 


No investment is required to start the InteliKart franchise as the platform offers home-based franchise opportunities in India.


To get more exciting franchise-related information and the best franchise opportunities in India, kindly register at  and for more help give a call on +919844443200


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